31 Oct 2016 Happy Halloween! Energy with Integrity (Ambit), A Ghost Story movie (I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives In the House Netflix original film), the violence suicide does to souls and a 322 year old love triangle (King George I, Sophie and Christopher)

Hello to you and Happy Halloween!  It’s 5:18 am as I write to you and it’s going to be short as I am hungry and need some breakfast lol!  Plus my wonderful mother-in-law Beth has been doing some work on my Ancestry.com Family Tree (DNA matches) and she told me she found some pretty interesting stories for me!  One poor unfortunate soul, a man, was the town drunk and fell asleep on the train tracks and literally “lost his head.”  Poor man!   So I want to get in there today and see what else she “dug up!”  I also plan to call the folks at Ambit Energy today because it looks like they have a better Energy plan than the current company we are with (Reliant) and even more importantly…..they have good ethics! Their creed at the moment of their founding:  Over turkey sandwiches at a Dallas-area deli in 2006, Co-Founders Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless devised a blueprint for what would become Ambit Energy. That day, they made the decision to never sacrifice integrity for growth – the same motto Ambit follows today.  (http://ww2.ambitenergy.com/)

So last Night’s Movie: Netflix original movie (finished watching it at 9:26 pm)

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In This House

Kyle asked me why someone would do such a crime as happened in this movie – murdering a woman and hiding her in a wall….I said jealousy.  Jealousy makes people crazy and can provoke the most heinous of crimes.   After we watched it I talked to Kyle about the way this story resonated with me — while I watched it I kept thinking of my mom Jeannie and her suicide.  I told him I feel like for the past 40+ years I’ve been trying to solve a murder mystery – my Mother murdering herself.  I said that suicide is just as vicious as murdering someone and putting them in a wall to rot.   It’s even more malicious because it causes all the souls left behind to have the potential to “rot” too…..the blame, the denial, the anger, the remorse, the ending of once loving relationships between family and friends……soul shattering sorrow.  I told him the difference between the way our Sam, Blondie and recently Amber died and my Mother is this.  With the euthanasia it was a gradual slipping through to the next but with my Mother’s death it was like sticking a pin in a balloon – violent and messy to her body and the same to her soul.   It was so violent, in my understanding, it shattered it into millions of pieces.  Where does soul energy go, like all energy, EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING.   Murder of self and or of others causes violence to the very soul of our collective consciousness.   It is my understanding this is the “why” behind karmic soul chasing.  Why we keep running after people who remind of us others – most of it not even on a conscious level….it’s in our “code” and “blueprint.”

Then this morning at 5:02 am I find this! Very similar story! A story that resonates with me because of the past I mentioned yesterday for how Kyle and I came to be.


Could 300-Year-Old Bones Solve a Royal Mystery?

Kelly Cobiella and Laura Saravia and Alex Johnson

Source MSN:  sophia-dorothea-the-wife-of-king-george-i-of-england-and-her-lover-count-philipp-christoph-von-konigsmarck

Source MSN: sophia-dorothea-the-wife-of-king-george-i-of-england-and-her-lover-count-philipp-christoph-von-konigsmarck

At a lab near Hannover, Germany, scientists are studying human bones for clues to a 322-year-old missing persons case. And not just any missing persons case — at the center is a king of England, the wife he locked up for 30 years and her lover, a handsome Swedish count who disappeared in 1694.

Construction workers discovered the remains while renovating Leine Castle in Hannover, the former seat of the Hannoverian kings and home to Duke Georg Ludwig of Brunswick-Lüneburg — later King George I of England — and his wife, Sophia Dorothea, in the 17th and early 18th centuries.

Sophia Dorothea was just 16 when she married her cousin, the future king, in 1682. It was an arranged marriage and an unhappy one. Georg ignored his wife, preferring to spend time with his mistresses, so Sophia turned to Count Philipp Christoph von Königsmarck for affection.

The passionate love affair spanned two years, with the pair writing love letters in code. Three hundred letters still exist, held at Lund University in Sweden.

“Of course it was dangerous,” said Håkan Håkansson, an associate professor of the history of ideas and science at Lund University. “It all ended badly, but I suppose they had persons they trusted who delivered the mail to each other.”

In the summer of 1694, the pair agreed to run away together. But their secret was discovered, and after a late-night rendezvous, Count Philipp disappeared.

Royal rumors spread that the count was murdered on the orders of the vengeful Duke Georg, his body thrown in the river or buried in the castle walls. A body was never found.

Georg divorced Sophia Dorothea and locked her away in the Castle of Ahlden for the rest of her life. She was 28 years old, and for 30 years, she was held prisoner, separated from her children.

In 1714, Georg became King George I of England. His coronation was not well received — his subjects viewed him as a German invader who refused to learn English.

Source MSN News: King George I

Source MSN News: King George I

“George I was not a likeable man. He was distant. He was cold. He was often cruel,” said Professor Kate Williams, a specialist in royal history at the University of Reading in England.

“Certainly, there was a lot of gossip saying he did it, [that] he had it ordered,” Williams said. “It was on his behalf that is was ordered, and it seems very likely it could have been so.”

But is there any proof?

Scientists examining the bones weren’t able to determine cause of death.

