2 Oct 2016 Sunday outing – Winston Patrick McGregor Park Cleburne TX and HEB

Hello, how has your day been going?  Kyle and I decided to have a small Sunday outing.  Instead of braving the much longer, more trafficked trip (25-30 miles) we had talked about to the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens, we decided to visit one of our favorite flower gardens in Cleburne TX which is about 11 miles from us.   This park is right next to a busy Walmart but you wouldn’t know it!  As soon as you step into the park it is peaceful.  It is a sanctuary in the midst of chaos lol.  Wherever I have lived, I have always tried to find such places….they are my kind of temples!

Our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers that make this park so remarkable and beautiful!  I am so grateful for your hard work, love and dedication to one of my very favorite things in all the world…city parks.

“It’s the little things that make a life, it takes only little things to please this wife…”  lol….little ditty I came up with for Kyle while we walked.


This park is a very special addition to Cleburne. Winston Patrick McGregor Park is located on the corner of West Henderson and Colonial Drive. The land, financial gift, and house were bequeathed to the City of Cleburne by M. Frank Scott, longtime resident of the city.

The park is a botanical style park featuring native plants and plants that are suitable for the Cleburne area. The park has walking paths, a pavilion/gazebo, a pond, a children’s area, and a variety of educational and recreational activities.  Park Gardens Overview

In accordance with Mr. Scott’s wishes, the 10-acre site is envisioned as a botanical park. The house, now completely restored, is used for meetings, small receptions, and other gatherings.  The gazebo will accommodate concerts, weddings, and other events. Call (817) 556-8858 for more information or to reserve the house at McGregor Park.

After we finished at the park we stopped by the HEB in Cleburne and zomg!  We just can’t do HEB lol….too overwhelming.  We chose one of the worst days to try and go in there for regular shopping – Sunday and football…forget it!  We did find treasure though!  We were very happy to find fresh, organic fruit and some wonderful sushi for me so if anything, we’ll go back for that.  We love our local Brookshires but when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetable options….it’s kind of a food desert.  So it’s nice to have options for getting those things.

Anyhew – hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see what comes up for tomorrows visit!  Love and hugs to you through the wires….from our dimension to yours.


6 comments on “2 Oct 2016 Sunday outing – Winston Patrick McGregor Park Cleburne TX and HEB

  1. that was a great idea… and the little things can help so much to make any sunday to a special one. I love the treasure you found, I always think “someone” placed it for me for a reason when I find something special :o)

    • It’s funny you say that Easy because that’s exactly how I felt about it! I love finding things like this and most times I don’t remove them but like you say, this one felt like it was mine. Love to you my friend!

  2. What a fun Sunday idea. Love the pictures of the botanical garden. Nature just recharges one soul.

    I laughed when I read your HEB experience. I went grocery shopping at Walmart late on a Sunday evening, thinking it would be very slow. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Packed! I will not try that again. Glad you survived!

    • LOL! Kyle kept getting pushed into aisles by the HEB zombies….people in grocery stores just don’t pay attention to what’s going on and shamble about like zombies to me. It is hilarious you had a similar experience at a place we don’t shop but was next to park we visited go figure!!! Shouldn’t be surprised 🙂 Love you!!!!

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