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By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – We all start at the beginning with dreams, and interpreting dream in a continual working education which is to learn to develop a language, specifically, a symbolic language. An engineer must learn mathematics in order to build a bridge, as modern bridges are very big compared to the past, […]

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27 Oct 2016 New life in the garden (against all odds), Amber returns home and afternoon mail (Halloween card from a sister and a book), Queen (Who Wants to Live Forever)

Hello to you this Thursday afternoon!  It’s 3:55 pm in the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May and well Amber’s ashes.  Yes, a very special sequence of events have been unfolding today with regards to my little kitten!

This morning, at  11:05 am I realized I had missed a call from the Alvarado Veterinary Clinic.  They had left a message to tell me that the Faithful Friends Animal Crematory had delivered Amber’s ashes and they were ready for us to pick up.  As I was finishing listening, guess who was on the other line?  Kyle!  He was wondering if there was anything he needed to pick up on the way home.  Well yes dear, as a matter of fact there is!  He said he would collect Amber and bring her home!

I was outside when he came home with her as I was listening to Primitive by Annie Lennox….perfect!  Finding the heart this morning and everything that has followed….the furthering of a conversation with the God of my understanding.  I am a “show me” kind of a girl and I am definitely being “shown” and I feel it is my responsibility to “show” you too.  Sometimes the only way something so abstract and fanciful as divinity can begin to be understood through the sharing of the experience, strength and hope of another person.  This is the reason I am posting this and none other.  Showing you how the God of understanding is helping  me get through the grief of losing someone I loved may also help you.


27 Oct 2016 I found a heart on the dog walk this morning,morning meditation in beads (pixils), truth in fiction and why I love eyes best

I know the story of Dracula by Bram Stoker is just a story, but sometimes if you look at the fiction, there can be truths found there.  Something I was taught from people who loved me, my Grandpa, a long time ago.  He used to read National Enquirer and have just stacks of “tabloids” and we always kind of chided him for it because it all seemed to be so hard to believe, just “rubbish” reporting.  I would read them with him and have off and on through the years read similar types of tabloids.  There is a lot of story weaving going on….”fan fiction” but sometimes, on rare occasions, there are pieces of truth.  You just have to know your own mind, your own heart, your own values and see these stories through a clear lense.

A last thought that came to me today is this….why do I love the eyes of living beings the most?  It is through the eyes of living beings that love me that the God of my understanding shows me (and you) they love me too….they are able to see me through the eyes of love.

5 Aug 2016 - Kyle's baby blues that do the green and blue thing depending on light and conditions. Very sensitive to light.

5 Aug 2016 – Kyle’s baby blues that do the green and blue thing depending on light and conditions. Very sensitive to light.


27 Oct 2016 Cocoon (sharing ourselves) , South Park Fort Collins episode and Do we need a “re-set button” on the 2016 Election?

Good morning to you, how are you? It’s 7:29 am on this Thursday morning as I write to you and ‘m feeling really unsettled inside! We just watched the latest episode of South Park and I feel sick inside about it. Are we really going to be forced to vote for one person in order to “save” this country? What about the other people on the ballot? Don’t they count? Did you realize you have other choices? No, many of you probably didn’t know that because why? They haven’t been allowed to tell you who they are, what they stand for, what their qualifications are and what their history of service is. They haven’t been allowed to debate with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton….have actually been removed from the building (case of Jill Stein).!airdate – Season 20, episode 6 aired 26 Oct 2016 – Fort Collins (Colorado) this is where my Grandma Carol Becker lived for many years!

Here is but one source of millions in which to find out what our real choices are in this election:,_2016

Nominee Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Gary Johnson Party Democratic Republican Libertarian Home state New York New York New Mexico Running mate Tim Kaine Mike Pence William Weld

Nominee Jill Stein Darrell Castle Evan McMullin Party Green Constitution Independent Home state Massachusetts Tennessee Utah Running mate Ajamu Baraka Scott Bradley Mindy Finn

Did you also know that even if you vote for who you want, the Electoral College system will more than likely negate your vote anyway? – this is something you should read if you disagree with me.

Folks, we need to push the restart button on this election. I honestly don’t believe we should even have an election day this year because this is probably what’s going to happen. Kyle described it to me very well this morning, he said, “If Trump wins, nothing is going to get done because the President can’t just decide to do something. If Clinton wins, nothing is going to get done either….it’s going to be another 8 years like we’ve already had.”

Do we really have the muster to go through all of this again? To step even deeper into the darkness that has arisen all around us to divide and conquer us?

My vision is very clear about this and that is we are a family. Every single life form on this planet – those already here and those we’ve manufactured are family. Right now I am seeing us think, act and do things from the most highly dysfunctional family unit imaginable and it’s not working.

