11 Oct 2016 The Tao of Pooh (Benjamin Hoff), Voices of our Ancestors (Dhyani Ywahoo) , Once Upon a Star and The White Tree (poetry of my past)

Good morning, it’s about 7:53 am as I write on this Monday.  I hope wherever and whenever you are finds you well!  Let the cycle of the week begin again right?!

This morning I wasn’t sure what to write about and then I had it pop into my head to share a couple excerpts from a book my Mother’s Mother, Carol Becker, gave to me back in December of 1990.  It’s the book called The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.  This little book is filled with “Winnie the Poohisms”, wonderful drawings and interpretations of ancient wisdom in a language that appeals to my simpler self….the child within me.  Every time I pick it up, I find something new and it’s like having a visit with my Grandma.  I miss her pretty much every day!

I’m currently reading Voices of our Ancestors Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire by Dhyani Ywahoo which is a little more difficult for me to read than the Tao.  The only reason it is difficult is because of how I think and experience the world….in symbols and pictures.  Each of the words Dhyani  uses is a symbol and or a picture!  Kindred souls!  So as I’m reading it, lots of pictures keep popping in my head and I get distracted by them because they are so magical and transport me out of this world.  Reading this book is a spiritual journey for me, like reading another sacred text.  The book binds together and explains so much of what I’ve learned on my own into one place which is very validating!   The Cherokee elders understood dragons were not evil, crystals are living beings with voices, that we are all part of the one Circle, the Hoop, and everything and everyone on this planet is extensions of the One.   All this resonates with me!

I will share more about this book after I finish reading it but I will share this, from page 35:

“In the beginning was the emptiness.  There came forth a sound as light, giving birth to all that we perceive in this and all worlds – the light-sound, the sacred Word, the unmanifest becoming real.  The intention of the Creator underlies all manifestation, and each human being is aligned with that sacred intention through the energy of will, shaping outcomes by thought, word and deed.” 


Some poems:

Once Upon a Star – Blog poem 3 May 2006 Jackie

Weary eyes and weary soul my light embers dim

I look into the heavens for Pleiades and sing a faraway song

A forgotten hymn

The sisters dance forever make haste to Venus

A veil of silk and dream-work

Cast a spell between us

Sitting in my plane of invisible air I fly

Through space and time

To your gleaming spires my voice will cry

Once upon a star

Neither light nor shadow

The distance far

photo by Beth Moon

photo by Beth Moon

White Tree 7  – by Jackie Wygant March  2006

Whisper to me a secret only I can hear

Show me colors only I can see

Glow so brightly and share your warmth

Wise and ancient White Tree

For centuries you have stood waiting for me to touch you

To take your seed and plant it deep

For the others to come

The wisdom well to reap

The rain to fall

The ice to melt

The fire to burn

The earth and its creatures to feed

Green and well the roots of your teachings

Your leaves falling with the wind to all nations

White Tree your wisdom within and through me

White Tree your kind warmth and light

Piercing the darkness and banishing all who dare

Extinguish the new fruit born of your seed

Spring brings posterity and new life

Pink and blue and hues of red

Fire will not touch your branches

Nor pierce your core

The light too bright for darkness to see

White Tree within and through me

Your warmth and light

Part of and all of me.





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