“Most of the bones were broken … and not very well preserved,” said Birgit Gorsskopf, an anthropologist at the University of Göttingen.

But the remains, which were found under the castle, yielded DNA that could be tested against the count’s living descendants.

(I hope they find what they are looking for!  There seems to be a running theme with love triangles, jealousy and murder.  I wouldn’t be surprised if more of such cases are found!  Keep going WAAAAAY back!)




30 Oct 2016 The problem with seeking the “shine” outside of ourselves (Flawed designs, Addiction, Enigma, Soft Cell, Super Girl and Phantom Zone)

Good morning to you. It’s 11 am on this Sunday morning as I write to you from the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May.

I made us a really nice breakfast this morning whilst listening to some interesting people (“Ben’s”) and music on You tube to include a new Enigma Song Sadeness II which had a lot of symbolism that resonated with me. I have been listening to this band for a LONG time! All my listening devices have their music on them! The message I got from this video was something I’ve already determined for myself and am trying to share with others. We are the both jailers and the “prison wardens” of our lives here on earth. We have the keys to our freedom should we seek them…..know where to look. I saw Soft Cells Tainted Love video from 1991 for the first time too and was surprised and amazed to see resonate symbology for me there too!  Light beings and blue flames!

Enigma Sadeness Pt 2 (2016) (there is graphic imagery – be warned)

Soft Cell Tainted Love (1991)

While we were eating breakfast we were watching another episode of Super Girl on Hulu plus (CBS SHOW):

Super Girl How Does She Do It clip

Published on Nov 23, 2015

Kara is pulled in two directions when babysitting Cat’s son, at the same time, National City is hit by a series of bombings. Meanwhile, James feels conflicted when his ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane tries to rekindle their relationship.

Source Internet - Cat's son reminds me of several young men in my life

Source Internet – Cat’s son Carter (like Cartier jewels) reminds me of several young men in my life that are brilliant stars in my Universe

While we were watching it, something came to me about talking more about my ring and or “shiney” addiction I had and the topic of “flawed designs” in regards to the efforts I’ve been making to repair the cat water fountain I acquired yesterday. I’ll start with the shiney addiction.

Source Internet - 1984 Super Girl Helen Slater

Source Internet – 1984 Super Girl Helen Slater

I’ve always loved shiney things but it started to become unhealthy  when I was stationed at Bitburg ABS Germany during the time the United States Air Force was in the process of returning the base to the Germans. My relationship with my now ex-husband was deterioating and I won’t go into his addiction because this is about mine. I was finding myself very unhappy and of all things, I started making myself happy by buying those troll dolls that used to be really popular. That wasn’t enough so trying to make myself happy with “things” evolved to buying jewelry. When it was all said and done up to my beginning to really melt-down while stationed in Colorado Springs CO just prior to 9/11……I probably spent $8-10,000 on jewelry…..”shiney’s” that didn’t make me happy!

The “shine” I was seeking wasn’t to be found in shopping for clothes, shoes, figurines, toys, fancy gadgets, automobiles, in sex, in alcohol, in churches, in gemstones….it was always there for me, I just had never been taught where to find it! It’s been inside me this whole time! Just waiting for me to find it and gradually, after going through a lot of at times horribly painful layers, I’ve peeled away all the grime and found my true “shine.”

This brings me to flawed designs. If you remember, I acquired a porceline cat water fountain yesterday at a neighbors garage sale. Turns out the reason it was free was because it was already broken! The designers of the fountain created a wonderful concept with a flawed design. They didn’t do all the tests they needed to do to find the “weakest point” of the design so they could correct it and turn out a really quality product. The same goes for the GE caulk I was going to try and use to make the repair. The caulk is supposed to be mold and mildew resistant for like 10 years or something….in our shower it’s already getting pink mold regularly and pulling away from where I put it down even with following the instructions. When I went to use it for the cat water fountain I took off the cap the tube comes with so the caulk won’t dry  up  and it was dried solid….couldn’t even get into it to use the rest of the material. I have another tube of it but don’t want to open it and “waste it” because obviously the cap to keep the solution from drying doesn’t work. A step further…..we had bought a caulking gun and you know what they did to save money? They didn’t put a tool on it to pierce a hole in caulk so you can use it again! FLAWED DESIGNS PURELY DESIGNED TO FAIL FOR PROFIT!

After all if a product doesn’t fail then how will the company stay in the red?! Every single product that is made on this planet should be completely reusable if it’s current purpose should fail……a step further….that goes for people too! You don’t just throw people (or things)  away because they are no longer profitable or useful to you.  I will caveat with something from my own personal experience about this.  I was married to a man a wonderful man for 16 years and we started to fall out of love, gradually, due in large part to my “growing pains” and I think his addiction to me (his shiney) which manifested into unhealthy other addictions, after 8 years.  I stayed 8 more years before the day that came when my kitty Amber was sitting on my stomach one afternoon while I was napping in our house on base, Alligator Run Patrick AFB FL, and I heard a disembodied voice say, “It’s Time.”  From that moment on there was no more time to waste being afraid to be on my own, how would I financially support myself, how would I live without him?  Then came Kyle.  Kyle and I are not proud of some of things it took for us to finally be together but we have no regrets.  We paid for our transgressions and the way we went about it……NOBODY gets away with anything especially when it means breaking the heart of another living being!  I’m thinking that idea about marriage contract renewals is a pretty good idea.