Who in our leadership will come forth with the courage to say, “ENOUGH?!!!” This word is one I’ve used many times in recent years and I have heard and seen ENOUGH of the bickering, the petty squabbles, exhibition of behaviors of spoiled children who don’t want to share their toys or what they perceive “belongs” only to them.

Hit the reset button, please, there is no shame in admitting our shared mistakes and there is a great reward in working towards shared ammends.  I think every candidate running for President should be allowed to speak in front of the American people and “plead” their case.  I believe the Electoral college system should be revisited and reevaluated.

*steps off soap box

This morning as I was waking up, it came to me, very loudly, “I want you to use Cocoon, the sharing ourselves example” and after that I saw a movement of white in the corner of my eye and at that same moment Link growled a little. The presence was not malicious to me and I actually sensed a very loving energy.


I found the whole movie and I hope Ron Howard won’t be mad at me for using this.

*In the spirit of this Halloween season, Bing used a scene from Transylvania as their home page today and I thought it was very beautiful:

source 27 Oct 2016 Bing homepage image of mists across Transylvania in Romania.

source – 27 Oct 2016 Bing homepage image of mists across Transylvania in Romania.

Mist across rural Transylvania, in Romania

Sure we’re visiting Transylvania—a region in central Romania probably best known to many of us from Bram Stoker’s book ‘Dracula’ or the many film adaptations of the story. And sure, it’s a few days before Halloween to boot. But let’s take this opportunity to clarify that there’s much more to ‘The Land Beyond the Forest’ than all those vampire movies have shown.

Transylvanian culture and customs reflect influences from Hungary, Austria, and historically, Celtic and Roman cultures, among others. And if the Gothic architecture preserved in many of the cities and villages doesn’t draw you in, the lush mountain wilderness of the Carpathian range is a beacon for nature lovers.


25 Oct 2016 Member Berries (South Park), “Breaking Canon” (the symbolism in having to replace my “Canon” camera and the US Presidential Election)

Good morning to you. It’s 4:30 am and the topic that came to me for today was one word Canon.

Now as you may or may not know I have a Canon Powershot A580 camera I use to take the pictures for this blog and it is starting to fail on me. It’s starting to suck through batteries more quickly than it used to. It won’t allow me to set the date and time function and remember that I’ve done it after I shut off the camera.

The bottom line is my trusty friend’s lifespan is coming to an end and it’s time for me to get a new camera. Eventually I would like to have a “real” camera again but in the meantime, we have chosen to buy a Apple Iphone from Kyle’s youngest brother and the camera on it will be at least twice as good as I now have. Once we get the phone activated (pain in the ass you can’t just use a device when you want!) I will start learning to use it and we will work together to take new pictures for this blog!

24 Oct 2016 -phone we bought from Kyle's brother mainly for the camera

24 Oct 2016 -phone we bought from Kyle’s brother mainly for the camera

On this season of South Park, an animated Comedy Central series we enjoy, they have come up with a very resonate way to describe something that is going on in our country and us as a people and this ties in nicely with that word I started with, Canon.

What is Canon in story telling? (ref:

In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in an individual universe of that story. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction. The alternative terms mythology, timeline, and continuity are often used, with the former being especially to refer to a richly detailed fictional canon requiring a large degree of suspension of disbelief (e.g. an entire imaginary world and history), while the latter two typically refer to a single arc where all events are directly connected chronologically.

(like the multi-verse concept)

The South Park team has come up with a brilliant concept they call “member berries” to illustrate a behavior in people of my generation and those before me. I catch myself doing it all the time! “Remember that song, or that actor, or that movie? Wasn’t it great?!” Then we’ll go back to actually listen or watch and it’s not quite as good as we “member!” Sometimes what we remember and want to revisit in our current life are good but they need a new “storyline.”

Many of my generation and those before are afraid to break the “Canon” of the past. They are afraid that the new life we are trying to create won’t be as good as they remember and in some cases, will not include them. This is all part of the suffering that comes from “attachment” to Canon….like me to my old camera lol. We tried to buy an upgrade of the camera I have now but I immediately rejected probably even before we brought it home. It wasn’t my trusty old camera that I know how to operate and getting the new camera would mean I’d have to learn how to use something new which can be intimidating!

(I still don’t like that I would have had to use a Cloud server to retrieve my photos because in doing that I lose sole ownership!)

Change to “Canon” is hard but sometimes the past is better off left there or taken forward to a new age….not a reboot but a restart! The show Penny Dreadful is a fantastic example of how to do that in the entertainment world. They took our favorite monster stories of the past and gave them new stories that were resonant to our today without negating their origin stories!

This is something I have had to deal with personally with regard to the life I lead with my family after my birth mother’s suicide and it’s what each one of us, as we age and near the ends of our journey’s as who we are. It’s not who we were that makes us great, it’s who we are right NOW that matters. It’s not who we think we should be but who we actually are.

