22 Oct 2016 The recent DDOS attacks, pets and loved ones visiting us after death, The morning after Amber’s departure and how we are coping

Hello to you, I hope you are well as this finds you.  I noticed “views” were significantly down since yesterday and I’m guessing that might have to do with the DDOS attacks on a lot of media sites yesterday – http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/internet-attack-america-dyn-dns-ddos/.  I saw in one report they think the attack was in response to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks internet access being severed in Ecuador.  No proof yet I don’t think.  I’ve been worried about Julian with some of the stuff I’ve been reading.  I’ve seen many interviews, saw Ben portray him in the movie The Fifth Estate and have been loosely following his journey with WikiLeaks.  I am not going to say I agree with everything he’s said and done or approve.  I will say I admire him and his courage to put everything on the line for the change he wants to see in our world….a big part of that, from my perspective anyways, seems to be transparency in the operations of world affairs.   No more back-door deals, lying , cheating, manipulating, false flags, indecent acts in the name of “world peace” when truly it’s all about material wealth, greed, power and control.

In this day and age of most of us relying so much on “intangibles”  – digital money, digital mail, digital conversations….I don’t think we looked far enough down the road to see what the consequences of that might be.  As with tangible “stuff” is there with intangible “stuff” which includes theft and hacking.  Some people are incredibly good at their chosen craft of hacking whether it be black, white or gray hat (different categories of computer hackers: http://www.hackersonlineclub.com/hackers-types/) and you really don’t want to piss these people off!  I have heard it said in certain circles that the “code-talkers” of our age are the gatekeepers to our future.  The men and women who can write, read and alter computer/digital device code are an integral part of our future digital/organically fused civilization.

DDOS attacks are just yet another “war” being waged behind mostly closed eye-lids.   It is what it is.  This is the digital world we are building and in the course of building any new civilization a human condition of it seems to be power struggles and wars.  To me those are just a waste of resources and personal energy reserves.   We’ll eventually get it all sorted out….least that’s what I am placing my focus on now.

So it’s the very first morning after Amber’s departure to the realms of her choosing which include, popping in around here.  I say that because during our lives together, I could usually tell when she was around or was on her way to me because I would hear fluctuations in a very pure, high energy.  I hear this noise with other people and animals too, it’s the sound like when a light bulb warms up after turning it on,  but she had her own sound.  So when I’ve said her name or been thinking about her, there comes the noise.  This morning I missed her real voice so much I imitated it….exactly lol.  Kyle said, “that’s Amber with a toy in her mouth!” Even Link came running to see….we suspect he misses his friend.  It’s kind of like what Dr. Temple Grandin said when she saw a horse die and asked them, “Where did it go?!  Where did it go?!”  Link just knows she’s not here and wonders where she is at!  When is she coming back?!

Kyle and I were talking this morning about how after our cocker spaniel Blondie died, the morning before I got the call to go and claim her cremated remains, she appeared to me in a vision.  She appeared before me and looked so shiny and beautiful (she was a rare buff or white color) and she bobbed her head like she always did when she wanted to be loved on and disappeared.  It felt like she was thanking me!  A lot of pet owners will resonate with that because it happens a lot.

Well in order to prove such a thing was “other-worldly”, paranormal or proof of life after death, I would have had some recording device on my head, a gauge and cameras with infrared heat sensors all over the room so they could see if what I saw was from “inside or outside” my head.  Did Blondie visit me inside my head as a created image by my own consciousness or did Blondie visit via external energy forces?   I’ve had many dreams with Sam and they are always too short!  He’ll just pop in and it will feel like we are together in the real world and then poof, he’s gone.  I’ve had the same thing happen with human loved ones after they have passed!  You don’t want them to leave but it’s just a visit.

(Kyle) "Holy Shit Jackie!!  What's that flying on your shoulder?!  Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?"

(Kyle) “Holy Shit Jackie!! What’s that flying on your shoulder?! Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?”

The scientific community would dismiss the experience of millions of others and myself as concoctions of brain chemistry until they have “proof.”  Sadly even when they have proof about the “unseen” aspects  our existence they still don’t believe it but it’s a healthy checks and balances I guess.  We must have skeptics to keep the “true believers” in line lol (The Amazing James Randi for example  (http://web.randi.org/) who was a professional magician and for the most of the rest of his life, a professional skeptic!  He was his own checks and balances lol.

I honestly don’t know and am open to the possibility that the life after death dreams I’ve had could be just my brain trying to “comfort” me but I what I choose to believe is the dream world is the intangible worm-hole between universes and dimensions in us all.

Today we are going to the benefit I mentioned recently for Michelle Hutchinson.  She with the help of some family and friends are coming together in the spirit of love to help her get free of breast cancer.  Love energy is very powerful!   We will honor those who have died to us in their tangible forms with how we live in ours! 



2 comments on “22 Oct 2016 The recent DDOS attacks, pets and loved ones visiting us after death, The morning after Amber’s departure and how we are coping

  1. We’re always together, One, in the real world, Jackie. It’s just in this one that we perceive ourselves as separate. That’s the way I see it, my friend. 😉 xoM

    • YES! I appreciate your perspective on these nebulous topics M! Having inputs from unique perspectives help me navigate through all of this. Love to you today my friend!

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