23 Oct 2016 HALT (helpful acronym for self diagnosis), Tangible Backyard meditation for today (healthy sexuality), Gayatri Mantra, Yoni Eggs (Mystic Egg)

Hi there, how’s your day been going wherever and whenever you are as you stop by?  Hopefully a good day.  I know that’s hard to come by for many in our world today but remember what we focus our intention and emotional energy on expands and gains power….this goes for positive AND the negative.  Sometimes it seems easier to be negative than positive but I find the reason for that is usually when I’m very tired or hungry.  An acronym I learned in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) was HALT and when I use to it, I can usually figure out what I’m upset or “acting up” when it seems like there is no reason for it.  H = Hungry, A= Angry, L= Lonely and T= Tired.  I find if I do this self-analysis I can usually pin-point which one of these I am experiencing, remedy the situation and feel better.

Kyle and added another word for H and that’s Horny.  I’m not trying to be crude or anything here for those sensitive to the topic.  So please don’t take it that way!  I have learned through my life experience and so many things I’ve read to include the work of Dr. Wilhelm, Reich that if you don’t regularly have a release of pent up sexual tension energy, you are going to experience more  emotional and physical discomforts!  It’s so important to have a loving partner or “know your body” (solo)  so this isn’t a problem.  I like Dr. Reich’s position on this matter – sex is not just “fucking” (yes, he used that word in his writings), it’s the consensual and healthy exchange of loving energy between two people and a release of energetic tension for both involved.  What some have turned having sex with someone into has made it nothing more than fucking….debase, perverted and an unfulfilling waste of energy.  The orgasm and release of pent up energy, Dr. Reich theorized, was the primary reason for the sexual act….procreation was a wonderful fringe benefit!  Some may disagree and or many have been taught the reverse is true.  I encourage you to examine your own mind, body and spirit in this regard and make your own conclusions.

Enough of that!  Just trying to help!

Today was another day of processing Amber’s absence and also continuing on my spiritual quest using my backyard sanctuary to do it in a tangible way.   What you see here is a “coupling” of the different configurations of the possible loving relationships we can have.  I used the orgonite pieces to illustrate the combinations and yes, the ones with the metal sticking out represent the “male.”  Some people are like rocks or stone in how they exist in this world.  They don’t express their emotions or speak of “feelings” and all that….they live a stoic aka “stone” existence.   So that is why there are pairings of “female” orgonite pieces with “rocks” or “stone men.”

On a Facebook page I just started following recently, Jain Mathemagics, they had a post with a picture of the Gayatri Mantra and as soon as I saw it, I could feel it!  When I look at it I feel like it radiates out in waves and with song and that made me think of my mediation today but also those old fashioned music boxes that used metal disks to make the music.


“Gayatri Mantra”

The frequency of 108 is the hidden pulse, or rhythm that is the essence of the living mathematics of Nature, it is the reason why the Vedas worshipped this number by incorporating it into their 108 rosary beads (mala) when they chant their mantras. The most revered of all mantras is the Gayatri Mantra, the most famous Eastern song or Prayer of Enlightenment which is always chanted 108 times, also has a rhythm of 24 syllables! What else embodies mathematically these two numbers 24 and 108. It can only be the Reduced Fibonacci Sequence. Thus in a sense, the Brahmins sonically encrypted or hid this rare sacred knowledge of the Universe’s underlying Patterns of Sri 108 in a song or prayer about the Triple Worlds and an Inner Sun (Savitri). The Vedas teach that this knowledge was written on the Rays of the Sun.

Jain 108



The Gāyatrī Mantra, also known as the Sāvitrī mantra, is a highly revered mantra from the Rig Veda (Mandala 3.62.10). Gāyatrī is the name of the Vedic meter in which the verse is composed.[1] Its recitation is traditionally preceded by oṃ and the formula bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ, known as the mahāvyāhṛti, or “great (mystical) utterance”.

http://wilhelmreichtrust.org/ – The Dr. Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust website where you can find out more about what I discussed today



http://mysticegg.com/ – My friend Jeana Brown is my red jasper egg mama lol!   I have not yet purchased another egg to use in such a way as the Yoni eggs are meant for.  This is for the women-folk to explore.  I believe, and I have found validation in the Voices of Our Ancestors book I’ve talked to you about, that the rocks, minerals and gems of this planet are beings with a language.  The crystal eggs that Jeana sells enable a level of communication that is more intimate than wearing  a stone in jewelry or holding a stone in your bare hands.   I know some may roll their eyes at this concept or even be repulsed by the thought.  I’ll admit I  felt a bit awkward at first after I found out what Yoni Eggs were about,  but after I thought about my relationship with stones, it made perfect sense!  For those who have a relationship with the earth and ALL of creation know there is truth in this concept.  For those uncertain, you know how the old saying goes, “Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it!”