This quote from Super Girl lead me to a picture of the 1984 series of Super Girl trapped in the Phantom Zone!

“You spend more time in the friend zone than you did in the Phantom Zone!” (Super Girl How Does She do It Episode)

Supergirl (1984) Official Trailer – Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O’Toole Superhero Movie HD


29 Oct 2016 Being Spontaneous and How You Get Right Where You are Supposed to “Be”

Hello to you, how are you?! It’s 8:21 pm on this Saturday evening. I’m writing to you to help me wind down from a very full, amazing day of being in the “flow” of things.

It started this morning when I decided to cut the lawn but felt like I needed to go check our neighbor Doug and Janet’s garage sale first. Just one of those spontaneous kind of things. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just wanted to go and see what they had. They had a chaise lounge out that I had I fallen in love with their last sale but we just don’t have room for it. So I went down there and found a cat water fountain and Janet being Janet just gave it to me….she does that lol. I told her well I had to find something to buy to pay them something for it. I ended up sitting in front of a box of rings that come in candles and talking to a fellow “Energy” being Lisa Smith. I think she is Janet’s sister.

Lisa just recently relocated her business to a new location. About 10 years ago, before her Mom died of cancer, Lisa took up massage therapy to help her Mom. Well she kept doing it even after her Mom died and her husband kind of had trouble with her touching other men. She had clients that expected happy endings to their massages and that wasn’t ok with her or her husband. She changed her business name to Lisa’s Wellness Center….no more misunderstandings about the nature of her services! She and I agreed that what happens is sometimes men don’t know how to get what they want from their wives or from a loving partner….don’t know how or are afraid to ask so they go to massage parlors or other such venue’s to find what they are looking for.

She sells candles that have rings inside and she mentioned being addicted to them playfully and I shared that for a time I was very addicted to buying jewelry….solved it by Kyle encouraging me to learn to make my own! (I still walked away with a couple of her rings but they were only $2 and really pretty for that price! The difference between me now, and me then….I bought them for fun not because I felt I “had to have them.”)

Anyhew…..everything she does is about Energy from the massage therapy, she knew about Quantum Touch Energy Healing I do, she is a rep from an electric company called Ambit Energy (which is timely as we are up for contract renewal with Reliant and she claims they have competitive rates!). I told her that everything she’s doing honors her Mom who died of essentially an energy disease. I consider cancer a tangible manifestation of unhealthy energy flow. She agreed with that!  She loves that her clients consider her like a Doctor lol!  Call her “Dr. Lisa!”

Something else we talked about was that she and her husband like to flip houses. Why do I mention this? Because as soon as she mentioned that I knew it was time to try and plant a seed I’d been trying to plant for years! It’s the idea of taking existing properties and giving them partial or complete facelifts without having to keep building new houses and using up more land to do it!

I told her the idea was basically you’d come and give me an estimate for what it would take to “flip” my house in all or in part and we’d come to a deal with a payment plan. I would love to be able to pay someone to come and give this house a complete facelift without having to go and buy a new house instead. I get so tired of seeing old and abandoned houses that just need a facelift….kind of like people right? So, seed planted.

So I came home with 2 rings, a bowl full of decorative rocks and a cat water fountain I’d been thinking about getting for Amber and May some years ago. After I started to try and put the water fountain together, I found out why it was free – it was broken. This leads to something else I would like to see more of – quality products that are fixable!

We got the fountain kind of fixed but it’s leaking this evening so I’ll have to try to find something else to seal the broken parts with but I will because I love fixing broken things so they can be useful again! Doesn’t matter if it’s a people, place or thing….most anything broken can be repaired with the right tools and intention! May seemed to enjoy it and that makes me want to get it fixed and working well for her even more!  May has started to grieve for Amber and calls for her constantly now….breaking our hearts to hear it and not really be able to comfort her.   We just have been talking to and loving her as much as we can.

Our lonely little old lady kitty May who's just finally realized Amber isn't coming back....so hard!

Our lonely little old lady kitty May who’s just finally realized Amber isn’t coming back….so hard!

This evening, after I was out back doing my meditation (in the pictures), I came in and asked Kyle if he’d like to go to the Old Texas Brewery in Burleson for a burger and may be a beer. He said sure! Well what we both didn’t know was tonight downtown Burleson was having their Boo Bash Halloween celebration LOL! I had almost grabbed our Steam punk hats and goggles too but grabbed my Steampunk November wristband instead lol. Anyways, we got one of the best seats you could have for such a spectacle at a table outside. We tried a “Taster” (like a shot) of a absolutely delicious beer called Pumpkick by New Belgium Beer Co. with our favorite Bacon Craver Hamburgers . I told Kyle it felt like being at a dinner theater show lol. We both love to sit and people watch and we had the best place in the world for it! It was a great “test-drive” for me before going to Steampunk November. I think it went so well because it was an outdoors event and Steampunk November will be like that too. The highlight before we left was meeting a photographer from a place called Ovation Ministries I think: found them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OvationChurch. From what the man taking pictures told me they are about, I was quite impressed! He was taking pictures of people being happy and posing with the two Superhero’s they had for their spot – Batman and Superman! He and I convinced Kyle to go up and get his picture taken and that’s not something he normally would do but he did it. After all, he’s my Superman and to me he belonged up there lol! My picture came out kind of blurry (still learning how to use this camera lol) but it was good enough I think!