The Unites States of America with it’s cringe-worthy Presidential election is a blessing because it is showing us exactly who we’ve been and who we are now….who we, as a country aspire to be.

To be who we aspire to be will mean breaking Canon on everything we’ve ever know and been. This doesn’t mean who we used to be and the past isn’t important or should not be remembered, cherished and respected.

It just means we must lose our unhealthy attachment to the “good old days” that in many cases, were not so great to actually become “Great Again.”


Member Berries

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Member Berries”

Episode no.

Season 20

Episode 1

Directed by

Trey Parker

Written by

Trey Parker

Featured music

“Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE

Production code


Original air date

September 14, 2016

Episode chronology

← Previous

“PC Principal Final Justice” Next →

“Skank Hunt”

South Park (season 20)

“Member Berries” is the first episode in the twentieth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 268th episode of the series overall, it premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on September 14, 2016.

The episode lampooned the massive national media coverage of Colin Kaepernick and other American athletes’ protest of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton while also commenting on nostalgia and reboots. – video clip


Fehérlófia (Hungarian folktale of The Son of the White Horse)

I just met someone who lead me to this blog yesterday and in looking through their posts I found this! Which perfectly coincides with my blog post for today! T

The artist, Marcell Jankovics, definitely did this beautiful work in my kind of language. Thank you Elder Mountain and Marcell!  See, this is an example of the type of “conversations” I have with the God of my understanding….one thing leads to another as long as you are willing and pay attention!



Uploaded on Jun 14, 2009

The tale of The Son of the White Horse is one of the oldest in the treasury of Hungarian folktales. We find in it the motif of the tree reaching up to the sky, and the enormous strength, gained by …
The tale of The Son of the White Horse is one of the oldest in the treasury of Hungarian folktales. We find in it the motif of the tree reaching up to the sky, and the enormous strength, gained by suckling for seven years, with which the hero overcomes Treetearer, Stonecrumbler and Ironkneader. Later on he outwits the wicked little dwarf of the Hungarian folktales, the Seven-hearted Lobahobgoblin, conquers the twelve-headed dragon, and finally wins the hand of the prettiest princess. In this adoptation of Marcell Jankovics , Fehérlófia symbolizing the mankind who will have to join battle with the three greatest disasters: the rise of the wrong and fool Ideologies, the War and the dehumanized IT-society.


Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

Fehérlófia Son of the White Mare is a Hungarian animated movie made from 1979 to 1981, film of Marcell Jankovics, and Pannónia Filmmstúdió. Part 2/8 – Then just type in the remaining part of 8 on youtube.

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24 Oct 2016 Pink spirit Skies at night, Kyle finally gets his FFXIV Kirin (Qilin unicorn) mount for Morrigu and bath time for Link

Good morning to you. It’s 7:13 am as I write to you from the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May….sadly no Amber (in tangible form but she’s very much with me!)  There were pink spirit skies last night – almost like a bow that gradually appeared as I was doing my evening meditation and movements out back!  Just beautiful to me.

The “traditional” version of a unicorn on a blanket Kyle has had for many years (he had a choice between this one and a lion, his brother Todd chose the lion) and it is the last place our Amber rested:

This is a blanket Kyle has had for many years. It's symbolic to me because I've always felt he was like a unicorn (how can such a great man exist kind of thing) and I'm the tree lol. This was the last place our Amber kitty rested before crossing the rainbow bridge.

This is a blanket Kyle has had for many years. It’s symbolic to me because I’ve always felt he was like a unicorn (how can such a great man exist kind of thing) and I think of myself as the tree lol. This was the last place our Amber kitty rested before crossing the rainbow bridge.

Speaking of unicorns!

So yesterday was a happy day for Kyle. I’ve mentioned he plays the online MMORPG FFXIV from Square Enix and for about a year he’s been working to aquire a Kirin mount. Yesterday he got it! He had to acquired 6 other “FFLP’s” (Final Fantasy Little Ponies” lol because they kind of remind of My Little Pony’s) in order to finally aquire the Kirin. This picture of his avatar Morrigu riding it doesn’t do it complete justice…it’s so beautiful. Ramuh is our favorite because it’s purple and has “lightning feet.” Once we get my phone with a good camera activated, I’ll get better pictures of Morrigu riding each one of the horses. Can you tell we are a little sweet on her LOL. It’s fun and she is an avatar we developed together, so she’s “our baby” in a way, and he has just really enjoyed giving her a story….a life of her own in the Final Fantasy realms.

23 Oct 2016 Kyle's avatar Morrigu on her newly acquired, final of 7 total mounts on the quest, the Kirin or Qilin!

23 Oct 2016 Kyle’s avatar Morrigu on her newly acquired, final of 7 total mounts on the quest, the Kirin or Qilin!

The way Square does avatar animation makes that possible – watching her do the newer “Sun-drop” dance reminds me of some of my sessions in our backyard LOL! She’s so fun to watch and when you zoom in on her it’s like she realizes this (programming of course) and always acts like she’s flattered and will adjust herself and fix her hair like some girls do. Such is the life of millions of gamers all over the world. Living vicariously through their avatars!

