13 Oct 2016 Why is everyone so tired all the time? Finite Energy Pool, The Matrix, The Borg, I am Machine (Three Days Grace) and Dollar Days (David Bowie)

Good morning to you, it’s 7:40 am on this overcast and cool Thursday morning. How are you? I’m doing pretty good. I had what I’ll call a lot of “half dreams” and can’t remember any of them. They are those dreams that aren’t really immersive…surface dreams that just seem like another reality but you aren’t part of it.

Our Netflix film last night was Kingdom of Heaven – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0320661/?ref_=nv_sr_1 – IMDB info on film. Kyle wanted to see it because, well Eva Green was in it lol. We made it halfway through and I was done. It had Liam Neeson, Jeremy Irons, Orlando Bloom, David Thewlis, Michael Sheen, and others but it wasn’t enough to keep me. The main reason….I am sick of seeing our ugly shared history! This is set at the time of the Crusades and I think that time is one of the ugliest of our worlds history. All the sins committed in the name of God that “told them to do it.”   Haven’t we always committed people to mental hospitals for thinking and doing such things?!!  The Crusades….a tribute to an insane scapegoat God by men who use God as an excuse for everything they want to get away with!  Sorry to all those involved with this film….just tired of the long dead  and still beaten horse.

So this morning I decided to part with my Dollar Store shoes I fell in love with…they just got worn out and it got me to thinking about the concept of the Matrix movies. In the Matrix concept, artificial intelligence conquered us and is using our life force to power their world and while we are in this “battery” state, we are immersed in a false reality. More and more people, to include myself at times, are starting to wonder if there might be some truth in this science fiction.

I asked myself this morning, why is everyone so tired all the time now? Has the earth become an energy addict? Or because of all the ways we have artificially altered the natural cycle of things…is the Earth actually starving for energy?

I mentioned this to Kyle and he and I talked again about a theory he’s had for some time about energy. He believes that each one of us is born with a finite “energy pool” and now with so many artificial “energy” sources we are using, our pools are being tapped out faster than they normally would without being allowed to refill. What goes out, doesn’t come back in no matter what we do. We can even “feed” off of the energy of each other, which we do consciously and unconsciously but it still not enough…..we always are left needing more and more to power the lives this world we’ve designed mandates we should live.

Think about all the drugs we take that make us feel like we have more energy, Adderall for example. When I was taking that there were times, and Kyle said this today, he couldn’t stop me. I was like a machine! Think about the energy drinks, even the organic ones like coffee and tea. We have even figured out ways to formulate them to be more potent….to get a greater “kick.” Think about obesity…..what is obesity really? It is an disorder and storage of toxic energy and we keep feeding it with food, drink and drugs and we grow to contain it. We become potent batteries of negative energy. We keep eating and drinking to try and “feel better” and have more energy and it is futile.

Resistance is futile….The Borg of Star Trek

Think about all the ways modern medicine has developed to extend life but when I think of the people I’ve seen in old folks homes and hospitals….is this living or just a bunch of doctors and scientists playing God? Extending our lives to prove they can. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves important questions in such matters…..even though we can, should we?

A quote came to me and I think it is quite relevant to the frontier to which we are heading:

“We want to have the life of a “machine” but machines do not have life unless we give it them.”

I’m talking about the fusion of human beings with machines….cyborgs. We are already seeing it in what they are doing in our military complex with servicemen and women who come back from the battlefield missing limbs…..they are getting artificial ones to compensate them for their losses. The testing of the fusion has already been long in progress.

I ask you to look at your “go go go” lifestyle and how you can never seem to get enough sleep or rest. You are in control of this, you can unplug but you have to wake up first!

Kyle’s song choice for the topic of today:


My choice:



4 comments on “13 Oct 2016 Why is everyone so tired all the time? Finite Energy Pool, The Matrix, The Borg, I am Machine (Three Days Grace) and Dollar Days (David Bowie)

    • Exactly – truth in the fiction, and fiction in the truth. I guess as long as we’ve been telling “stories” we’ve been blurring the lines between reality and imagination haven’t we?! Much love my friend, thanks for visiting!!

  1. Hah! I have a somewhat different variation on Kyle’s take on energy, Jackie. We are always eternal, unlimited infinite Energy. When we take form, it’s difficult to carry It all with us because how do you stuff Infinite into finite form? So, in form, we are, basically, rechargeable batteries. The problem is that we forget
    1) that we are eternal, unlimited, infinite and buy into the limitations and temporary state of our form;
    2) in doing so, we forget that we are still able to plug in and recharge, so we often minimize and ignore the importance of these recharging practices, such as meditation in its myriad forms (still, silent, moving, vocal, etc.);
    3) in limiting ourselves by our forgetfulness, we create toxicity without release.
    That was a nice exercise to nudge me on my way. Thanks! xoxoM 🙂

    • I like your take on this theory M! It’s about how and what we use to recharge and avoiding overextending ourselves. I’m glad this post could provoke a nudge 🙂 Thank you, as always, for visiting and commenting. I truly value your personal wisdom. Love to you my friend.

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