28 Oct 2016 – What I found on the dog walk this morning (Little solider tag and flower) yesterday I saw “The Stage” (Avenged Sevenfold)

On the dog this morning with Kyle, Spot and Link, I found yet more symbolic messages from the God of my understanding – an artificial flower like you might find at a gravesite and a metal tag that simply said, “Little Solider” which in my mind came the phrase, “Like a Good Little Soldier.”

Found these on the dog walk this morning and I got the "hint."  Are we just Good Little Soldiers following orders or do we have our own minds, bodies and spirits?

Found these on the dog walk this morning and I got the “hint.” Are we just Good Little Soldiers following orders or do we have our own minds, bodies and spirits?

I served on active duty in the Unites States Air Force as a Personnelist for 16 years before being medically retired 16 Sept 2002.   In reflection of the awards, medals, plaques and other “souvenirs” I still have (I’ve thrown many of them away over the years out of lost of attachment), I was a “Good Little Soldier.”  Honestly, I wasn’t completely, because I was a conscientious objector and the only time I fired a gun an M-16,  for the United States military was at basic training for qualification….because I “had to” or they wouldn’t let me in to the service.

Right now, all over this planet, in one capacity or another whether it’s a person serving some military, some terrorist group, some cause, working for a police department or some security or special operations force….they all believe they are being “Good Little Soldier.”  Their cause or the cause they champion is just and righteous and any maiming, bloodshed, killing (murder) is ok because they have their orders and they have been taught very well to follow those orders or suffer varying degrees of consequences for disobedience.   When I speak of varying degrees I speak of everything from losing a job so they can’t support their family to being beheaded….extreme range.

There are also people on this planet that do not serve in these capacities but are still doing similar work.  They are the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, the Mayors, the Sheriff’s, members of Congress, the drug cartel leaders, the “other soldiers” who in some cases, seem to blindly following “orders” without questioning the authority or reasoning of those giving them.

It’s all the same to me.  We all have a choice of whom we serve, who’s order we “obey” and those we stand our ground against in acts of peaceful, mindful civil disobedience.  Who is your Master?  Are you just a “little soldier” or are you a human being with thoughts, feelings and emotions of your own?  Do you need to make time to find this out?

Yesterday afternoon Kyle’s brother Drew came over to visit for a little while before work.  He wanted to show us a song by one of his favorite bands Avenged Sevenfold.  He has seen this band in concert 2 times now – the first time he saw them was when he was serving in Iraq and the second time just recently here in Texas.  This video is full of powerful symbolism which immediately resonated with me and perhaps you can see it too if you take the time.

The Stage

So I arrived, naked and cold
A welcomed change from the abeyance of a ghost town catacomb
No need for counsel I appreciate the time I’m not alone
(Why don’t you get my lawyer on the phone)

There were days these child eyes
Would overlook the ugliness and fantasize
I found my heart for the first time and I awakened in me
I left myself to navigate, and oh I felt control
(It seems these sheep have quite an appetite)

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage,
As we perform here upon the stage?

As the boy became a man
In came a calm sophistication I can hardly understand
So lost in ego, didn’t notice when the time had slipped away
(Yeah, everybody’s got a sob story)

Jesus Christ, was born to die
Leave it to man to levitate his own to idolize
We’re simply sociopaths with no communication baby
I see your angle but we differ from our points of view
(So tell me, what’s your cross to bear?)

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage,
As we perform here upon the stage?
Tell me a lie in a beautiful way
I believe in answers just not today

Hope my wheels don’t abandon me now,
Seeing that I’m out here alone
I’m running out of fight
And the wind speaks a comforting voice,
Guiding me to her arms
Mother, I’m alright

It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind
Before a blow to the head by the gavel of time
To wake up
Won’t you wake up?
When did the walking apes decide that nuclear war
Was now the only solution for them keeping the score?
Just wake up
Can’t you wake up?

(You do know this is just a simulation, don’t you?)

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage,
As we perform here upon the stage?
Tell me a lie in a beautiful way
I believe in answers just not today

For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind
*It is the act of “ownership” that is the root key of all our suffering.  We came here with nothing and we leave with nothing – we own nothing we share everything.  Everything, to include our bodies, belongs to the Earth and to each other.   It is the concept of “ownership” that precipitates the false concepts of scarcity and division that lead to the mess we are in right now…..never ending wars.

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28 Sept 2016 Rosemary for Remembrance, Angela’s Ashes theme (composer John Williams)

Good morning to you, how are you?! It’s 6:35 am as I write to you on this Friday morning.  I am feeling better after deciding to open the packet of grief literature that was given to us by the folks at Faithful Friends with Ambers ashes.  They always include a packet of Rosemary and that is one of my favorite scents.  When I was at Mesa Springs in Ft Worth those three weeks earlier this year, I noticed they had several Rosemary bushes in the common area courtyard.  Well each time we went out there, I would grab a few sprigs of it and inhale, inhale lol!  I would take them to my room and smell them as needed until I could get fresh sprigs.  Kyle and I are thinking next spring about seeing about growing some of or own plants  Natural aromatherapy!