Qilin (Kirin)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the mythical East Asian creature. For other uses, see Qilin (disambiguation).

The qilin (Chinese: ????; pinyin: qílín) is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler.[1] It is a good omen thought to occasion prosperity or serenity. It is often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body.


The earliest references to the qilin are in the 5th century BC Zuo Zhuan.[2][3] The qilin made appearances in a variety of subsequent Chinese works of history and fiction, such as Feng Shen Bang. Emperor Wu of Han apparently captured a live qilin in 122 BC, although Sima Qian was skeptical of this.[4]

In legend, the qilin became a stylized representation of the giraffe in the Ming dynasty.[5][6] The identification of the qilin with giraffes began after Zheng He‘s voyage to East Africa (landing, among other places, in modern-day Somalia). The Ming Dynasty bought giraffes from the Somali merchants along with zebras, incense, and various other exotic animals.[7] Zheng He’s fleet brought back two giraffes to Nanjing, and they were referred to as “qilins”.[8] The Emperor proclaimed the giraffes magical creatures, whose capture signaled the greatness of his power.

The identification between the qilin and the giraffe is supported by some attributes of the qilin, including its vegetarianism and quiet nature. Its reputed ability to “walk on grass without disturbing it” may be related to the giraffe’s long, thin legs. Also the qilin is described as having antlers like a deer and scales like a dragon or fish; since the giraffe has horn-like “ossicones” on its head and a tessellated coat pattern that looks like scales it is easy to draw an analogy between the two creatures. The identification of qilin with giraffes has had lasting influence: even today, the same word is used for the mythical animal and the giraffe in both Korean and Japanese.[9]


The qilin may be described or depicted in a variety of ways.

Qilin generally have Chinese dragon-like features. Most notably their heads, eyes with thick eyelashes, manes that always flow upward and beards. The body is fully or partially scaled and often shaped like an ox, deer, or horse. Always shown with cloven hooves. In modern times, the depictions of qilin have often fused with the Western concept of unicorns.

The Chinese dragon has antlers, so it is most common to see qilin with antlers. Dragons in China are also most commonly depicted as golden, therefore the most common depictions of qilin are also golden, but are not limited to just gold, and can be any color of the rainbow, multicolored, and various colors of fur or hide.

The qilin are depicted throughout a wide range of Chinese art also with parts of their bodies on fire, but not always. Sometimes they have feathery features or decorations, fluffy curly tufts of hair like Ming Dynasty horse art on various parts of the legs from fetlocks to upper legs, or even with decorative fish-like fins as decorative embellishments, or carp fish whiskers, or even carp fish-like dragon scales.

Qilin are often depicted as somewhat bejeweled, or as brilliant as jewels themselves, like Chinese dragons. They are often associated in colors with the elements, precious metals, stars, and gem stones. But, qilin can also be earthy and modest browns or earth-tones. It is said their auspicious voice sounds like the tinkling of bells, chimes, and the wind.

According to Taoist mythology, although they can look fearsome, qilin only punish the wicked, thus there are several variations of court trials and judgements based on qilin divinely knowing whether a defendant was good or evil, and guilty or innocent, in ancient lore and stories.

In Buddhist influenced depictions, they will refuse to walk upon grass for fear of harming a single blade, and thus are often depicted walking upon the clouds or the water. As they are divine and peaceful creatures, their diets do not include flesh. They take great care when they walk to never tread on a living creature, and appear only in areas ruled by a wise and benevolent leader, which can include a household. They can become fierce if a pure person is threatened by a malicious one, spouting flames from their mouths and exercising other fearsome powers that vary from story to story.

Legends tell that qilin have appeared in the garden of the legendary Yellow Emperor and in the capital of Emperor Yao. Both events bore testimony to the benevolent nature of the rulers. It has been told in legends that the birth of the great sage Confucius was foretold by the arrival of a qilin.[1]

Qilin are thought to be a symbol of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity by the Chinese. Qilin are also a symbol of fertility, and often depicted in decorations as bringing a baby to a family.

In ritual dances[edit]

Some stories state that qilin are sacred pets (or familiars) of the deities. Therefore, in the hierarchy of dances performed by the Chinese (lion dance, dragon dance, etc.), they rank highly; third only to the dragon and phoenix who are the highest.

In the qilin dance, movements are characterized by fast, powerful strokes of the head. The Qilin Dance is often regarded as a hard dance to perform due to the weight of the head, the stances involved, and the emphasis on sudden bursts of energy (Chinese: t ????, s ????, p fǎjìn).

