14 Oct 2016 My backyard garden and gift from my parents, HEB Cleburne Sushi and organic fruit and veggies, Parental guidance in the age of distraction, Extraordinary Tales (2015 Edgar Allen Poe) and Enomine Das Tier

This morning we woke to thunder and some rain…..wonderful!  I had a dream last night that was too personal to share but I will mention this – there was a man in vibrant blue that was asleep and slept through an important, yet illicit sort of meeting.  It was a good thing he remained asleep so two people didn’t make a mistake!

In the spirit of the season, instead of Hellraiser like Kyle wanted to watch last night,  we watched something a little more refined but in a way, just as scary!  On Netflix streaming we found Extraordinary Tales and I just loved it!  I got to hear some amazing voices from the past like Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee set to very absorbing animation and the words were from Edgar Allen Poe!  I found myself thinking, “this dude had some scary shit in his head and I’m glad he just wrote about it!!!”  Kind of like Stephen King right?  Where do these horror stories come from?  It is the age old dilemma of what comes first, the chicken or the egg to me.  Is it because we thought these thing up they happen in real life?  I think about how much emotional energy is generated by being scared, angry and gleeful at watching karmic justice being carried out – this happens with films and video games of the horror and action genres.

If you believe that what you focus on and devote energy to, may be at first just in thought, gains power and becomes a “deed,” then what is the responsibility of the entertainment industry in this regard?  More importantly what is OUR responsibility as consumers?  We can’t blame others for our choices even though it’s easier to do that.  We are responsible for what we put in our mouths and what we put into our heads…our consciousness.

What are we creating together with our thoughts that lead to actions…manifestation into our shared dimension Earth?  

We currently live in a world where there is a lot of distractions and I think it’s important that we take a look at the parent and child relationship when it comes to the entertainment industry.  As someone who has played video games and watched horror and action films since a very young age, I don’t have a problem with them.  I don’t believe that video games and horror movies are responsible for what people choose to do.  This said, I, unlike many children in our current world of distraction and unhealthy paces, had parental supervision and guidance when I entered these realms.  Even though both my parents worked ALOT and were involved with a lot of things in our community, when I watched such thing as Dracula or whatever, Mom or Dad watched it with me.  Even though it was far from their favorite genre of entertainment, they did so  up until I was old enough to watch on my own.  My parents and other adult figures in my life who made sure I knew what was real and what was fantasy even if I leaned more towards the fantasy anyways lol.  Some people have a predisposition towards things…mine has always been being “here” and “there” at the same time.

When we let “others” and when I say that I mean television, computers, smart phones, tablets, movies etc., raise our children and “we” aren’t a part of the teaching…..the lines between reality and fiction get REALLY blurry!  It’s important to let children pretend, to have imagination….to dream and realize possibilities but there must be a guiding hand when things get out of hand.  Hope that makes sense.  As a child who probably, by todays standards, would have been considered slightly autistic, I am grateful for the “reality checks” my parents and adult family and friends gave to me as I was growing up.  They never tried to squash the butterfly but made sure she knew where it was safe to fly!  It’s about balance in all things!

All of us our the examples future generations look to for guidance and this is a responsibility we must not take callously or carelessly.  What kind of world are we creating together? 

One of our favorite music groups, Enomine,  in the spirit of the season:




7 comments on “14 Oct 2016 My backyard garden and gift from my parents, HEB Cleburne Sushi and organic fruit and veggies, Parental guidance in the age of distraction, Extraordinary Tales (2015 Edgar Allen Poe) and Enomine Das Tier

    • You are so right – I’m sorry to hear that happened to your beekeepers! Sometimes I will see the poor little things acting strangely like they can’t fly or have nerve damage or something and I feel so powerless. We don’t use any kind of poisons anymore on our property and even with the city or others using them, our yard is a sanctuary for my “extended family” and I want to keep it that way! Just have to lead by our example my friend! Love to you and thanks for visiting!

  1. Universal Mind expresses infinitely and eternally, Jackie. That’s how I see it. We are each a unique individual expression of Universal Mind. As such, each of us contributes to how the world currently appears. My point is a variation on what parents used to say in frustration (“I brought you into this world, I can take you out!”). In a similar way, we’ve created this world, we can change it. And just one shift in Consciousness shifts the whole balance. So I just keep focusing on Light! 😉 xoM

    • Well said my friend, that’s why I’m working very hard on – mindfulness and focusing on what I am thinking, feeling and what I say and do because its part of co-creation of the world I live in! Yes, stay in the light! Love to you!

    • Thank you Cindy! That’s make me so happy to hear that you have healthy bee colonies. I just love them so much and love to watch them at work and the results of their work, well you know this, are perfection! 🙂 Love to you and thanks for stopping by!

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