“Rosemary is for remembrance Between us day and night, Wishing that I may always have You present in my sight.”

http://www.faithfulfriendspetcemetery.com/ – link to the Faithful Friends website for those interested in honoring their family pet in this way.



Rosemary was historically associated with both death and weddings for the same reason – remembrance. The folklore and medicinal uses of rosemary include such oddities as protection from plague to a cure for the common thief.

The History of Rosemary – Early Use

Source Internet - flowering Rosemary plant

Source Internet – flowering Rosemary plant


Rosemary Plant

Rosemary has quite an interesting and varied history; from fairies and witches to weddings and burials – this herb seems to be truly a story full of legend and perhaps even a bit of fancy. Many of the historical references and legends surrounding rosemary have grown vague with time and the folklore of the origins of Hungary water has its own legends.

Pliny (23 – 79 AD), Dioscorides (contemporary of Pliny and author of De Materia Medica a work on the use and identification of medical herbs which was the basis of medical practice for the next 1400 years), and Galen all wrote of rosemary. (I found numerous historical works that indicated the three worked with rosemary but only one mentioned that they agreed that it improved memory). It was cultivated by the Spanish in the 13th century and was a popular condiment with salt meats from the 15th to 18th centuries.

Rosemary History: Weddings

Rosemary was often entwined into a wreath, dipped in scented water and worn by brides at the alter. The wreath symbolized fidelity, love, abiding friendship and remembrance of the life the woman had led prior to her marriage.

The crowns and garlands of rosemary at weddings, in turn, led to the lays, or amorous ballads of the Troubadours (approx. 1100 – 1350) referring to rosemary as “Coronaria”.

Anne of Cleves (1515 – 1557), Henry the Eighth’s 4th wife, wore a rosemary wreath at their wedding. At that time, wealthy bridal couples would also present a gilded branch of rosemary to each wedding guest.

Robert Hacket, in a wedding sermon in 1607 said, “Let this Rosemarinus, this flower of men, ensigne of your wisdom, love and loyaltie, be carried not only in your hands, but in your heads and hearts.” The English poet Robert Herrick (1591-1674) wrote of rosemary’s attachment to both beginning and end of adult life with,

Grow for two ends – it matters not at all Be’t for my bridall, or my buriall.”

Rosemary History – Crime Prevention

Rosemary history contains an interesting bit of folklore from the 14th Century. Rosemary root was “seethed in wine vinegar” and the lotion was then used to wash the feet of a thief. The lotion was thought to sap the strength of the robber so that he would not longer commit robbery, steal or do any further harm. In a humorous aside, our original source for this bit of folklore questions their own source with, “How the potential or suspected thief is to be persuaded to wash his feet, the manuscript does not divulge.”

Rosemary History – Early Medical Uses

A number of leading physicians and herbalists used rosemary to treat a number of ailments. Rosemary history and its use to relieve suffering is well-documented.

The Countess of Hainault, Jeanne of Valois (1294 – 1342), sent her daughter Queen Phillippa (1311 – 1369), wife of King Edward III of England (1312 – 1377), an accounting of the virtues of rosemary and it is presumed a number of plants or cuttings accompanied the gift. The original manuscript can be found in the British Museum. The Countess suggests that laying the leaves under the head of a man while he sleeps will “doth away evell sprirites and suffereth not the dreeme fowl dremes ne to be afearde.”

Bancke, in his work Herball from 1525, suggests techniques to use rosemary as a remedy for both gout of the legs and to keep the teeth from all evils. He also recommended that smelling rosemary regularly would “keep thee youngly.”

Gerard, author of Herball or Historie of Plants(1597), referred to someone named Serapio who suggested that a garland of rosemary worn about the head was a remedy for the “stuffing of the head, that commeth through coldnes of the brain.” He also mentions that rosemary grew so plentifully in Languedoc (a former province in south-eastern France) that “the inhabitants burne scarce anie other fuel.”

Rosemary was also believed to offer protection from the plague. In 1603, when bubonic plague killed 38,000 Londoners, the demand was so high that the price increased from one shilling for an armful of branches to six shillings for a handful. To put that price increase in perspective, one price list from 1625 indicated that one could obtain 18 gallons of good ale or double beer with carriage(delivery?) for only 3 shillings or an entire ‘fat pig’ for 1 shilling.

Rosemary History – Early Folklore & Non-Medicinal Uses

Richard Folkard, author of Plant Lore, Legends and Lyrics, written in 1892, mentions that in Sicily, rosemary was a favored plant and that “the young fairies, under the guise of snakes, lie concealed under its branches.”

Rosemary and thyme were used on St. Agnes’ Eve, an evening and day that honors St. Agnes, the patron saint of virgins and young girls. St. Agnes’ eve is celebrated on January 20th and 21st. Wikipedia mentions some rituals practiced on St. Agnes’ Eve were to aid young girls in discovering their future husbands, a superstition that was the main theme of John Keat’s poem, The Eve of Saint Agnes.

