17 Oct 2016 Panther City Brass Fall Concert at the First Methodist Church of Mansfield TX

Hello to you, hope this finds you well today.  I’m feeling pretty good and looking forward to what the day brings.  I looked over the headlines and my usual haunts on Facebook and I can feel that “something” in side that feels like supersaturation.  Like the feeling you get when you eat your favorite food for every meal for a week and are like, “yep, done with this for awhile!”  I say this knowing full well I will “keep eating” lol but wow!  It’s  getting kind of numbing.  I’m starting to see my distractions for what they are, and I think I am sensing an imbalance I need to correct in myself!

It is my perception, my attitude and my behavior that paint the canvas that is my life…..I will choose my own paints thank you! 

Well thank goodness there are things going on in the world that I will never tire of and that’s live music!  Last night we had the joy and honor of attending the Panther City Brass Fall Concert at the First Methodist Church of Mansfield TX!

There was a great turn out and the chapel they played in was really nice.  The chapel had a wood arched ceiling which I think helped me with my energy disbursement problem with inside places and larger groups of people.  Inside places that I like to be in, where larger groups are gathered, need a lot of big windows and natural elements like wood, otherwise I start to feel claustrophobic.

The highlight of the evening was when they made Kyle and I cry LOL.  Unintentionally of course!  They played the arrangement Kyle’s Uncle Rick Wygant originally made for our wedding, Wind Beneath My Wings!  The Wygants are an extremely talented musical family!  Well it was probably that I was in this vulnerable state that I felt like Kyle’s Grandpa Edward, who passed away 18 April 2013, came up beside me and touched my shoulder as the song played!  This made me cry even harder!  I just know he would of been so proud of Tim last night!

I remembered the first time I ever saw Ed and it was also at a brass concert!  It was the first time I think I really heard Kyle’s Dad Tim play.  It was a Blues Brothers Concert in Pennsylvania.  If remember correctly,  all the Wygant boys all performed in it.  I don’t think Kyle’s Aunt Kathy, who is also extremely musically gifted and the only Wygant girl, was there for it.  It was such a fun concert!!!  We were singing along and just getting rowdy LOL!

Anyways, Ed came in with his dear friend Brenda and I can remember thinking I wasn’t sure if he’d like me.  I am about 16 years older than Kyle and thought he might judge me harshly for this, but then I saw he had an  pierced ear and I thought, he’ll like me….and he did lol.  Silly thing to notice a pierced ear on a guy and think because of this they would accept you but that’s what I thought lol!  I didn’t know him long but he made his claim on a piece of my heart and I miss him.  Every time I see swallows flying when I’m out back or walking I think of his swallow tattoo and say, “Hello Ed!”

I wish I had a recording to share with you of the performance, may be later?  Thank you Tim, Matthew, Andrew, Andy and Jeff for making this world a better, more beautiful place!  Your music is definitely part of my paint palette for the kind of world I want to live in! 

http://www.panthercitybrass.com/index.php/about-us – Panther City Brass main website

https://www.facebook.com/PantherCityBrass/?fref=ts – their Facebook page

Until I have a recording of Rick’s arrangement to share, this one is really good too:



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    • Yes it was Easy, thank you for visiting my friend. You understand me and I know are that way too….family and friends..so important! Much love to you – hope you don’t have any DIY mishaps but if you do, document them well LOL! Yer Ma and Pa are too fun with their DIY stuff.

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