22 Sept 2016 High-rise (2015) and Amityville Horror (2005) – killing dogs in films and my repeating dream that ends with a spaceship escape

Hello to you this morning! It’s about 6:20 am as I start to write to you from the dimension I share with Kyle, our two dogs and two cats.  I didn’t write to you yesterday because I was simply “blocked.”  There was just “nothing.”  I guess I had  reached a saturation point with what I could take from this world and yesterday I just shut down and wanted to sleep.  When I did get up and go outside, I just lay down and reached for the sky and sweat because it was just so damn hot!  My body felt like lead and just didn’t want to move.  My mind felt like mush and it didn’t want to think.  It’s what you call “existing” and not really living but I knew it would pass.  These spells always do.  There are horrors going on all over the world every time I turn on the internet, the t.v., the radio….log into a fricking video game (Rift)….there is no escaping days like yesterday except when I sleep, when I dream.  Some people aren’t even getting to have that anymore….they can’t sleep and they can’t dream….they have been blocked by their lifestyle and career choices, their food, their medicine, their water, their air, their technology.  Some people say this existence on earth was meant to be a prison and sometimes it feels that way to me but I know in my heart, it’s not meant to be!  Look at what we’ve made together all of us!  It’s a matter of perception isn’t it?

I watched a large portion of High-rise starring Tom Hiddleston yesterday since it showed up on Netflix streaming.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the right type of movie for me to watch for the frame of mind I was in. I fear, if I had watched my other option which is on Hulu Plus right now, Roots,  starring my dear Jonathan Rhys Meyers, things wouldn’t have been much better!  I ended up fast forwarding through much of it.  They committed the cardinal sin for me in movies…they killed dogs and I hate that!  Even in horror films!  If they kill a dog I most times will stop watching the film or fast forward through it.  This is what happened with High-rise and also what happened last night when Kyle put on the 2005 version of Amityville Horror starring Ryan Reynolds:

Whether it’s part of the story, to make a point or be symbolic…yes, I hate it.  If you don’t want me to stop watching your films, don’t kill animals in them.   I am very sensitive right now about animals because so many of them, in our real world, are being killed for no other reason than poor management skills and greed….to make terror.   A lot of my friends and family are experiencing serious health problems with their animals and much of it being caused by the same things that are harming and killing us now.

Back to High-rise….

I didn’t fast forward of course, for those of you who have seen it, past the nice view of “Hiddles bum”….lol.  He is indeed a nice specimen as character Charlotte suggested.  I had trouble fast-forwarding past Luke too but when his character, Mr. Wilder drowned the dog….a switch flipped in me and the fast forward started even as much as I enjoyed seeing him, Tom, and Jeremy Irons.  I guess it was a way too accurate portrayal of what seems to be going on right now in our world.   Only all of the decay currently spreading over a globe now was contained to a single, poorly constructed and devised High-rise!  Very symbolic!  I was amused to see an actual image in the film of a  reference I made just the other day.  I was saying there are currently a lot of ladies in red dresses parading around right (symbolic of Distraction).  Well in the film, there is a dream sequence of  Tom dancing with a bunch of airline stewardesses dressed in red uniforms……


So anyhew……finished reading Stuart Little last night.  Kyle and I agree it ends to abruptly…mouse driving off into the sunset in his tiny car….how can that be the end?!  I decided my next book, inspired by seeing Luke Evans as Mr. Wilder in High-Rise, would be Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  I really enjoyed Luke’s performance in Dracula Untold.

So the dream escape….well this is where I went last night.

I had a repeating dream that ended with something cool…a spaceship! It took a bit to get there though and that was the repeating part. There was swans, blood and a round pool of water over and over. I’d think I would wake up and then those three things would repeat in my head…toss, turn…toss..sweat…turn,  but FINALLY the dream progressed. I was preparing for travel. I was inside a ship trying to communicate with my family before I was to leave. There was a cleaning solution to keep everything sterile like the smooth and shiny console I was trying to use to talk to my family.  For some reason cleanliness was important.  Then I saw a ship much like the one I told you about before that had the red patterns underneath with a pilot looking for his daughter down below. There was a long white cylinder, kind of looked like one of Gene’s ships (Gene Roddenberry) but mostly long without the big circular part that houses the captain and crew. The reason it was a cylinder is because next came the individual circular pods that shot out and attached to the cylinder and after there were like three on each side, the ship just took off with no effort…there was no sound. Kyle asked if I remembered the propulsion system, all I know is it took no effort. As soon as the circular pods attached, it took off with no sound….very fast.

I told Kyle these dreams remind me of the twins C’tair and D’murr in Frank Herbert’s Dune. I am in one dimension and my twin in another and it’s like we are using crystals to communicate and the communication is through dreams. That’s the best way I can explain it.

So we’ve had the arrival of the ship and it’s purpose revealed and hopefully next I will get to find out the destination of these ships!  Something occurred to me about the cleaning solution in the dream.  It occurred to me that this might be what the planes flying over my house, all over the North Texas skies and all over the skies of the world are doing…..whatever it is they are spraying is like a “cleaning” solution.  Who knows….may be we are being “cleaned”….the earth terra formed for something or someone?    I know, the stuff of science fiction but as you all know,  much of science fiction has become science fact!  For example, just look at the phone your holding in your hand right now and think back to sitting and watching the original Star Trek!  Those communicators they used have become our cell phones.  Nikola Tesla even knew in his time that someday we would be communicating without wires!

I heard this song I’ve shared with you before in the dream too (I shared this with you before):


2 comments on “22 Sept 2016 High-rise (2015) and Amityville Horror (2005) – killing dogs in films and my repeating dream that ends with a spaceship escape

  1. dito… I immediately use my remote as soon as it comes to dead animals… and I mostly stay away then forever and refuse to watch another episode of a show… btw: I just watch a documentary about n. tesla while blogging, I had no clue how much things he found out… wonder why he is nearly forgotten and we only worship edison or franklin…

    • There we go being in sync again Easy lol. We are in complete agreement about the fast forward or do not watch when it comes to animals on the big screen and Nikola….nearly everything Edison supposedly invented he stole from someone else and his theft included the mind of Nikola Tesla. Why would a company as powerful as GE want us to remember that they and their founder were born and continue to operate out of theft? It is selective history. Love to you my friends.

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