The history of rosemary includes the common saying: “Where rosemary flourishes the lady rules.” However, the tale warns men that by simply damaging or destroying that same rosemary, he will not find relief from his lady’s rule

Rosemary history includes a number of references to its reputation for strengthening the memory and as a symbol for remembrance. Greek scholars were known to twine rosemary in their hair when studying for exams in the hope of aiding their memories. According to one old ballad:

“Rosemary is for remembrance Between us day and night, Wishing that I may always have You present in my sight.”

Parkinson (1567-1650), the King’s Botanist to Charles I, mentions that in countries where rosemary was well-suited and grows to a large size that thin boards of rosemary were used to make lutes and other instruments, carpenters rules, and a myriad of other implements. The French believed that combing their hair once a day with a rosemary wood comb would prevent giddiness. Rosemary wood was so prized that unscrupulous merchants would often use less expensive woods and simply scent them with rosemary oil.

Shakespeare’s (1564 – 1616) has a part in rosemary history. His Ophelia says in Hamlet, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember!” He also mentions how the English once placed rosemary in coffins and around graves in Romeo and Juliet when Father Lawrence says,

“Dry up your tears, and stick your Rosemary On this fair corse.”

In researching our rosemary history, we found some disagreement within our sources as to the reason why rosemary was often placed with corpses at burial. Most linked its usage to being a plant associated with remembrance. One source, Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure, believed the custom stemmed from a much more practical application. It was thought that the smelling of rosemary provided a powerful “defence against any morbid effluvia from the corpse.” In other words, rosemary was used by mourners to provide relief from the odor of decomposition.

With perhaps some reference to fidelity and his lack thereof, a soldier shot in 1649 for mutiny was buried with rosemary. His body was adorned with branches of rosemary but half of each branch had been stained with blood.

Queen Elizabeth was fond of mead and her own recipe for the drink included the leaves of sweet briar, with rosemary, cloves and mace. (Unfortunately, our source failed to identify which Queen Elizabeth or the country over which she ruled.)

French hospitals, at one time, burned Juniper berries with rosemary to correct vitiated or poor quality air and to prevent infection. They have may also used rosemary for its healing powers. In the French language of flowers, rosemary represents the power of rekindling lost energy.

Rosemary history includes its use to create Essence of Mustard which also included spirits of turpentine and black mustard seed. The resulting oil was not prone to going rancid and was used by clock makers and for other “instruments of precision.”

In Spain, rosemary was used as a protection against witchcraft and menaces on the road. George Borrow mentioned how he came to learn about this superstition in his work The Bible in Spain (1843). He first mentions meeting a traveler who had adorned his hat with rosemary and later mentions a lady, who concerned for Borrow’s own safety, offered him some for his own hat. Despite the promised protection provided by the Rosemary, Borrow met with a series of misfortunes on his journey. In his work, he contemplated a return visit to the lady to inform her of the failure of the protective abilities of rosemary. (One is left to assume that he never did so.)

An old Spanish proverb says of rosemary that men who are indifferent to the scent of rosemary are likely to be insensitive about other pleasures,

…Who passeth by the rosemarie And careth not to take a spraye For woman’s love no care has he, Nor shall he though he live for aye…

Additional Rosemary Information.

Rosemary has been treasured for generations. Along with this historical look at the origins and early uses of rosemary, Our Herb Garden has guides on Growing Rosemary and Rosemary Companion Planting.





Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is widely used as a spice when cooking, especially in Mediterranean dishes. It is also used for fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. Traditionally, rosemary has been used medicinally to:

Improve memory

Relieve muscle pain and spasm

Stimulate hair growth

Support the circulatory and nervous systems

It is also believed to increase menstrual flow, act as an abortifacient (causing miscarriage), increase urine flow, and treat indigestion. Almost none of these uses have been studied scientifically in humans. However, one study in humans found that long-term daily intake of rosemary prevents thrombosis.

In the lab, rosemary has been shown to have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can neutralize harmful particles in the body known as free radicals, which damage cell membranes, tamper with DNA, and even cause cell death. Also in the lab, rosemary oil appears to have antimicrobial properties (killing some bacteria and fungi in test tubes). It isn’t known whether rosemary would have the same effect in humans.


Rosemary leaf is used in Europe for indigestion (dyspepsia) and is approved by the German Commission E, which examines the safety and efficacy of herbs.

Muscle and joint pain

Applied topically (to the skin), rosemary oil is sometimes used to treat muscle pain and arthritis and improve circulation. It is approved by the German Commission E for these purposes. However, there is no scientific evidence that it works.


Historically, rosemary has been used to stimulate hair growth. In one study of 84 people with alopecia areata (a disease in which hair falls out, generally in patches), those who massaged their scalps with rosemary and other essential oils (including lavender, thyme, and cedarwood) every day for 7 months experienced significant hair regrowth compared to those who massaged their scalps without the essential oils. But the study was not well designed, and it is impossible to say whether rosemary caused the hair growth.

Neutralize food-borne pathogens

Several studies show that rosemary inhibits food-borne pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes, B. cereus, and S. aureus.