As “unicorn”[edit]

Qilin (????) is often translated into English as “unicorn” as it can sometimes be depicted as having a single horn, although this is misleading as qilin may also be depicted as having two horns. A separate word (simplified Chinese: ??????; traditional Chinese: ?????F; pinyin: Dújiǎoshòu) is used in Chinese for “unicorns”. A number of different Chinese mythical creatures can be depicted with a single horn, and a qilin, even if depicted with one horn, would be called a “one-horned qilin” in Chinese, not a “unicorn”.

It is because of the whimsical, supernatural, mythical, mystical, and religious similarities in antiquity to the Western unicorns that the Chinese government minted coins in silver and gold several times depicting both the qilin and the Western Unicorn together.[citation needed]

Variations[edit] (images)


/wiki/File:MingQilinDragonFish.jpgA qilin in the dragon, fish, and ox style of the Ming dynasty. Note the pair of horns.


/wiki/File:Kinesiskt_lyckob%C3%A5dande_fabeldjur_med_drakhuvud,_hjortkropp_med_fj%C3%A4ll,_oxsvans_fr%C3%A5n_cirka_1750_-_Hallwylska_museet_-_95453.tifPorcelain qilin with the head and scaly body of a dragon, tail of a lion and cloven hoofs like a deer. Its body enveloped in sacred flames. Qing dynasty, mid 18th century.


/wiki/File:Qilin-shaped_incense_burner_1_CAC.JPGA Qing dynasty qilin-shaped incense burner

There are variations in the appearance of the qilin, even in historical China, owing to cultural differences between dynasties and regions.



During the Jin dynasty, the qilin was depicted as wreathed in flame and smoke, with a dragon-like head, scales, and the body of a powerful hooved beast such as a horse.


In the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), the qilin was represented as an oxen-hoofed animal with a dragon-like head surmounted by a pair of horns and flame-like head ornaments.


The qilin of China’s subsequent Manchu Qing dynasty (1644–1911) was a fanciful animal. Depictions of the qilin show a creature with the head of a dragon, the antlers of a deer, the skin and scales of a fish, the hooves of an ox and tail of a lion.


Girin or ???? is the Korean form of “qilin”. It is described as a maned creature with the torso of a deer, an ox tail with the hooves of a horse. The qilin in Korean art were initially depicted as more deer-like, however over time they have transformed into more horse-like.[10] They were one of the four divine creatures along with the dragon, phoenix and turtle. Gilin were extensively used in Korean royal and buddhist arts.

In modern Korean, the term “girin” is used for “giraffe“.


In Thailand, the Qílín is known as ‘Gilen’ (Thai; กิเลน), and is a member of the pantheon of Thai Himapant forest mythical animals. It is most probable that the Gilen was introduced into the pantheon under the influence of the Tai Yai who came down from Southern China to settle in Siam in ancient times, and the legend was probably incorporated into the Himapant legends of Siam in this manner. The Gilen is a mixture of various animals, which come from differing elemental environments, representing elemental magical forces present within each personified creature. Many of the Himapant animals actually represent gods and devas of the Celestial Realms, and bodhisattvas, who manifest as personifications which represent the true nature of each creature deity through the symbolism of the various body parts amalgamated into the design of the Mythical creature.[11]


Kirin is the Japanese form of “qilin”, which has also come to be used in the modern Japanese word for a giraffe. Japanese art tends to depict the kirin as more deer-like than in Chinese art. Alternatively, it is depicted as a dragon shaped like a deer, but with an ox’s tail[12] instead of a lion’s tail. The Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., is named after the animal and uses a picture of one in its labels.[13] They are also often portrayed as partially unicorn-like in appearance, but with a backwards curving horn.

In the Post-Qin Chinese hierarchy of mythological animals, the qilin is ranked as the third most powerful creature (after the dragon and phoenix), but in Japan, the kirin occupies the top spot. This is following the style of the ancient Chinese, as qilin was ranked higher than the dragon or phoenix before the Qin dynasty. During the Zhou dynasty, the qilin was ranked the highest, the phoenix ranked second, and the dragon the third.[citation needed]

Cultural representations

/wiki/File:Qilin_in_sancai_tuhui.jpgA Ming Dynasty depiction of the qilin from the Sancai Tuhui, published in 1609

The qilin has been frequently depicted in works of literature and art:

In Jorge Luis Borges‘s Book of Imaginary Beings, there is a section on “The Unicorn of China”.

In Takashi Miike‘s The Great Yokai War, the hero is bitten during a street festival by the dancer’s kirin head. According to local custom that makes him the next “kirin rider”, a hero who defeats malevolent yokai, and he is seen riding the kirin through the sky at the climax of the film.

