19 Oct 2016 Rare opportunities (Sen Ted Cruz to visit local brewery in Burleson TX today), You Can Heal Your Life and Body (Louise Hay), Rainbow Visualization and Fight With Michelle Benefit (Cancer)

Hello to you….it’s 1:13 am in the morning as I write.  Kyle and I woke up at midnight after going to bed at 9….just can’t sleep so getting up for a bit and will try to lay back down.  He had an upset stomach and I was puzzling over why  Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Roger Williams, of all the places they could choose for a meet and greet with citizens,  chose one of our favorite places to do it at!  Today, at 5 PM they will be at the Old Texas Brewing Company in Burleson TX.


Want to meet your Senator? Want to meet your congressman? Well now is your chance. Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Roger Williams will be here tomorrow at 5PM to answer your questions for an informal Get Out The Vote meet and greet. Come early for this rare opportunity.

A part of me wants to go and speak my mind lol but another part is saying, loudly, “It’s a trap!” I’m kidding of course, but I’m not sure he would feel comfortable with the questions I have for him!  Kyle and I talked about it before bed and decided to send these men our positive intentions that this can be as much a rare opportunity for them as it will be for citizens.  May be something positive can come of their visit.

I called Senator Cruz once when it was time to vote to overturn Citizens United.  I expressed why I felt it should be overturned and even left a nice sentiment for him, “I have hope in you.”  I still do even if I am at the completely polar opposite of everything he represents and has stood for. 

He has said  something I respected him for and that is when he said, “Vote with your Conscience” when it came to whether or not to vote for him or Donald Trump.   I hope he will hold true to this when election day comes! 

Changing gears….

So yesterday a friend shared a link to a wonderful documentary film from Louise Hay and I really enjoyed it!  I had heard of her from many different people but never explored her books or anything before yesterday.  I really enjoyed “meeting her” and learning her story.  I enjoyed hearing how she came into the “knowing” of the power of minding our thoughts to manifest our realities.  It was the refresher I needed and was perfectly in alignment with what I’m currently reading in Voices of Our Ancestors.   Louise and those of “schools” of The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, ancient spiritual paths, even the work of scientists like Dr. Wilhelm Reich…. are so many voices speaking variations on the same thing….the language of Mindfulness.   Every single thought we think is an energetic vibration sending out a signal to the God of our understanding.  These thoughts and the emotional energy attached to them determine the response…the reality that is manifested.  We are far more powerful than we are taught to be!  Everything and Everyone is energy to include our very thoughts!

http://www.louisehay.com/products-events/#video-products – watch You Can Heal Your Life (for free online – THANK YOU LOUISE!)

I told Kyle after I watched the video,

“They are all keys to the one house.  We don’t all resonate with the same voices….the same keys….so there must be many different ones so we can unlock the door!  Some keys you have to wiggle real hard because they aren’t quite a fit for you but some just open the door easily.  Such as it is when you find “your key” and there is a key for all of us!”

I went out in the backyard about half way through the video and did some visualizing while listening to music.  At first I imagined a sky of assorted colors and a bunch of birds flew by…even a HUGE bird that looked like an Eagle at a distance…..I was in awe but the birds were not the obvious “colors” I was visualizing so I got specific.  “I want to see rainbows everywhere”  I said in my mind.  So I closed my eyes and visualized a rainbow in my minds eye and when I opened my eyes I traced it across the sky.  Well a rainbow didn’t magically appear right then BUT we were coming back from the dog walk later and I saw this off in the distance!

We are capable of anything — we just have to truly believe in ourselves……have Faith in ourselves.

Suzanne Michelle Sullivan - my neighbor and my friend.  She was only 54 when she died on this day in 2014.

Suzanne Michelle Sullivan – my neighbor and my friend. She was only 54 when she died on this day in 2014. I miss her and am so grateful for everything her life and death has taught me about being a good neighbor and friend. Sometimes we think we know people and judge them without having even a clue of what they are going through each day. The title for the benefit for Michelle Hutchinson is perfect because it was a fight I had with my lost Michelle that took away precious time we had to be friends in this life time.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the death of my neighbor and friend Suzanne Michelle Sullivan….we all called her Michelle but towards the end of her life, she wanted to be called Suzanne!   Well I’ve been given an opportunity to help another Michelle who is currently battling cancer and at the same time encourage my soon to be sister-in-law in her efforts to try and help her!  I can’t get “my Michelle” back but I can try and do my part, large or small, to help the Michelle that is still here and fighting to live for herself and for all those she cares about.

This is Michelle Hutchinson who is currently in a fight for her life with cancer.

This is Michelle Hutchinson who is currently in a fight for her life with cancer.

Fight With Michelle Benefit


Private · Hosted by Jen Lynette Allred and 2 others

Saturday at 1 PM

Kauffman Leadership Academy
1108 N Anglin St, Cleburne, Texas 76031

We all love our Michelle Hutchinson she is a wonderful amazing kind hearted lady and a single mother of a beautiful daughter . Apx two months ago this amazing strong woman was diagnosed with breast cancer between her treatments and needing extra rest her hours at work have been limited but she still gets up an goes to work when she can , let’s not let her fight alone let’s stand up and help with anyway possible . I’m doing this benefit for her , we will have food , multiple gift basket action, an a huge drawing for a restored antique bench tickets for that will be $5.00 a piece, so please let’s all join together an help Michelle and her family through this difficult time. Let’s make life a little bit easier for her even if it’s just for a moment let’s make this day all, about Michelle and her family .
There will be A small donation entry fee of 4.00 donation that will go to the family as well , we will have food, raffle drawings and a great time coming out and supporting our Ms. Michelle and her family


2 comments on “19 Oct 2016 Rare opportunities (Sen Ted Cruz to visit local brewery in Burleson TX today), You Can Heal Your Life and Body (Louise Hay), Rainbow Visualization and Fight With Michelle Benefit (Cancer)

    • Yup! I’m thinking there is motivations behind this that don’t involve answering uncomfortable questions. I still wish them well, may be some good can come of it anyways. I’m trying to mind my thoughts and stay positive so that’s where I’ll leave it. It’s very strange days my friend….thanks for visiting and saying hello!

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