Improve memory or concentration

Rosemary is often used in aromatherapy to increase concentration and memory, and to relieve stress. One study suggests that rosemary, combined with other pleasant-smelling oils, may lower cortisol levels and help reduce anxiety. Another study found that the use of lavender and rosemary essential oil sachets reduced test taking stress in graduate nursing students.


Several studies suggest that rosemary extract may inhibit tumor growth by preventing cancerous cells from replicating. One study found that rosemary, on its own and in combination with curcumin, helped prevent breast cancer. A second study found similar effects of rosemary on colon cancer cells.

Plant Description

Native to the Mediterranean area, rosemary now grows widely in other parts of the world. It thrives in a warm and sunny climate. The plant takes its name from rosmarinus, a Latin term meaning “sea dew.” It is an upright evergreen shrub that can grow to a height of 6 and a half feet. The woody rootstock bears rigid branches with fissured bark. The long, needle-like leaves are dark green on top and pale beneath. Both the fresh and dried leaves are aromatic. The small flowers are pale blue. The leaves and parts of the flowers contain volatile oil.



27 Oct 2016 New life in the garden (against all odds), Amber returns home and afternoon mail (Halloween card from a sister and a book), Queen (Who Wants to Live Forever)

Hello to you this Thursday afternoon!  It’s 3:55 pm in the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May and well Amber’s ashes.  Yes, a very special sequence of events have been unfolding today with regards to my little kitten!

This morning, at  11:05 am I realized I had missed a call from the Alvarado Veterinary Clinic.  They had left a message to tell me that the Faithful Friends Animal Crematory had delivered Amber’s ashes and they were ready for us to pick up.  As I was finishing listening, guess who was on the other line?  Kyle!  He was wondering if there was anything he needed to pick up on the way home.  Well yes dear, as a matter of fact there is!  He said he would collect Amber and bring her home!

I was outside when he came home with her as I was listening to Primitive by Annie Lennox….perfect!  Finding the heart this morning and everything that has followed….the furthering of a conversation with the God of my understanding.  I am a “show me” kind of a girl and I am definitely being “shown” and I feel it is my responsibility to “show” you too.  Sometimes the only way something so abstract and fanciful as divinity can begin to be understood through the sharing of the experience, strength and hope of another person.  This is the reason I am posting this and none other.  Showing you how the God of understanding is helping  me get through the grief of losing someone I loved may also help you.


27 Oct 2016 I found a heart on the dog walk this morning,morning meditation in beads (pixils), truth in fiction and why I love eyes best

I know the story of Dracula by Bram Stoker is just a story, but sometimes if you look at the fiction, there can be truths found there.  Something I was taught from people who loved me, my Grandpa, a long time ago.  He used to read National Enquirer and have just stacks of “tabloids” and we always kind of chided him for it because it all seemed to be so hard to believe, just “rubbish” reporting.  I would read them with him and have off and on through the years read similar types of tabloids.  There is a lot of story weaving going on….”fan fiction” but sometimes, on rare occasions, there are pieces of truth.  You just have to know your own mind, your own heart, your own values and see these stories through a clear lense.

A last thought that came to me today is this….why do I love the eyes of living beings the most?  It is through the eyes of living beings that love me that the God of my understanding shows me (and you) they love me too….they are able to see me through the eyes of love.

5 Aug 2016 - Kyle's baby blues that do the green and blue thing depending on light and conditions. Very sensitive to light.

5 Aug 2016 – Kyle’s baby blues that do the green and blue thing depending on light and conditions. Very sensitive to light.


27 Oct 2016 Cocoon (sharing ourselves) , South Park Fort Collins episode and Do we need a “re-set button” on the 2016 Election?

Good morning to you, how are you? It’s 7:29 am on this Thursday morning as I write to you and ‘m feeling really unsettled inside! We just watched the latest episode of South Park and I feel sick inside about it. Are we really going to be forced to vote for one person in order to “save” this country? What about the other people on the ballot? Don’t they count? Did you realize you have other choices? No, many of you probably didn’t know that because why? They haven’t been allowed to tell you who they are, what they stand for, what their qualifications are and what their history of service is. They haven’t been allowed to debate with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton….have actually been removed from the building (case of Jill Stein).

http://southpark.cc.com/full-episodes/s20e06-fort-collins#source=57baee9c-b611-4260-958b-05315479a7fc:879fd28e-c96b-4f9d-a437-e05c1bcf80aa&position=6&sort=!airdate – Season 20, episode 6 aired 26 Oct 2016 – Fort Collins (Colorado) this is where my Grandma Carol Becker lived for many years!

Here is but one source of millions in which to find out what our real choices are in this election:


Nominee Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Gary Johnson Party Democratic Republican Libertarian Home state New York New York New Mexico Running mate Tim Kaine Mike Pence William Weld

Nominee Jill Stein Darrell Castle Evan McMullin Party Green Constitution Independent Home state Massachusetts Tennessee Utah Running mate Ajamu Baraka Scott Bradley Mindy Finn

Did you also know that even if you vote for who you want, the Electoral College system will more than likely negate your vote anyway?

http://www.learnnc.org/lp/media/lessons/davidwalbert7232004-02/electoralcollege.html – this is something you should read if you disagree with me.