In The Twelve Kingdoms anime series, based on the fantasy novels by Fuyumi Ono, the monarch of each kingdom is chosen by a kirin, who then becomes his or her principal counselor.[14]

In the Dungeons & Dragons universe, the Ki-rin are monsters in the Oriental Adventures setting, cited as an example of how D&D uses influences from many places.[15][16]

In the video game series Final Fantasy, Kirin is one of the Espers (summoned monsters) in Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Kirin also makes an appearance as the strongest of the “gods” in Final Fantasy XI, and is a mount available in Final Fantasy XIV.[17]

In Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star uses his Chi to manifest the power of the kirin to become the KirinRanger (・L・・・・・・・・・W・・・[ Kirin Renjā?) and pilots the Mythical Chi Beast Star-Kirin (???????????? Kidenjū Sei-Kirin?).[18]

Link and Spot got baths last night because there is a sticky goop the grass in our backyard uses to “port” itself I guess and the dogs love rolling in it lol!  It’s kind of interesting how Kyle acquired a mount representing a creature that doesn’t tread on the grass the same night we decided to bathe our dogs that do and ourselves too!  Thankfully the seed goop is water soluable.  This makes sense since it’s an organic substance.  Link’s a Chihuahua/Maltese mix and when he gets a bath his Chihuahua comes out lol!  Love to you all today!  Love and be Loved!

23 Oct 2016 Good morning Butterfly (a visitor), Queen for a Day (Michelle Hutchinson cancer benefit) and songs for Amber kitty (Bonnie Raitt,The Cars, Crystal Gayle )

Hello to you, how are you this morning?  It’s 10:23 am as I write to you.  We all got some sleep which was good.   This morning when I went outside I was spending some time with the morning sun and the “eye” of the moon that was visible overhead….noticing the nice dimensional triangle we had with our respective positions to each other!  Sang my little song, just three words to it, “All is well.”  I then walked to my little sanctuary and I found a little someone there.  It looked like the same little butterfly I had found a couple of weeks ago with a broken wing that had found me and landed on my shoulder later!  I think it may even let me hold them yesterday afternoon when I was out there.  Well the little one I found was laying on their side and their wings were very badly damaged.  I wasn’t sure if they were “still here” so I gently picked them up and put them in my hand…..well still here!  Just cold and damp!  I held them in the sunshine and they stretched out their little legs and even flapped their damaged wings a couple of times.  I immediately remembered my friend Cheryl (my ex sister-in-law) words of comfort and sharing a story about she had been visited by her lost fur family member as a butterfly.   Was this Ambers way of coming to visit?

During my first “episode” where I had gone for a swim and following the path to some man with long black hair, I had let the cats out to “set them free” and let the dogs off leash thinking they would stay with me (they didn’t and thankfully neighbors helped with that).  Well May never went outside but Amber did and as she did all the times in her life when she found herself alone outside.  She put herself somewhere that I would find her again.  I remember the very first time she got “lost” was when we were in base housing in Colorado Springs, she hid in a bush in the front yard and cried out when I called for her.  She just didn’t run away like most cats might when she got out of the house.  I guess she just knew I was her “home.”   So on that day she got out last year, Kyle found her just laying on the bandstand.  It’s like she knew we would find her there.

So you can see why I might make the Amber association with finding that butterfly with wounded wings just laying on the bandstand!  For me, it was another beautiful, loving conversation with the God of my understanding and the energy my beloved Amber has become.  She is truly free and without boundaries.

Yesterday afternoon we had the honor of attending the breast cancer benefit for Michelle Hutchinson held at the Kaufman Leadership Academy in Cleburne TX.  She is a friend and co-worker of our soon to be sister-in-law Ale.   When we first got there Ale wasn’t there, so we didn’t know anyone and felt a little out of place.  We had to remember why we were truly there and that was for Michelle and in doing that, I got the courage to go up and put my name on the list to sing karaoke!  I think the last time I did that was when I was at my Aunt Ruth’s visiting many years ago…Crystal Gayle’s Don’t It Make My Brown Eye’s Blue (surprised the family and made my Uncle Bill and his wife Ana smile!).

There was a great turnout of family and friends….people she didn’t know but cared about her!  I loved seeing Michelle singing karaoke with her friend and also her Grandaughter.  I had brought along a tiara I had made some years ago because I thought Michelle should be queen of her day!  She looked so pretty wearing it.  There were lots of laughter and tears.  I think all of us enjoyed the comical cake-walk rounds the best — we just got into the spirit of things and that’s what it was about.  Michelle told us that she did her last round of chemo (rang the bell) and now she has to go back to find out if she will need radiation and then there is the surgery…..double mastectomy.  I pray that she is able to get through all of this and be stronger than ever before!  Able to move on with her life and live it to the fullest!

The wrath of Amber after we got home from being out LOL!  We always thought of this scene from Harry Potter!

