23 Oct 2016 Good morning Butterfly (a visitor), Queen for a Day (Michelle Hutchinson cancer benefit) and songs for Amber kitty (Bonnie Raitt,The Cars, Crystal Gayle )

Hello to you, how are you this morning?  It’s 10:23 am as I write to you.  We all got some sleep which was good.   This morning when I went outside I was spending some time with the morning sun and the “eye” of the moon that was visible overhead….noticing the nice dimensional triangle we had with our respective positions to each other!  Sang my little song, just three words to it, “All is well.”  I then walked to my little sanctuary and I found a little someone there.  It looked like the same little butterfly I had found a couple of weeks ago with a broken wing that had found me and landed on my shoulder later!  I think it may even let me hold them yesterday afternoon when I was out there.  Well the little one I found was laying on their side and their wings were very badly damaged.  I wasn’t sure if they were “still here” so I gently picked them up and put them in my hand…..well still here!  Just cold and damp!  I held them in the sunshine and they stretched out their little legs and even flapped their damaged wings a couple of times.  I immediately remembered my friend Cheryl (my ex sister-in-law) words of comfort and sharing a story about she had been visited by her lost fur family member as a butterfly.   Was this Ambers way of coming to visit?

During my first “episode” where I had gone for a swim and following the path to some man with long black hair, I had let the cats out to “set them free” and let the dogs off leash thinking they would stay with me (they didn’t and thankfully neighbors helped with that).  Well May never went outside but Amber did and as she did all the times in her life when she found herself alone outside.  She put herself somewhere that I would find her again.  I remember the very first time she got “lost” was when we were in base housing in Colorado Springs, she hid in a bush in the front yard and cried out when I called for her.  She just didn’t run away like most cats might when she got out of the house.  I guess she just knew I was her “home.”   So on that day she got out last year, Kyle found her just laying on the bandstand.  It’s like she knew we would find her there.

So you can see why I might make the Amber association with finding that butterfly with wounded wings just laying on the bandstand!  For me, it was another beautiful, loving conversation with the God of my understanding and the energy my beloved Amber has become.  She is truly free and without boundaries.

Yesterday afternoon we had the honor of attending the breast cancer benefit for Michelle Hutchinson held at the Kaufman Leadership Academy in Cleburne TX.  She is a friend and co-worker of our soon to be sister-in-law Ale.   When we first got there Ale wasn’t there, so we didn’t know anyone and felt a little out of place.  We had to remember why we were truly there and that was for Michelle and in doing that, I got the courage to go up and put my name on the list to sing karaoke!  I think the last time I did that was when I was at my Aunt Ruth’s visiting many years ago…Crystal Gayle’s Don’t It Make My Brown Eye’s Blue (surprised the family and made my Uncle Bill and his wife Ana smile!).

There was a great turnout of family and friends….people she didn’t know but cared about her!  I loved seeing Michelle singing karaoke with her friend and also her Grandaughter.  I had brought along a tiara I had made some years ago because I thought Michelle should be queen of her day!  She looked so pretty wearing it.  There were lots of laughter and tears.  I think all of us enjoyed the comical cake-walk rounds the best — we just got into the spirit of things and that’s what it was about.  Michelle told us that she did her last round of chemo (rang the bell) and now she has to go back to find out if she will need radiation and then there is the surgery…..double mastectomy.  I pray that she is able to get through all of this and be stronger than ever before!  Able to move on with her life and live it to the fullest!

The wrath of Amber after we got home from being out LOL!  We always thought of this scene from Harry Potter!

These are some songs that are for Amber and for me.  Bonnie Raitt’s voice has been a light in my darkness for many years and I enjoy singing her songs karaoke (we have the same range).  I sang I Can’t Make You Love Me yesterday at Michelle’s benefit and Dad Tim recorded it.  He comforted me when I said I was rusty and screwed up a few times, “you know what karaoke means right? he said and I said “I’ve forgotten, what does it mean?”  “Tone deaf!” Thank you Tim.  He hasn’t shared the video out of mercy for the internet probably lol but I’ll get a copy at some point and share because well, Love Has No Pride!:

These two songs are definitely Amber’s songs.  Bedtime was “our time” and she loved making a fuss for me to pick her up and put her on the bed so she could cuddle in my armpit….lol.  She never was good at making her own warmth and because of this, Kyle chose the Looking for Love song for her many years ago. When the cooler months came she could be downright a pain in the butt about wanting me to go lay down somewhere so she could be warm lol!  I even made a sling once like some mom’s do to keep their babies close just so I could do my blog and stuff without her pestering – lol.  She was very much like Mrs. Weasley!  I would give about anything to have her fuss about that right now…..it’s the little things isn’t it?!

Gratitude is the attitude to turn a frown upside down!

She loved it when I brought this out for her! 18-dec-2014-amber-trying-out-sweater-for-me-alvarado-tx

She loved it when I brought this out for her! 18-dec-2014-amber-trying-out-sweater-for-me-alvarado-tx

It takes two halves to make "one whole." 22-oct-2016-two-pieces-of-glass-to-symbolize-male-and-female-of-us-that-make-tree-of-life-alvarado-tx

It takes two halves to make “one whole.”




3 comments on “23 Oct 2016 Good morning Butterfly (a visitor), Queen for a Day (Michelle Hutchinson cancer benefit) and songs for Amber kitty (Bonnie Raitt,The Cars, Crystal Gayle )

  1. I used to play that song over and over, Crystal Gayle – wow goes back a way!!
    I smile when I read about your adventure with minerals..I had an amazing collection at one time… now.. that is another story xxxo

    • It’s a lovely song from a beautiful woman – she probably still is! I’m glad something about the minerals resonated with you. I’ve always been the traditional “rock hound” or “shiny” collector. To me they are living pieces Mother she allows us to have so we can talk to her even more so. The problem is people have been taking too much which causes imbalance in all of us. Love to you my friend.

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