5 Oct 2016 Breakfast with neighbor friend who is like family, my afternoon drawing and Eyes in the Dark

Hello to you, it’s about 1:42 pm as I write to you.  This afternoon is hot here…like over 90 degrees hot.  Momma Nature just can’t seem to make up her mind about the weather!  Personally I’ve always preferred the cooler to cold temperatures.  So why the HELL did I move to Texas when I said I’d NEVER live here lol?!!!  Still trying to figure that out.  We’ve been talking about leaving this state pretty much since we got here in November 2009 lol.   We both know from looking back on our 7 years that we have been here for so many reasons and when it’s time to go, we will know.  It will be for the right reasons in the right time.   We love our house, love the family we have here and most of the neighbors.  We have good support systems set up and it’s always a bitch to reestablish all that when you move.  I think that’s a big part of what keeps us from moving.   BUT….if there weren’t any “rules,” a secret part of me thinks about leaving this country entirely…..go back to Europe or something!  Yeah….not going to happen anytime soon!

Honestly, where you go there you are.  No matter where you go in the world, you take “yourself” and all you are with you.  People often think moving to a new place will fix all their old problems and that is seldom the case!  It’s an inside to outside job!   If you want to find happiness with your current situation, you must first start by making you happy on the inside.  You can’t rely on people, places and things to fill the “void” inside unhappiness makes….the black hole of the soul. 


This morning Kyle said we were going to the Waffle House in town for breakfast and I said we had to call our neighbor friend Pam, who is a lot like family, and see if she wanted to go.  I called her and she was already there and was just going to call us lol!  Isn’t that fun?!  We had breakfast bowls that tasted really good – hash browns, cheese, bacon (Kyle had sausage in his) and eggs.  Pam said she added chili when she tried it and it was really good.  We love the folks that work there – always so good to us.  Anyhew… Pam is pretty darn special to me.  She has seen me and loved me through some pretty tough stuff since we’ve moved here as Kyle and I have done the same for her when she was having difficult times with her health.

I did a kind of what I’ll say is a weird drawing today.  I don’t know who or what this “being” is supposed to be.  I am not even sure if they are male or female….they are just what materialized on the paper this afternoon.  What I think when I look at them is they are an androgynous person, male, that is like a fusion of an Egyptian and someone from Asia.  I thought it was neat how my quartz crystal ball fit perfectly into it lol.

I can tell I need some quality sleep!  Our oldest cat, May,  was doing weird shit really early this morning and woke up Link and I.  As Link started growling, I saw these piercing dark eyes just floating in space in the bedroom!   Then we (Link and I) both figured out what was going on, that May got herself trapped in the bedroom again, and we tried to go back to sleep….not very successful I’m afraid.  It’s that time of the year!


Source Internet - what I saw was a lot like this picture but more just the eyes.

Source Internet – what I saw was a lot like this picture but more just the eyes.

Anyhew – that’s about it from here.  I hope everybody, which includes lots of family and friends on the East coast in the US will be alright with Hurricane Matthew coming….been praying for you folks!  Love to you!


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