25 Oct 2016 My afternoon meditation with beads, Thank you Dymoon: Deva Premal and Miten with Manose: Gayatri Mantra 2009, In Concert and the Catholic policy on Cremation

Hello to you world family and those who stumbled in here by “mistake”….how are you doing from where you are visiting today?  I’m on the backside of another Amber kitty  grief wave and am getting back to center thanks to the help of a fellow WordPress blogger Dymoon.  She linked a song to my previous blog and it was just what I needed to hear!  The Gayatri Mantra actually as a song!

What set me off was I was reading my new book Thinking in Pictures by Dr. Temple Grandin and she was talking her visualizations involving doors and windows and a powerful memory about Amber kitty hit me.  It was when we had put Amber and May in a kennel to be boarded when we first moved in with Kyle’s parents before moving here to Texas.  I can remember us leaving after a visit with the kitties and going around to the side of the building and being able to see Amber through the window of their room.  She put her paw against the glass and meowed at me and I can remember just bursting into tears.  For some reason seeing animals and people I love through glass windows is painful for me because it’s seeing each other but being apart like I always imagined it’s like between us and the spirit world.  Now she and I are truly parted like that.  I keep sensing her energy but she intangible to me now and my attachment yet to her “body” brings forth such waves like I’m experiencing today!   Dr. Grandin’s book is really “showing me” some powerful stuff!

Thank you Dymoon for helping me without even realizing you would….the God of my understanding at work again!

Earlier today I took all of my beading materials out to my sanctuary to “paint.”  Wow did I enjoy that!  I took a sheet with me so I can keep my “paints” cleaner as I do my meditations and haven’t quite perfected things but I am really enjoying this new process.  Lots of stars, galaxies, visions of the earth in relation to space, a barrier around us with 4 open paths that energy can flow through.  I’ll explain as best I can what each of the following pictures is showing:

I was a little sad and confused to read the latest from the Catholic church in regards to cremation of human remains and what they consider “ok” for parishioners to do with those ashes.  I’m glad  they are “allowing it” but saddened that they would presume to have the authority to tell people what they can do with their family members ashes.  It’s a very personal matter!  This is why I do not fly under any one religions flag, why I’m no longer a Catholic.  I do agree and believe our bodies are a gift our spirits get to “borrow” for while we are here and when we are finished we need to “give it back.”   But I also believe it’s up to each person and the God of their understanding on how best to give back the gift and when….so long as they do.  We had Sam and Blondie cremated after their deaths and kept them in the box for at least 2 years before “letting them go” back to the earth.  It probably will be the same for Amber.  Now I know I’m talking “dogs and cats” versus humans but as a person who considers animals to be family, it’s the same to me.  Everyone grieves the loss of their loved ones, whatever form, in their own way.  If they should want to keep the ashes of their family member on a mantle for a time until they decide it’s time to let them go, unless the deceased member has stipulated otherwise, they shouldn’t be considered “sinners” in my understanding.  I’ll leave it there.


The newly articulated ash norms include not storing human cremains in the home and refraining from scattering ashes “in the air, on land, at sea or in some other way … in order that every appearance of pantheism, naturalism or nihilism be avoided.”




2 comments on “25 Oct 2016 My afternoon meditation with beads, Thank you Dymoon: Deva Premal and Miten with Manose: Gayatri Mantra 2009, In Concert and the Catholic policy on Cremation

  1. We have our much-loved Thor and Mickey’s ashes still with us, Jackie. My husband and daughter find comfort in a tangible memory, even though inanimate. Love the bead meditations. Beautiful! 😉 xoM

    • Everyone grieves in their own way and wants to deal with final arrangements in their own way. The only reason I can see to even “go there” is with health concerns like with some cultures that are dealing with highly contagious diseases like Ebola and it’s actually dangerous to touch the body etc. after death. Sigh lol. Yes, adding beads to the meditations is really expanding things! Very therapeutic right now. Much love to you M!

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