7 Oct 2016 Drawing and Dream this morning – The Human Mall (Escalator of Life Robert Hazard and Berlin No More Words)

Good morning, it’s about 7:17 am on this, dare I say it, rainy Friday morning. Very happy about the rain as it was getting really dusty and dry here again!

Many of us I know have been praying for the all those affected by the recent storms and their aftermath. I’m no nuclear physicist or anything like that, but I am very sensitive to energy in all it’s forms. A part of me wonders if North Korea’s setting off all those nuclear bombs destabilized the atmosphere and caused a major disruption in the balance of energy fields . Is this why everything and everyone is so “wonky?” Since I believe everything and everyone is energy, it only makes sense to me that is you detonate something with that much energy, more than once, you are going to really fuck things up….screw up the “balance.”


I did one of my compass drawings yesterday afternoon to try and soothe my mind. I have just been so tired and can’t sleep right! Kyle was in charge of choosing the movie for the night and he chose Aliens Vs Predator….some of the elements of my drawing make me think of things that were in the movie lol.   For some reason I added the Lapis pyramid I have and the Star Trek globe I’ve had for years.  I think the globe was me thinking about Anton Yeltsin and the latest news about Chrysler saying it was all his fault.

http://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/chrysler-dealership-claims-anton-yelchin-deserves-blame-for-death/ar-BBx4Pql?OCID=ansmsnnews11 – I feel bad for Anton’s family in this.

I had a very elaborate dream that I wanted to share with you. May be it will resonate.

I dreamt that I was traveling and trying to get somewhere to eat I think, not sure. Anyways as I traveled I took a turn where I thought I should be able to so I’d get to where I was going but instead, I ended up in an alley that had poor people without shelter just standing around.

I turned before I got to these people and went a different direction to avoid them but when I got to the mall, symbolic I guess of the destination I was originally headed, the poor were there too! I passed them and they had sunken eyes, were thin, tired and hungry and I guess trying to get hand outs and assistance at this mall I was in. I just passed them and kept going to my original destination.

Well I was then in a bookstore or library in this mall, this was probably the destination, and I saw a blonde man I recognized (in the dream but not in real life) and asked him about his medical school “psych studies” and he said he wasn’t in school anymore. He inspired people instead. As we were talking, another blonde man approached us that the man I was talking to knew, and they started talking.

I was then by myself and found pieces of broken jewelry and a cheap ring. I think I wanted to keep the ring and can’t remember if I did or not but I do remember putting the broken pieces of jewelry on the counter and leaving the store.

Then there was room with people in recliners and they were all getting along at first and then one by one they got mad about different things and left the room….all that was left were the marks where their chairs used to be attached to the floor.

This dream is very symbolic of this world and it’s “Mall-like” design in how we choose to live in it. If you recall, I shared with you another dream I had back in 2005 about someone going into a Mall and getting pissed about some things the people there were doing! The Mall is a great analogy for what we’ve made this world into. We’ve managed to place a price tag on everything on it to include life! Even the water all of us need in order to live has been commoditized!

There are people suffering all around us and we try to avoid them and seek other destinations but we can’t avoid their plight.

I think I know who the “blonde men” were even if they didn’t look like they do in my conscious world. If they should ever read this, they will know too.

I think the last part is most of us (myself included at times although I can’t sit still for very long for most things except writing and drawing!) in our safe little homes sitting complacent getting fat, dumb and happy in front of our television sets until now….this embarrassment of an election with it’s faux “Democracy”, the Dakota Access Pipeline and other energy wars, the wars with false flags, our food, our air, our water, extinction of species we share the planet with, the weather, our education systems, or judicial systems, our technology, our science, our entertainment and ways we get and share our information (internet)….all the betrayals large and small in every facet of this “Human Mall” we’ve created together have become this huge pile of shit we are all wallowing in whether we want to or not!

Now we are angry and I’ve even contemplated this, we think getting mad and “leaving” (there are many different ways to leave a place) our shared dimension is the only answer to solve our shared problems.

Remember what I’ve said…..where you go, there you are. Leaving only means a change of location but you still take yourself with you. If you don’t change YOU, nothing else changes either. You can build space ships to escape this planet but if we don’t learn now, we are just going to make all the other planets we go to dust bowls too.


I kid you not, the very next video that showed up after I finished watching the Robert Hazard just now was this……perfect.  This is a phrase that kept popping in my head yesterday….I’m so frustrated with this world right now.   I was feeling like I don’t even want to write or talk ….words are meaningless if they are not followed with action.

https://my.mail.ru/mail/alex-enm/video/99902/530210.html – Robert Hazard Escalator of Life (the video I had originally linked got “SME” blocked!)




3 comments on “7 Oct 2016 Drawing and Dream this morning – The Human Mall (Escalator of Life Robert Hazard and Berlin No More Words)

  1. I agree with you… if we could, we would ruin every planet where life is possible… one one hand we have to pay environment tax (as if money could fix the damage we caused) and on the other we treat this planet like sh*t… so sad…

    • So true – before we go gallivanting off through the universe we have to make sure we take care of our current home and do what we can to restore balance! We just got to keep leading by our example Easy – keep trying to do better each day. Love to you my friend – thank you as always for stopping by and saying hello!

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