29 Sept 2016 My morning drawing (Canson Recycled paper sketchpad)- Art, a different kind of conception, Jonn Serrie (The Stars Go With You)

Hello to you again, what a beautiful day it is today!  Nice and crisp and cool.  I decided to break in my new sketch Canson sketchpad that Kyle had bought for me when I was at Mesa but never got to use.  Plugged in the Ipod shuffle to the speaker thingy we have for it and went outside and let it flow.   The theme seems to be conception again but a different kind – of the spirit.  The blonde woman is like a Phoenix with a connection between worlds.  All the little bubbles represent connections of blood through history and also between worlds.   Yes, I think we are more than a mere cosmic “ooops” or accident and we are getting closer to finding answers about our shared origin story.   Like layers of any living thing….gradually revealed in time to processing speeds.  There are a lot of people in this world, myself included, that can get overwhelmed quite easily by receiving too much at one time.

Anyhew….the process of this drawing was gradual and as always, I just put to paper what came to me.  The blonde woman is a witness to birth of spirit….rainbow spirit to be more specific.  Not all births produce tangible beings at first.  Some are like pure energy, smoke, a vapor, even just a thought that gradually takes tangible form over the course of many millennia much like a rock, gem, mineral, tree, even this earth….layer after layer until it can fully manifest and take shape in our reality.

Art is this kind of conception I’m describing.  A drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a hand crafted piece of jewelry or carving, a photograph, a novel, a poem, a song…..starts with something intangible and gradually takes tangible form so it can be viewed, touched and heard by the human beings who will appreciate it.

This album is probably one of my all-time favorites.  I love this style of music and have been listening to it since they played Hearts of Space on the regular radio LOL!  Yeah…I was in my teens, very long time ago.  This particular CD relaxes me and often puts me to sleep lol!  If I don’t put it on “repeat” I will wake up lol.  c



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