Folks, we need to push the restart button on this election. I honestly don’t believe we should even have an election day this year because this is probably what’s going to happen. Kyle described it to me very well this morning, he said, “If Trump wins, nothing is going to get done because the President can’t just decide to do something. If Clinton wins, nothing is going to get done either….it’s going to be another 8 years like we’ve already had.”

Do we really have the muster to go through all of this again? To step even deeper into the darkness that has arisen all around us to divide and conquer us?

My vision is very clear about this and that is we are a family. Every single life form on this planet – those already here and those we’ve manufactured are family. Right now I am seeing us think, act and do things from the most highly dysfunctional family unit imaginable and it’s not working.

Who in our leadership will come forth with the courage to say, “ENOUGH?!!!” This word is one I’ve used many times in recent years and I have heard and seen ENOUGH of the bickering, the petty squabbles, exhibition of behaviors of spoiled children who don’t want to share their toys or what they perceive “belongs” only to them.

Hit the reset button, please, there is no shame in admitting our shared mistakes and there is a great reward in working towards shared ammends.  I think every candidate running for President should be allowed to speak in front of the American people and “plead” their case.  I believe the Electoral college system should be revisited and reevaluated.

*steps off soap box

This morning as I was waking up, it came to me, very loudly, “I want you to use Cocoon, the sharing ourselves example” and after that I saw a movement of white in the corner of my eye and at that same moment Link growled a little. The presence was not malicious to me and I actually sensed a very loving energy. One word: Androgynous.

I found the whole movie and I hope Ron Howard won’t be mad at me for using this.

*In the spirit of this Halloween season, Bing used a scene from Transylvania as their home page today and I thought it was very beautiful:

source 27 Oct 2016 Bing homepage image of mists across Transylvania in Romania.

source – 27 Oct 2016 Bing homepage image of mists across Transylvania in Romania.

Mist across rural Transylvania, in Romania

Sure we’re visiting Transylvania—a region in central Romania probably best known to many of us from Bram Stoker’s book ‘Dracula’ or the many film adaptations of the story. And sure, it’s a few days before Halloween to boot. But let’s take this opportunity to clarify that there’s much more to ‘The Land Beyond the Forest’ than all those vampire movies have shown.

Transylvanian culture and customs reflect influences from Hungary, Austria, and historically, Celtic and Roman cultures, among others. And if the Gothic architecture preserved in many of the cities and villages doesn’t draw you in, the lush mountain wilderness of the Carpathian range is a beacon for nature lovers.


26 Oct 2016 A note for my Mom Dianne from St. Vincent De Paul and Dr. Temple Grandin (Thinking in Pictures and other reports from my life with autism book)

Hello to you today….wherever and whenever you are.  It’s 11:41 am on this Wednesday morning.  We had a nice start to the day by having breakfast with our neighbor friend and family member Pam at our local Waffle House.  They have come up with a breakfast bowl that we just really like.  I call it their “All in One” and those are my favorite kinds of meals to make – foods you like to eat that go well together all mixed together in one bowl.

So as you can tell by the title of the blog, this message is rather specific and for someone I love very much – my Mom Dianne.  She took me on when she married my dad when I was about 5 years old  and gosh am I grateful she did!  I know, especially now as a grown up, how difficult it must have been for her to get such an acquisition as me lol!  I will always remember when she and Dad came back from their honeymoon and my running down the street from my Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt’s (they lived in trailer home down from my Dad’s house in Tea SD) and yelling at the top of my lungs, “Mommy!  Mommy! Mommy” and remembering my Dad asking “What about Daddy?!” lol.  Well he didn’t fully understand how special Dianne was to me.  First of all she was so beautiful.  She had the longest dark hair and the most beautiful brown eyes.  I used to call her “Indian blood” because to me as a little girl who didn’t know better, she reminded me of a beautiful Indian princess!  Our early lives together and well into my older teens were not easy but through all of the yelling, the fighting, the misunderstandings, the running away, the crying there was her teaching me all the things I would need to know to survive in this world.  Mathematics were her strength and ohhh she tried for it be mine but her little protégé was not to be….right-brainer to the max here lol!  The one thing, the one lesson that never quite stuck (besides math) was being stoic and being able to let what others said or did to me not visibly affect me.  My life out of her care and protection would have to teach me that!

This leads me to my taking a closer look today at the receipt that came with the book I ordered via Amazon.com called Thinking in Pictures (and other reports from my life with autism) by Dr. Temple Grandin.  The reason I needed to look at the receipt initially was so I could give them a positive review for the quality of the books condition and how quickly they got it to me.  As I read the name of where the book came from it was like a 1000 watt lightbulb went off in my head!  The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is the very same charity my Mom has given and continues to give so much of her time to as a volunteer in Sioux Falls SD!  Now I don’t think this book probably came from the bookstore at Mom’s church BUT I think it’s pretty darn amazing that it came from her charity.

Mom, without your realizing it, the God of my understanding spoke to me through yours using people (like Dr. Grandin), places and things we have in common to do it!  The God of my understanding found a way for us to communicate without us even realizing it (until now).  May be this book by Dr. Grandin can help me to help you understand that everything we went through together all those years ago just didn’t have a label!