Doesn't the textures of the sky look a bit like formations in stones, crystals and gems?

This is the red jasper egg I bought from Jeana and we have a purely “external” relationship. She has been a wonderful addition to my spirituality.

Welcome to The Mystic Egg.

Discover the ancient practice that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Yoni Eggs are natural stones used internally to strengthen muscle tone in the pelvic floor. It also heals emotional wounds and leads to spiritual growth. Join the movement of women who are discovering self empowerment, self healing, and self love.

http://mysticegg.com/2016/09/26/my-story/ – Jeana’s personal story

How Yoni Eggs Changed My Life

This is my story of Yoni eggs.  I bought my first crystals a year ago in a metaphysical shop on Galveston Island during family vacation.  It was two small stones and I had no idea what I was doing when I picked them out.  I had no sense or intuition when I picked them, I just read the small properties description above the bin of stones and chose them based on that.  One was Aventurine, reported to bring well being, fortune and abundance.  The other was black onyx, said to dispel negative energy.  So began my quest and unspoken desire to explore crystal healing energy.  A few short weeks later around Thanksgiving, I was in a private Facebook group and involved in a heated discussion about an article someone posted about a woman who could lift a surf board tied by a string to a yoni egg she had inserted.  I was extremely skeptical. The article was geared toward the physical aspects of using the eggs and not the metaphysical spiritual aspects.

Up until this time, I had always been squeamish about inserting anything inside of me.  There were times when sexual intercourse was painful due to uterine and ovarian issues.  I never liked using tampons because they were painful too.  Needless to say, I had sexual trauma at a very young age and all of that trauma had internalized causing pain.  After much research, I ordered my first Tiger Eye Yoni egg.  12 hours in, I was convinced the egg was never ever coming out.  And I was terrified.  I just knew I was going to have to call a doctor and explain why there was a rock in my yoni.  24 hours into the experience, I could feel a shift in me.  A spiritual shift.  I felt like I was literally giving birth to this egg but a few hours later, I felt I was actually going to give birth to ME.  I intuitively felt that when this egg did finally come out, I would be different.  A new me would emerge from this experience.

47 hours later, the egg finally released and with it, I felt years of old stuff release too.  Years of feeling like I never had a voice to speak my hurts and pains.  Years of burying pain and stuffing it so deep, that the only place it stored in me was my sacred space.  All those emotional wounds from not being strong enough to say “NO” came to the surface to be expelled.  For the first time in my life, I OWNED my body.  It didn’t belong to anyone but me.  That was an incredible empowering moment.

Since that time, I have been collecting Yoni eggs and whispering the magic to other women.  So many magical things have come about since I tapped into the healing power of these stones.  I am more prosperous. I am more abundant. I am stronger. I am more intuitive.  I am pain free in my pelvic area.   My partner has experienced a spiritual transformation and I believe it is due in large part to the crystal energy that he has been in contact with through me.  All the changes in my life over the last year have been subtle.  Many of my dreams and visions are manifesting.  I feel healthier.  I have virtually eliminated vaginal dryness.  All my incontinence issues have resolved.  My sex life is better than it has ever been.

The more I study and research what crystal energy does to the human body, the more I am convinced of the power of this practice.  It’s a mystical practice because each woman is going to experience her own personal transformation.  Just as each human being is unique, so is each egg.  Each one being a magnificent work of art designed to facilitate healing.  These stones have been forming in the belly of Mother Earth for millions of years.  Can you see the synchronicity here?  What an amazing wonderful gift.  I will be forever grateful for the mystery of how these eggs found their way to me.  I feel a passion and a calling to spread the word to other women about how these eggs can raise their level of consciousness, elevate their mood, heal their bodies of old trauma, and increase sexual pleasure. #rocktheyoni



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