These are some songs that are for Amber and for me.  Bonnie Raitt’s voice has been a light in my darkness for many years and I enjoy singing her songs karaoke (we have the same range).  I sang I Can’t Make You Love Me yesterday at Michelle’s benefit and Dad Tim recorded it.  He comforted me when I said I was rusty and screwed up a few times, “you know what karaoke means right? he said and I said “I’ve forgotten, what does it mean?”  “Tone deaf!” Thank you Tim.  He hasn’t shared the video out of mercy for the internet probably lol but I’ll get a copy at some point and share because well, Love Has No Pride!:

These two songs are definitely Amber’s songs.  Bedtime was “our time” and she loved making a fuss for me to pick her up and put her on the bed so she could cuddle in my armpit….lol.  She never was good at making her own warmth and because of this, Kyle chose the Looking for Love song for her many years ago. When the cooler months came she could be downright a pain in the butt about wanting me to go lay down somewhere so she could be warm lol!  I even made a sling once like some mom’s do to keep their babies close just so I could do my blog and stuff without her pestering – lol.  She was very much like Mrs. Weasley!  I would give about anything to have her fuss about that right now…’s the little things isn’t it?!

Gratitude is the attitude to turn a frown upside down!

She loved it when I brought this out for her! 18-dec-2014-amber-trying-out-sweater-for-me-alvarado-tx

She loved it when I brought this out for her! 18-dec-2014-amber-trying-out-sweater-for-me-alvarado-tx

It takes two halves to make "one whole." 22-oct-2016-two-pieces-of-glass-to-symbolize-male-and-female-of-us-that-make-tree-of-life-alvarado-tx

It takes two halves to make “one whole.”



22 Oct 2016 More found pieces of “Amber glass” today, comforting conversations with God of my understanding (energy), Imaginary Jesus (book by Matt Mikalatos)

Hello.  I know I’m writing again so soon, it’s helping me process Amber’s tangible absence.  I have no expectations of anyone besides myself reading this or anything else I write here.  This blog is a therapeutic tool for me to process things I’m going through in words and pictures and in the process of helping myself, may be I can help at least one other person!  Grief is one of those things that everybody gets through in their own way with the God of their understanding.  My “energy God” uses words, music and imagery….symbolism.

I believe every single person who has a concept of spirituality and divinity has their own version of the God of their understanding.  Just like with everything about our existence,  because of our biologically diverse perceptions, I believe the same holds true in the spiritual realm.  What I’m about to share with you will help illustrate what I mean.  What I experienced, in my unique perception, was having a conversation whereas others with different perceptions might read what follows and blow it off as superstition, coincidence or chance.

Have you ever really understood, consistently, how the God of your understanding is trying to talk to you?  To reach you?

For those with Jesus as the  God of their understanding, this book I read many years ago explores what I’m trying to explain in a humorous way:

Imaginary Jesus is an hilarious, fast-paced, not-quite-fictional story that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before. When Matt Mikalatos realizes that his longtime buddy in the robe and sandals isn’t the real Jesus at all, but an imaginary one, he embarks on a mission to find the real thing. On his wild ride through time, space, and Portland, Oregon, he encounters hundreds of other Imaginary Jesuses determined to stand in his way (like Legalistic Jesus, Perpetually Angry Jesus, and Magic 8 Ball Jesus). But Matt won’t stop until he finds the real Jesus—and finally gets an answer to the question that’s haunted him for years. Be warned: Imaginary Jesus may bring you face-to-face with an imposter in your own life.


So on the way home from walking with Kyle, Link and Spot, I found 2 more pieces of the clear, round decorative glass….they weren’t there yesterday when I took Spot for a walk alone in the afternoon and actively looked for them! The point is not to be actively looking and looking with more than just your eyes! So now there are 10 pieces of glass that shine with prisms and rainbows in the sunlight…like I imagine Amber is looking now without her body….a shiny, prismatic orb of light.

I  added those two pieces to my sanctuary and was listening to the song Why, by Annie Lennox and what happens? All the sudden from my neighbors yard a bag floats over the fence and lands on the baby oak tree by my sanctuary. I went over and it was a plastic grocery bag from our local grocery store called David’s. It said on the bag, “Celebrate at David’s!” What clicked in my mind seeing that? It was like a message from one of the most influential David’s in my life, David Bowie. This is how “conversations” with the God (pure light energy – no labels for identity) typically go lol. Someone else might interpret what happened completely different, as just a random and insignificant sequence of events. I don’t live my life that way and because of that, I have a lot of talks with my God about everything! Yes I have a rich and vibrant imagination some might say, but where does our imagination come from?

During one of our visits with my Dad, we were sitting on our swing seat we have out back and talking about our spirituality.  My Dad and Mom are devoted, practicing Catholics, something we used to share,  but I have decided to go on in my life without religion.  This said, we agreed on something he said and that is “God is in everything.”  Whatever the identity or vision you have of divinity or even if you don’t believe in such things, there is energy, what people like me think of as God, and there is energy in every thing and every person.  I think this might be something we could all agree on?

