3 Oct 2016 Leading by Example (Justin Furstenfeld Blue October), Our Favorite Time of the Year (revisiting our scary movie collection), Pink Spirit book message and Dragon collection

Good morning to you!  It’s about 9:31 am as I begin our visit and I hope wherever and whenever you are visiting me here that you are doing well in this moment.  I did a glance at the headlines this morning and there isn’t much different going on from most days now – the push and pull between the light and dark natures of humankind.   All I can do for my part is to keep my side of the street clean (Right action), lead by my example each day and continue to do what I can to help others.

Yesterday I was touched to see some Facebook posts from Blue October’s front man Justin Furstenfeld  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Furstenfeld).  He lost his voice during a recent concert and this was horrible for him but as is typical for him, he shared his experiences, strength and hope….talked about his feelings and focused on what his blessings are.    He is an inspiration to me.  Ever since I heard him sing the song Fear when I was in Mesa Springs I have just grown very fond of him, the band and their music.  He is a kindred soul and his life struggles resonate with me and my own experiences.   I’m delighted their song Home is still on the top of the charts!  http://www.billboard.com/album/7350612/home (#38)

Blue October

Yesterday at 12:58am ·

(picture of his daughter)

I miss this one. My sweet little angel. I hope you’re enjoying snow cones with momma and Gammi. Daddy lost his voice tonight and pretty much embarrassed himself on stage. So when I came across this picture it made me feel better . To everyone at the New Orleans show is officially like to apologize for my voice. I feel pretty down about it. But my sweet sayde belle your spirit always gets me through anything showing me that tomorrow will be a brand new day. @blueoctoberband #home #secondchances #peoplecanchange

Last night after the hardest show in my life I was able to sit back and talk with my good friend @tufstrings . I was embarrassed at how quickly my voice went away . I sincerely never had this happen to me before in my 28 year career . I knew from the first song out that I had lost my voice completely but I still tried to sing as good as I could. Thank god for @tufstrings because he sang half of my parts last night and all of the back up vocals plus he had my back on all of the instruments. There was a lady in the audience that kept yelling at me telling me telling me I sounded awful and I was literally in a place I’d never been in my whole entire life. I was trying an it wasn’t good enough. These are the moments I’m talking about when I say that life will punch you in the stomach and it will get hard . Life will literally take a shit in your lap sometimes . There was a moment last night when I thought after the show damn it a glass of wine would be great right now. But just as I thought that @tufstrings walked into the room , gave me a hug , and said you ok buddy ? Have me a big hug and sat down and told me to suck it up and tomorrow will be better. Instantly I knew I was at #home because of my dear friend @blueoctoberband @tufstrings #peoplecanchange #secondchances #home

Pink Spirit book message for today:

10/3/2016 9:06 am

Spinning and Turning

Yearning and Learning

The multifaceted gem

The set changes

The play “us” and “them”

The shadows come with the season

The light triumphs

In the early morning hours

We sing into Breath

Harnessing our powers

The eye of all shifts the view

All of its light reveals

The doorway in the sky

The steps

From me to you…..

“Nachturna all Soleil”





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