30 Sept 2016 Lost puppy (dog messengers) and Kyle’s Visitor at the foot of our bed revisiting 6 July 2005 phantom attack Windover Apartments Newark DE

Hello to you, it’s about 8:17 am on this Friday morning. Trying to sort my thoughts because what I have to share is pretty disorientating!

Our weirdness started last night when we were coming home from an evening dog walk and our neighbor came up to us with a young puppy in her arms, looked like a blue heeler and only a few months old. She said it had been dumped so we called the non-emergency number so the dog could be picked up and taken to our city shelter as neither she nor us could keep the poor thing. Such a sweet and well-behaved boy! Turns out the people and children she thought were dumping the dog had actually found the dog and were trying to find it’s owners but couldn’t keep it. They thought it belonged to our neighbor as they have a young blue heeler but it’s a female.

Weird things for us often are preceded by such experiences with dogs like this…let the weirdness proceed….

So last night Kyle, Spot, Link, Amber, and I had gone to bed. We were asleep and then all the sudden Kyle erupted out of bed and yelled “Get out of here!” and he gave chase to something or someone. Now Kyle is prone to sleep walking and talking but this was epic. He said he saw a figure at the end of our bed, a man, and he was reaching for him and that’s when he did what he did. Well poor Spot just started screaming. Even after we were awake and Kyle checked the room to make sure no one was in the house, holding her she wouldn’t stop screaming. We think she got hurt somehow in all the commotion and still this morning she’s hurt and yelps. We are going to keep an eye on her and if she doesn’t get righted we are taking her to the vet.

I told Kyle that a message came to me about this figure, “I had to come see for myself.”

On the 14 Sept 2016 at about 1146 am I mentioned to you about the vivid dream I had about someone getting into the house and my chasing them out! Now Kyle has one of his dreams and actively chases them out! What is going on?!

The veil is thin?!

So now we are going to time travel. I found in my trunk of journals the journal in which I wrote about the last time we had such things happening to us. It is when we were first together living in our apartment in Windover in Newark DE in 2005 which is about two years after my experience in the parking lot at the Barnes and Nobles parking lot in Melbourne FL.

In this book, much to my surprise, were drawings of the serpent Christ I’ve shared with you before and many dreams that have spiritual themes like seeing Jesus and Buddha sitting side by side, on 28 April 2005 I had this dream: “Then I remember a mall like place and seeing a table with crosses and things and then all the sudden swiping my hand and knocking them over yelling, “You and your trinkets worshiping them in all shapes and forms!” There were all kinds of cat statues and other things to in this place — it was on the way to the church. That’s all I remember. I just remember being very mad. So confusing these dreams.”

This was around the time they discovered I had a 12 trimester size “cyst” and I was preparing to have surgery to remove it in August. I was grieving my divorce, adapting to living with Kyle and being in a new environment on top of trying to keep myself together mentally, physically and spiritually. Kyle says what I showed him this morning in this journal reminds him of a book he once read called something like A Light in the Dark about a fight being waged for a young woman’s soul….my life and my experiences feel an awful lot like that sometimes!

Ok – so this is a transcription from my journal, the date is 6 July 2005, 8:35 am

Last night was the tops for weird at bedtime. I was trying to go to sleep when I “heard” space disruption like someone walking in but I couldn’t see anyone just knew they were there and I felt scared as it wasn’t a friendly presence. I knew it was looking at me — right side of the bed. I kept moving away towards Kyle–I was scared. The ringing in my head was very loud at the top—making me cry.

Then Kyle wanted to know what was wrong, where it was, how tall. I said where, didn’t know how tall just know where. Kyle told me to turn on the light and I couldn’t I was scared so he did and I was under blanket. When I came out from underneath I felt my throat constrict — felt really sick in my stomach in dry heaves, hard to get breath. Kyle was freaking, crying (3 tears). He grabbed me and told me, “Let’s go” and took me to the bathroom where I felt sick still. He then told me what he saw — darker shadow floating above me going towards my neck and that’s when I started having trouble breathing, feeling sick.

Kyle tried to kick it away and that’s when he grabbed me and took me to the bathroom. After that we felt it in the room for quite awhile. Kyle got goosebumps all over body every time he went near room until last time when we went to bed.

We tried to take digital pics but got nothing — think too late — had already gone. Kyle remembers feet getting cold before it all started but since my feet are cold he didn’t think anything of it.


Blue house across the street — Kyle just had feeling to open the blinds and what do we see but a crime scene. Investigators – one w/gloves and cop car and another going around asking questions of neighbors. It was an Asian woman we had noticed for a time since we’ve lived here walking down the street, tending her yard — very gentle spirit — we found out from neighbor there is crime scene tape now….foul play…she’s dead* We feel there is a connection w/last night and today. May be she was trying to hold on to me when she was being attacked–didn’t want to go yet. She was murdered. This hurts me so much. Again — my eyes seeing ahead…we saw her carried out in a body bag to the coroners van.

*We found out later that it wasn’t the woman that died but somebody else! We saw her in her yard later just like she had always been. May be an violent intruder? The house was later condemned and we tried to bring the woman flowers but never saw her again. The house was completely refurbished and people moved in prior to our moving out of the apartment.


Whatever you choose to believe about what I’ve shared, what you think about me, know this – I choose and have always chosen the light.  I choose and have always chosen Love.  I choose and have always chosen Hope.  I choose and have always chosen to hope and pray for all the greatest good the God of my understanding could ever want for me and for all those I love and care about.  For those of you who know and love me, all I have ever loved and cared about is  literally this entire world.

When you put labels on people and pump them full of medication, bad food, bad air, bad water and bad “society” and expect them to withstand it on their two feet, you would be mistaken.  We are human beings and we will fall.  You are also mistaken in thinking someone or something….an external force man-made or of the paranormal or realms of human superstition must “save” said persons….the only one capable of saving anyone starts from within.  You can only “save” yourself with the “help” as needed, from external forces.


3 comments on “30 Sept 2016 Lost puppy (dog messengers) and Kyle’s Visitor at the foot of our bed revisiting 6 July 2005 phantom attack Windover Apartments Newark DE

  1. wow that was scary…. and if such a thing happens, I think there was ‘something’… even when a lot people will laugh at such things… the story about blue house was scary too…. I always have a bad feeling when I know more than the people who move in such a house…
    we cross paws&fingers for the puppy, we hope the best and pray that he founds a home with people who love him…

    • I know Easy, it’s just another in our personal books here at our house. It’s ok though, Spot is doing much better. We think she has PTSD’s from before she came into our family and last night may have retraumatized her some. Yes, I hope that puppy gets adopted too or better yet, the owners find out it was rescued and go and collect them. No matter what I hope all is well for such a sweet puppy. Love to you.

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