26 Sept 2016 Evening Drawing and HarmonQuest (Seeso You Tube) Finally a combination of gaming, animation and imagination!

Hello – just poppin in before bed.  Wanted to share something fun with you and hopefully you folks from overseas will be able to see it, HarmonQuest.  Our friend Billy mentioned it to me as something to check out this weekend whilst I was telling him about the show Stranger Things having Dungeon and Dragons in it and how modern gaming just doesn’t offer that same interactive experience – like Larping (Live Action Role Playing).   Most modern video games, with few exceptions, do not foster the individual imagination of its players and spending an hour in character customization or decorating a digital house doesn’t really count lol!  We are on episode 4 and could of spent the whole day watching it – it’s hilarious and just the sort of concept I’ve been hoping for!  People playing a game like Dungeons and Dragons and then using what happens in the game play to write a story with animation!

Published on Jul 14, 2016

Guest stars: Paul F. Tompkins

As Fondue and friends partake in their village’s annual Festival of Restoration, they are interrupted by a panicked barbarian woman in need of help. Fondue and team decide to embark on a quest to save the world from evils of the Heralds of the Manticore.

All 10 episodes coming July 14th.

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Drawing I did this afternoon....again with the rainbows, procreation and something while I was outside today was seeing light ships falling to earth.  The sky was overcast today and a great canvas for my imagination to visualize such a thing!

Drawing I did this afternoon….again with the rainbows and procreation. Today it was completely overcast – like a blank canvas for my imagination. While I was outside today, I could “see” pod ships made of white light falling to earth. I would probably have to go paint and canvas to bring what came to mind into a picture you can see.

Star shower

Star shower



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