28 Sept 2016 Finding your Church in nature, Flying Spiders and airplane poop X’s, Black Moon Friday, Life on Mars (DB)

Hello to you, it’s 5:55 pm as I write to you this Wednesday afternoon.  I spent a lot of time outside this afternoon….even got a bit of a sunburn lol.  For the first time in a long time I went for a really long walk…even went down to the “lake” we have down the street and had me some church!  Nature has always been my best idea of spending time with the God of my understanding.   I cried a bit but they were happy tears.  I had missed being with what I call my blooming field and it’s lovely little man-made pond.  Most of this field is becoming houses now but as I walked to the water…I saw some old friends still swaying in the breezes and scattered across the remaining soil.  It will be so nice once they get done with the houses so I don’t have to feel guilty about walking through there.

So this afternoon I was laying on the bandstand and when I looked up, besides a big fat vapor “X” I saw shining strands of spider silk flying through the air….another spider hatching!  Just like in EB White’s Charlottes Web!  My camera wouldn’t do a very good job of capturing the phenomena of just globs of white and strands of silk flying through the air – found a couple that someone else took and shared that are pretty close to what I was seeing.  What’s funny is seeing those flying “pods” of white made me think of the pods of light I said I was visualizing a couple days ago when the sky was overcast.  Each little “blob” of white falling from the sky today is “light” in a way right?!  The light of the life force of a spider!   You will laugh, as I was typing, a tiny little spider fell from our ceiling in front of the computer screen LOL!  Too teeny tiny to get a picture to show you but I was able to get the little one outside safely.  Too funny!



A black moon will rise Friday night, but you aren’t going to see it

Doyle Rice, USA TODAY 9:09 a.m. EDT September 28, 2016 – excerpt

Similar to a blue moon — the second full moon of a single calendar month — a black moon is the second new moon of the month, according to Space.com.

“The black moon is a somewhat unusual celestial event — they occur about once every 32 months,” said Joe Rao of Space.com.

The most recent black moon was in March 2014, according to AccuWeather.

The problem? A new moon is invisible, as the sunlit side of the moon faces away from the Earth, so the side we see is entirely in shadow.

“There really is nothing to see,” Rao said.

However, what will happen Friday night is a chance to enjoy the night sky without any glare from the moon.

The new moon officially occurs at 8:11 p.m. EDT (5:11 p.m. PDT) on Friday.  But it will take a few more nights before you’ll start to see the moon as a silver sliver when the crescent moon increases in size, ScienceAlert reports.

For those in the Eastern Hemisphere, particularly Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, the new moon doesn’t occur until after midnight, weather.com says, so it’s technically just a regular new moon for that part of the world since it occurs on the first of next month.

Not everyone was taking it all in stride. England’s Express newspaper said that Friday’s Black Moon could “bring with it worldwide destruction and the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

The topic of Spiders made me think of this song David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars…….

Much love and hugs through the wires and in the winds that travel through us all. 


2 comments on “28 Sept 2016 Finding your Church in nature, Flying Spiders and airplane poop X’s, Black Moon Friday, Life on Mars (DB)

    • You could probably help me find a bunch of wonderful churches with your nose my friend! My dogs from earlier points in my life to present are some of my favorite fellow parishioners! Love to you my friend.

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