16 Oct 2016 3 Fires Pendant, Dreams (Missing Child, a question), dancing with the Golden Moon (Peter Pan shadow dance), Attachment is at the core of our suffering (Buddhist wisdom)

Hello to you, it’s about 7:16 am on this Saturday morning as I write to you from here. Just waking up…..Kyle is about to make his wonderful coffee….that will help!

Yesterday afternoon I was inspired to make a 3 Fires Pendant in honor of the Tsalagi, Voices of Our Ancestors:

I decided to take a nap yesterday afternoon and I had a dream that seemed to be about a missing child. They found a drawing the child had done and one white shoe and that’s how they knew the child was missing. When I woke up, the drawing was so stuck in my head I had to try and replicate it and this is what I came up with. The drawing was just an outline and not “colored in at all” in the dream.

15 Oct 2016 - after I woke up from the dream the image of the childs drawing was stuck in my head!  In the dream the child in the drawing was just the outline - all light.

15 Oct 2016 – after I woke up from the dream the image of the childs drawing was stuck in my head! In the dream the child in the drawing was just the outline – all light.

Last night before bed I went out to admire the golden moon as it rose in the sky. The spider I thought was missing had returned and was busy weaving her new web. I stood listening to music and held my favorite frankincense incense in one hand and a candle in the other. I said prayers for this world – the election, the conflicts…just everything. As always I prayed, “Whatever you will, whatever is for the greatest, most positive and loving good in all things.” I expressed gratitude for all of my blessings which are great.

Then suddenly the candle blew out and I couldn’t relight it! I took this as a sign to just spend time with the moons brilliant glow. I did something that I do with the sun when I go out in the morning sometimes….I danced and played with my shadow. For me this was symbolic. Night or day we must be at peace and love all the parts of ourselves….both the light and shadow part of ourselves.

So unlike Peter Pan lol….I danced with my shadow and instead of trying to catch or possess it!  I love Tinker Bell’s reaction to seeing herself in the mirror in this clip lol…I do that lol!  Anyhew, unlike Peter in this clip here, my shadow and I made shapes together like birds, triangles, eyes and dogs. Remember playing shadow puppets as a child?  I felt so light and happy when I went inside to go to bed!

Another dream…..

So about 645 am this morning I got up and wrote down fragments of the dream I had before waking because it affected me so much!

The dream had an image of a bullet hole through a Bible. A voice in the dream asked, “The soul or the Bible?” Another voice answered, “The Bible.” This seemed to be about suicide but not my Mother Jeannie’s as I thought at first. The energy was masculine. Apparently the Bible was used as a shield by the man but it didn’t save him.

Even for all that the Bible is, all the faith in the world will not stop a bullet….will not stop physical death. The soul? Who does our soul belong to? For me, it’s not the Bible, but to myself and the God of my understanding. A God of energy that makes my existence and all that we share together even possible. Everything in our shared reality is Energy! This masculine and feminine Energy is the ALL of creation. No tangible thing can come into existence, to include us, without Energy.

It is to the Energy that we return when our physical life is ended — by or for whatever reason or means. If you look, specifically at the life cycle of a tree, this is the Way.  The existence of Energy is about Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth…always existing but in various forms through the course of our journey.

Humans with our attachment to the tangible – people, places and things,  make things so complicated…..cause ourselves so much suffering.  This is a principle I learned from Buddhism that has helped me so much when it comes to this:

http://buddhism.about.com/od/basicbuddhistteachings/a/attachment.htmuse this link to read the rest of the article

Why Do Buddhists Avoid Attachment? “Attachment” May Not Mean What You Think It Means

By Barbara O’Brien

Buddhism Expert
Updated January 18, 2016.

You may have heard that Buddhists are supposed to be free of attachments. That sounds a bit grim. Does that mean we Buddhists have to abandon our friends and loved ones?

Thankfully, no, it doesn’t. In Buddhism, “attachment” doesn’t mean what you might think it means.

What Is Attachment?

In order for there to be attachment, you need two things — the attacher, and the thing to which the attacher is attached. In other words, “attachment” requires self-reference, and it requires seeing the object of attachment as separate from oneself.

The Buddha taught that seeing oneself and everything else this way is a delusion. Further, it is a delusion that is the deepest cause of our unhappiness. It is because we mistakenly see ourselves as separate from everything else that we “attach.”

Zen teacher John Daido Loori said,

“[A]ccording to the Buddhist point of view, nonattachment is exactly the opposite of separation. You need two things in order to have attachment: the thing you’re attaching to, and the person who’s attaching.

In nonattachment, on the other hand, there’s unity. There’s unity because there’s nothing to attach to. If you have unified with the whole universe, there’s nothing outside of you, so the notion of attachment becomes absurd. Who will attach to what?”

Because we think we have intrinsic existence within our skin, and what’s outside our skin is “everything else,” that we go through life grabbing for one thing after another to make us feel safe, or to make us happy.

Much love, light and hugs through these wires from my dimension to yours!


4 comments on “16 Oct 2016 3 Fires Pendant, Dreams (Missing Child, a question), dancing with the Golden Moon (Peter Pan shadow dance), Attachment is at the core of our suffering (Buddhist wisdom)

  1. Love the pendant, Jackie. Beautiful!

    I think the current presidential race in this country is a tangible expression of the perceived struggle between masculine/feminine; patriarchy/matriarchy. For a long time I’ve had a vision of parenting our Planet, our expression of Life. A flowing together, lovingly and respectfully.

    As I see a spectrum of expression manifesting (as in LGBTQAI) not just a binary paradigm, it’s clear to me that Consciousness is expanding with such understanding. It is not about balance, where any small shift can tip the scales from one side to the other. It’s about the communal flow, sharing, and helping all of us, not just a few.

    Will it all manifest this lifetime? I don’t know. I do know that my purpose this lifetime is to contribute to this Oneness.

    Enjoy your day, sweetheart! 😉 xoM

    • Kyle and I really resonated with your words here M! Kyle brings up a great point – that Trump and Clinton are the most extreme examples of this perceived struggle between the sexes. It’s probably a great thing because we are having to address it finally! This something good to come of how crazy this election seems to be! It’s for a reason, if anything, for us to finally face it.

      I wanted to tell you that after I posted this, we went on a walk with the dogs and one of our neighbors was out on her porch with her little granddaughter. Her granddaughter came up to us and Spot and her were fine but her and Link not so much and it set her off crying back to Grandma! Well I felt so bad so I stayed behind to make sure she was ok. In talking with her Grandma, I realized that this little girl might be the lost child in my dream? She is from a broken home, mom was troubled and drug abuser and as a result this little girl and her brother are living with my neighbor. Just yesterday, like I did when I was a child and first with my stepmom, made a horrible scene in a grocery store with her Grandpa! I spent some time sharing some of my experience, strength and hope….gave her ideas on how to help Daisy (the little girl). I went home and came back with my drawing and when I looked at my neighbor and Daisy realized they were a fusion of each other! My neighbor has been trying to heal from losing her Mom a couple years ago….may be these two can help each other? Isn’t the Universe amazing?! Thought you could appreciate this. Thank you for your comment and you enjoy your day too my friend!

      • Wow! You quite literally caught the vibe, Jackie! How wonderful you were able to offer the fruits of your own experience to this grandmother who’s grieving and bewildered, just like the little one is. Thank you, my dear friend, for performing such a valuable service! 😉 xoM

      • It does feel like I’m in the vibe or flow when things like that happen for sure M! This happens when I just go and do what my insides and outsides agree is the thing to do! Hope you had a great day!

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