6 Oct 2016 Letters Live (BC gives artist me a kick in the ass), The Lessons of St. Francis (book by John Michael Talbot with Steve Rabey) and Dignity Statue Chamberlain SD (by David Lamphere)

Good morning to you!  How at you doing today?  I’m alright, wish I felt more rested but just not happening right now for either Kyle or me!  So much going on in the world right now – Hurricanes and Typhoons and all kinds of other stuff keeping people awake and frightened at the moment.  All for one, one for all….we are in this together.   Remember….you aren’t alone no matter how much it may feel like it sometimes.  Somebody out there is thinking, praying, meditating about you….loving you.

So yesterday I was having another round of “poor me” and just feeling so heavy inside and out.  This round has been hard to shake but I’m doing it!  I could feel me starting to do the pulling away or “retracting into myself” thing I do….like what wounded animals do.  Then my still small voice took on a much larger one and said go to “You tube and type in Benedict Cumberbatch, there is something there for you.”  Well I found this recent recording of him reading, I love listening to him read stuff, and this was just what I needed.  He unknowingly giving artist me a kick in the ass I needed.  This letter is between two artists who became life long friends, Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse, it may as well have been a letter to me from a fellow artist….thank you Sol, thank you Ben for reading it.

We “right brainer artist types” can be a needy, angsty, melodramatic lot….doubt ourselves and our “art.”  Sometimes we need someone who speaks our language to help us out of it.   I’ve done it for other people, other people do it for me.   That is how it works!  We have to find our messengers who speak our language….energy frequency….energy signature.  Not everyone shares the same ones!

So the 4th was the Feast Day of Catholic Saint, St Francis….but I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t need just one day to honor someone.  If you truly love and care about someone or something…it’s a thing you do EVERY DAY!  I don’t just wait until Kyle and my wedding anniversary to tell him I love him lol….every day at any opportunity I tell him I love him! 


St. Francis is one of the parts of my Catholic past I still cherish….he was eccentric and even weird in his love of the God of his understanding and I GET THAT!  If he and I ever had got together there would have been WEIRD lol!  He was, from what I’ve read, most definitely a brother of mine lol.  Anyhew.  I have a book I bought many years ago that I revisit every so often….it’s one of my very special books.  It’s called The Lessons of St. Francis How to Bring Simplicity and Spirituality Into Your Daily Life by John Michael Talbot with Steve Rabey.   For those reading who are of the anti-Catholic or God concept persuasion or whatever other walk of spirt…this book is a great resource for Spirituality, NOT religion.  I don’t do religion! 

I wanted to share a couple passages from it with you….very timely to the subject of being in the world but not of the world and worrying about what other people think about you….what YOU think about you!  Remember the mantra I came up with for myself: “It’s not about what THEY are doing,  it is about what I think, I feel and I do that counts!”

I got a wonderful letter from my friend Les yesterday and she shared that during her visit to my “homeland” of South Dakota and her time with my parents they visited a beautiful new statue.  It’s the Dignity statue by artist David Lamphere in Chamberlain SD.  I absolutely love it!!!  The traditional star quilt she is wearing is designed with hinges so the statue will be steady in high winds.  Isn’t she beautiful?!  This statue is a tangible testimony to the bridges we can build to each other no matter how apart they may seem.

Pictures of the new Dignity statue in Chamberlain SD by artist David Lamphere

Pictures of the new Dignity statue in Chamberlain SD by artist David Lamphere



*Aunt Ruth I would love to have one of these my quilter Auntie!



5 comments on “6 Oct 2016 Letters Live (BC gives artist me a kick in the ass), The Lessons of St. Francis (book by John Michael Talbot with Steve Rabey) and Dignity Statue Chamberlain SD (by David Lamphere)

  1. I agree, every day should be a day full of blessings and love. but I like the idea to have a blessing for pets… we can come together and it is a little statement too against animal cruelty and people who think that pets are useless :O)

  2. What a beautiful statue, Jackie. So unusual in its execution. Get some rest, my friend. We’ve been struggling with sleep, too. Must be energetic turbulence. 😉 xoxoM

    • Yes, she is quite a masterpiece! I got some sleep….you’ll see in my post today and quite a epic dream arrived. I have suspicions, because I do not have proof or formal education, that the nuclear tests that have been going on along with other “energy” things companies are doing has caused a major disruption in ALL of the energy fields which includes the ones for human beings, plants, insects and animals. We already have the moon and pre-existing energy things that have always been but now human beings are playing about with it and it’s not going to end well.

      • It’s not about ending, I think, Jackie. It’s about expanding consciousness and taking responsibility for how our actions impact not just on something as puny as humanity, but seeing ourselves as part of the Universe and working WITH It. 😉 xoxoM

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