Anyhew….to anyone purposefully or accidentally bumbling into my dimension here….thank you and I hope you found something you may have been looking for on a conscious or subconscious level.




22 Oct 2016 The recent DDOS attacks, pets and loved ones visiting us after death, The morning after Amber’s departure and how we are coping

Hello to you, I hope you are well as this finds you.  I noticed “views” were significantly down since yesterday and I’m guessing that might have to do with the DDOS attacks on a lot of media sites yesterday –  I saw in one report they think the attack was in response to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks internet access being severed in Ecuador.  No proof yet I don’t think.  I’ve been worried about Julian with some of the stuff I’ve been reading.  I’ve seen many interviews, saw Ben portray him in the movie The Fifth Estate and have been loosely following his journey with WikiLeaks.  I am not going to say I agree with everything he’s said and done or approve.  I will say I admire him and his courage to put everything on the line for the change he wants to see in our world….a big part of that, from my perspective anyways, seems to be transparency in the operations of world affairs.   No more back-door deals, lying , cheating, manipulating, false flags, indecent acts in the name of “world peace” when truly it’s all about material wealth, greed, power and control.

In this day and age of most of us relying so much on “intangibles”  – digital money, digital mail, digital conversations….I don’t think we looked far enough down the road to see what the consequences of that might be.  As with tangible “stuff” is there with intangible “stuff” which includes theft and hacking.  Some people are incredibly good at their chosen craft of hacking whether it be black, white or gray hat (different categories of computer hackers: and you really don’t want to piss these people off!  I have heard it said in certain circles that the “code-talkers” of our age are the gatekeepers to our future.  The men and women who can write, read and alter computer/digital device code are an integral part of our future digital/organically fused civilization.

DDOS attacks are just yet another “war” being waged behind mostly closed eye-lids.   It is what it is.  This is the digital world we are building and in the course of building any new civilization a human condition of it seems to be power struggles and wars.  To me those are just a waste of resources and personal energy reserves.   We’ll eventually get it all sorted out….least that’s what I am placing my focus on now.

So it’s the very first morning after Amber’s departure to the realms of her choosing which include, popping in around here.  I say that because during our lives together, I could usually tell when she was around or was on her way to me because I would hear fluctuations in a very pure, high energy.  I hear this noise with other people and animals too, it’s the sound like when a light bulb warms up after turning it on,  but she had her own sound.  So when I’ve said her name or been thinking about her, there comes the noise.  This morning I missed her real voice so much I imitated it….exactly lol.  Kyle said, “that’s Amber with a toy in her mouth!” Even Link came running to see….we suspect he misses his friend.  It’s kind of like what Dr. Temple Grandin said when she saw a horse die and asked them, “Where did it go?!  Where did it go?!”  Link just knows she’s not here and wonders where she is at!  When is she coming back?!

Kyle and I were talking this morning about how after our cocker spaniel Blondie died, the morning before I got the call to go and claim her cremated remains, she appeared to me in a vision.  She appeared before me and looked so shiny and beautiful (she was a rare buff or white color) and she bobbed her head like she always did when she wanted to be loved on and disappeared.  It felt like she was thanking me!  A lot of pet owners will resonate with that because it happens a lot.

Well in order to prove such a thing was “other-worldly”, paranormal or proof of life after death, I would have had some recording device on my head, a gauge and cameras with infrared heat sensors all over the room so they could see if what I saw was from “inside or outside” my head.  Did Blondie visit me inside my head as a created image by my own consciousness or did Blondie visit via external energy forces?   I’ve had many dreams with Sam and they are always too short!  He’ll just pop in and it will feel like we are together in the real world and then poof, he’s gone.  I’ve had the same thing happen with human loved ones after they have passed!  You don’t want them to leave but it’s just a visit.

(Kyle) "Holy Shit Jackie!!  What's that flying on your shoulder?!  Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?"

(Kyle) “Holy Shit Jackie!! What’s that flying on your shoulder?! Is that one of those orb things they are always talking about in Ghosthunters?”

The scientific community would dismiss the experience of millions of others and myself as concoctions of brain chemistry until they have “proof.”  Sadly even when they have proof about the “unseen” aspects  our existence they still don’t believe it but it’s a healthy checks and balances I guess.  We must have skeptics to keep the “true believers” in line lol (The Amazing James Randi for example  ( who was a professional magician and for the most of the rest of his life, a professional skeptic!  He was his own checks and balances lol.

I honestly don’t know and am open to the possibility that the life after death dreams I’ve had could be just my brain trying to “comfort” me but I what I choose to believe is the dream world is the intangible worm-hole between universes and dimensions in us all.

Today we are going to the benefit I mentioned recently for Michelle Hutchinson.  She with the help of some family and friends are coming together in the spirit of love to help her get free of breast cancer.  Love energy is very powerful!   We will honor those who have died to us in their tangible forms with how we live in ours!