Stone of Destiny (Wordpress Blog) Repost – More than Skin Deep

From my wise friend Stone of Destiny…had to share! This woman referenced would she find approval with my Tattoo on my ankle?
To them I say, “a superficial faith breeds superficial fears. If a little ink is enough to get your religious fervor going, the problem is almost certainly more to do with you.”


My Ichthys tattoo

My Ichthys tattoo

Stone of Destiny

“What’s that say on your wrist?”

Sometimes I miss the good conversations.

The other day I missed a doozy, and by mere inches.

A friend and coworker was chatting with a customer when the woman paused their conversation to ask her about her tattoo.  Well, one of her tattoos, she’s got a whole sleeve of them but I guess the crisp letters on my friends wrist made for an easier point of inquiry.

“Release,” my friend answered, “It’s a tribute to one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, ‘I shall be released’.”

“And,” the suddenly inquisitive woman continued, “do you know the history of tattoos?”

“Well, it depends on what culture your referencing,” my friend managed before…,


“It’s a PAGAN ritual!”

“It’s a PAGAN ritual for the dead!”

(softer now – dismissiveness replacing the forceful tone)

“Sometimes we just do these things on a whim, without realizing the history. …

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2 comments on “Stone of Destiny (Wordpress Blog) Repost – More than Skin Deep

    • I hear yah ! The two I have are symbolic for me – the Jesus fish representing my origins in spirit and the chameleon of how I’ve always adapted and changed to fit into the environments I’ve been in. Both represent my past selves – a reminder to the me I am now to just Be me. I am sufficient. Love to you!

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