26 Oct 2016 Prayers for Italy (today’s earthquake), my meditation today (Earth Space Ship), Love is Space (Deva Premal)

Hello to you, it’s 3:50 pm this lovely Wednesday afternoon.  I’m tired today, sleep has been very irregular for some time now.  So I just get sleep whenever and wherever I can.  My dream life has been less vivid for some reason as a result.  It will return.  Just have a lot on my mind and spirit, consciously and subconsciously,  that I’m working through right now.

The meditation today started with imagery and words meant just for me that lead to this.  What this came to me as was an “intelligent” ship with pods attached and surrounding it….our Earth is such a space ship.  The last two pictures, and I know it’s hard to make out, became a dimensional face when I scrunched all the beads together to put them away!  The top of the ship reminds me of a Tesla coil with energy waves emanating from it.

I was getting ready to post this and saw this headline about an aftershock in Italy today it freaked me out a bit since I had just brought up an issue I had with Vatican policy regarding what people can do with cremated ashes!  I know it’s “just a coincidence”, but pretty weird to happen in the sequence of time it did!   My prayers go out to the people of Italy and especially one of my Facebook friends Mariella Botti who lives there somewhere!  I’m starting to believe that the life force of this earth has decided to gain our full attention.  I’ve been noticing some other timely “coincidences” and focusing loving intention in all those directions…keeping my “eye” on things.   Keep your “lights” on!!


A second powerful aftershock rattles Italy after 5.4 temblor

Associated Press

By NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press

1 hr ago

ROME (AP) — A pair of powerful aftershocks shook central Italy on Wednesday, knocking out power, closing a major highway and sending panicked residents into the rain-drenched streets just two months after a powerful earthquake killed nearly 300 people.

The first quake carried a magnitude of 5.4, but the second one was even stronger, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 according to the German Research Centre for Geosciences. The U.S. Geological survey put the magnitude at 6.0 and said the epicenter was in Visso, where buildings crumbled into the street.

People screamed in the streets after the second temblor of the night. “It was a very strong earthquake, apocalyptic,” Ussita Mayor Marco Rinaldi told the ANSA news agency. “People are screaming on the street and now we are without lights.”

Two people were injured in the Visso area, but otherwise there were no other immediate reports of victims, said Italy’s civil protection chief, Fabrizio Curcio. Old churches crumbled and other buildings were damaged, though many of them were in zones that were declared off-limits after the Aug. 24 quake that flattened parts of three towns.

“We’re without power, waiting for emergency crews,” said Mauro Falcucci, the mayor of Castelsantangelo sul Nera, near the epicenter. Speaking to Sky TG24, he said: “We can’t see anything. It’s tough. Really tough.”

He said some buildings had collapsed, but that there were no immediate reports of injuries in his community. He added that darkness and a downpour were impeding a full accounting.

© AP

Italy’s national vulcanology center said the first quake struck at 7:10 p.m. local time (1710 GMT) with an epicenter in the Macerata area, near Perugia in the quake-prone Apennine Mountain chain. The U.S. Geological Survey put the epicenter near Visso and said it had a depth of some 10 kilometers (six miles).



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