12 Oct 2016 Candle dream (DB), spirit quest, gender identity (in the womb we all are female at first), The Call Up (2016 Sci-fi film)

Good morning to you. How are you? It’s about 7:24 am as I start to write to you. Today’s post may seem a little strange for some but it will show you the correlations between our conscious and unconscious world – at least how it is for me!

I had a lot of dreams last night but nothing that stuck out so I said to myself, “If there is something you want me to remember, make it so I don’t forget it!”

Well you know how it is when your dog or cat catches a glimpse of itself, it’s reflection, in a mirror, picture frame glass, tv or computer screen and freaks out? The blonde man in my dream did that lol. This sequence repeated more than once so I wouldn’t forget it I guess.  The version of it I remember was this man catching a glimpse of a blonde man in a picture with one lit candle in front of him. When this candle gets blown out, I could actually feel his surprise and shock. Just like a dog or cat may feel seeing themselves but not recognizing it’s them kind of thing.

Last night I decided to spend some time in the sanctuary I made out back. I took my red jasper egg, incense and a candle that had red wax. I was listening to music and singing and then things got a bit odd for you the reader, not for me. This isn’t unusual for me because I think in images and symbols.

I found myself pouring the red wax from candle on to each of my hands like a wound might look and then taking some of the oak tree leaves that have fallen and putting them in the wax on my hands. I found myself thinking, and I showed you this before in another post, about how similar leaves are to our own skin. When I pulled the leaves away from the wax, sure enough I could see the similarities. Leaves are like our flesh.

2 Sept 2016 - my hand next to a dried oak leaf

2 Sept 2016 – my hand next to a dried oak leaf

As the candle began to become more difficult to light, it came to me to shape the rest of the soft wax into a form. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the ancient sculptures of the Mother Earth, Gaia. The one I ended up making was different. This one was both male and female!

Source Internet - early rendering of Mother Earth, Gaia

Source Internet – early rendering of Mother Earth, Gaia

I told you I am reading Voices of Our Ancestors, and on Page 10 she talks about the 12 original tribes of the Tsalagi Nation and on Page 11 there is this:

“These star people came to Earth in Elohi Mona, five islands in the Atlantic Ocean, later known as Atlantis.

Before the star people came there were great waters upon the land, and the male and female still existed in one body.”

This passage resonates with me. As we take shape in our mother’s womb, we ALL are female at first and then become completely one or the other in physical form. For some of us, we may take a completely male or female body shape but our insides may be in conflict or divided. We may feel like our bodies don’t match our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about ourselves.

This has been my personal experience. A woman in form but I’ve always felt more male inside. I have made peace with my two halves and wouldn’t change this me!

There are, however, many in our world who feel so strongly they have been put in the “wrong” body, if they have the ways and means, will actually have their bodies surgically altered. For most, they adopt the dress, mannerisms and physical appearance of who they identify with without surgical alteration. It can be a tormenting existence to be such a person!  Sadly, not for the person who embraces and accepts themselves, but trying to exist in the world we have made that does not embrace and accept them!

I have read articles that suggest this “condition” is becoming more common because of things we as a world have done to our environment and the food, water and medicine we ingest. If the Cherokee (Tsalagi) have it right, that in the beginning there was only one being, both male and female, may be this goes beyond our human understanding. May be there have always been beings on this earth of both male and female identities in one body?

What I experienced last night was a mesmerizing experience and I just allowed myself to have it without “judgement.” This experience was one of the keys to the dream I shared with you.

Most of us lives such fast-paced lives that we only catch glimpses of ourselves now and then, much like dogs and cats as I described, and it takes a candle being blown out, a “light” to be extinguished before we actually stop to pay attention to ourselves…to appreciate the “light” we our ourselves. Our lives are very much like candles….they burn so quickly and one day will be blown out. We must know ourselves fully before that moment to fully transcend on to the next part of our individual energetic journey’s.

Other dream keys: Yesterday I spent some time reading about David Bowie’s returning to the God of his understanding before his death because I was wondering, saw pictures of him with his son both grown and when he was still with Angie, and of course there is the song Black Star. He’s been “in my head and heart ” ever since I was a teenager so this doesn’t surprise me!  As I’ve said, he was like my Star Dad when I was growing up.

What may have been a final key was watching a movie last night that upset me because it was so well done for a short film! We saw The Call Up on Netflix streaming. The premise is about some video game players who get invited to play an immersive version of the games they like to play like Call of Duty, first person shooter type games. Well they quickly find out it’s not just a game! This film did a great job of freaking me out about the lines that will be blurred once they finally do perfect and release immersive video gaming. If you believe you are wounded or killed in one of these video games, will you die in real life? What is reality anyway?! Increasingly I become unsure as our technology and media marches still further forward in blurring the lines!


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