19 Sept 2016 See the lady in the red dress Neo? Distraction in our shared Matrix, Getting sprayed by pesticides on airplanes, The Early Fall (my 10 Aug 2011 poem) and Something only they know (poem today)

Hello to you.  I don’t have much to say today because I’m having a “sinking feeling” kind of morning.  Something in the air may be?  My punishment for binge watching Season 3 of Penny Dreadful in 2 days with Kyle?!  Who knows….I just know it’s very unpleasant and persistent!  We watched the Season Premiere of South Park this morning and that didn’t help much because in all it’s dark humor it was truth.

http://southpark.cc.com/full-episodes/s20e01-member-berries – link to Comedy Central if you want to see it yourself

I had a funny blip of a dream before I woke up this morning…you’ll laugh.  So I guess I was preparing to watch some video with Batman in it (Kyle and I saw Superman vs Batman this past week and there is a reason I didn’t mention it before…ugh) and my youngest brother-in-law Cole was with us and he said something about it having a NC-17 rating.  Well we played it and all I remember is seeing Tom Hiddleston with really light, almost red hair, and hearing his nickname that I think Benedict Cumberbatch gave to him, “Hiddlebum” and then Tom walking by me saying, “He’s a sophomore.”   I have never had Tom in a dream before so it struck me as pretty odd.  I haven’t been keeping up with any of my “fandom” as of late which has sometimes included Tom.   My attentions have been drawn elsewhere to people, places and things of the less fanciful nature!   Sometimes I wonder if my life would be “easier” if I just didn’t care about anything or anyone but myself or was just content to wallow in the superficial “fluff” that is the media, entertainment and technological world but that’s not how I was raised.

It is all Distraction and if you allow yourself complete absorption…it’s called the Matrix.  (my friend Margarita from her Inner Whispers blog even managed to catch a picture of such a creature recently!  https://mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/after-the-storm/ 

Source: 14-sept-2016-margarita-from-inner-whispers-wordpress-blog

Source: 14-sept-2016-margarita-from-inner-whispers-wordpress-blog








So I pulled out a poem  I wrote back in 2011 about Fall here in North Texas…it was during a drought and the perspective is from the trees.  I wrote a new poem for this season and it’s about what the what it seems the beings that share this earth with us know is coming and also those who are human know too but are only giving us sneak peaks….

10 Aug 2011

The Early Fall

by Jackie Wygant

Standing still, bracing for the swell of radiating waves

The clouds do not hear me

They do not deliver the water my body craves

My limbs carve slowly and deeply into the splitting soil

While my skin and leaves

Crackle and boil

I watch her as she tries to give me a taste of waters balm

She speaks to me in gentle tones with tears

I find temporary glimpses of calm

My fellows whisper so loudly it sounds like screaming

The heat burns on

I am not dreaming

It is time for the early fall

Yellow and crisp

I will sleep until there is no sun at all……


Something Only They Know

by Jackie Wygant 19 Sept 2016

The leaves have started to yellow and brown

The backyard squirrel scrambling and burying

Questionable seeds in the ground

All creatures of wing and feather

Have started to make their presence scarce

I see them high above, drifting and flying off together

The insects seem to have a sense of urgency about their pace

As the flutter and scurry

From place to space

They know something, these children of Mother earth and Father sky

A language ancient as time

We “little”  humans only left in our mute, deaf and dumbness

To ask Why?



4 comments on “19 Sept 2016 See the lady in the red dress Neo? Distraction in our shared Matrix, Getting sprayed by pesticides on airplanes, The Early Fall (my 10 Aug 2011 poem) and Something only they know (poem today)

    • A video I had shared on my original post didn’t show up when I published – sharing again…the one with the woman who was pulled from a plane by 6 cops in Australia for questioning why she and other passengers were being sprayed with insecticides….I know…I’d like to go back to sleep but pretty much ever since 2002 when my “big bang” happened in a parking lot in Melbourne FL…I haven’t been able to go back to sleep Easy. Love you my friend.

    • 🙂 It was very timely of you to capture that image and where you did. The woman in the red dress is very symbolic to me of what is going on right now in the media etc….a lot of women with red dresses parading around to keep us from paying attention to what’s really going on! Love to you M!

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