18 Sept 2016 Baby snake rescue (natural pest control), My first Pop figure (MLP Rainbow Dash) and staying in touch with our inner child – The Trumpet of the Swan E.B White – Return to Innocence (Enigma)

Hello and good morning from the dimension I share with Kyle here in Alvarado TX. It’s about 9:20 am as I write to you. We’ve had breakfast and got the dogs out on a nice walk which included helping a snake baby get out of the middle of the road! I am always sad when we find babies or full grown adults either run over or intentionally killed.

Unlike most of the people in our neighborhood and that I know, we don’t kill snakes. I am not superstitious and don’t think reptiles are “evil.” The main reason we don’t kill them is because we know they help keep the rodent populations down, are mostly harmless and I happen to appreciate their beauty and their purpose in Mother and Father Natures world.

Since we live next to farmland and they have torn up a major small animal habitat down the street from us, we have a lot more mice in the neighborhood again. The snakes and the neighbor cats help naturally manage that without having to resort to poisons!

So as we passed our mailbox this morning, we noticed the flag was up and were puzzled so we checked inside and look what I found? My first Pop! figure from our dear friend Les Pedde! Thank you Les!!! You are so thoughtful!  (my thanks and love to the people who are behind the making of little trinkets like this…..you may not know it but what you make does things like this…good things!)

I am a fan of the show because when I was going through a really dark time and needed a life preserver, Mom and Dad Universe lead me to the show. They started first with the original version of the cartoon show via You Tube and then a documentary called A Brony Tale (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3219678/ – more info on documentary and trailer) and finally to the modern version of the show! I would say my favorite season of the show was the first – just lit up my world just in time!!

Talking about this leads me to something I wanted to share with you that I do to help me heal. Sometimes when I am hurting spiritually, physically and emotionally like I have been a lot lately, I find spending time with my inner child really helps! I go visit “Little Jackie.”

Let me explain.

It’s watching shows like MLP or one of my absolute favorites Tinkerbell and for me just recently, it’s reading books I read as a child like E.B White’s The Trumpet of the Swan. When I spend time with Little Jackie I find such joy, wonder, happiness….awe at all the amazing things this world is ever second of every day. In my experience, it seems that only through the eyes of a very young child or other young life form is it possible to experience that! Since I do not have any young children of my own or have a lot of friends with children (anymore) I have had to find that experience within myself! Revisiting the movies, the books, the experiences like exploring a new place in nature or just taking the time to watch a flower petal sparkle in the sun or a ladybug crawl across my hand…..this is how I reconnect with my inner little person.

The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B White (excerpt – this book resonates with me after my revisit to King Ludwig and acquiring my Red Jasper stone egg!)

Pages 23 -24

That night before Sam crawled into his bunk at camp, he got out his notebook and found a pencil. This is what he wrote:

I don’t know of anything in the entire world more wonderful to look at than a nest with eggs in it. An egg, because it contains life, is the most perfect thing there is. It is beautiful and mysterious. An egg is a far finer thing than a tennis ball or a cake of soap. A tennis ball will always be just a tennis ball. A cake of soap will always be just a cake of soap-until it gets so small nobody wants it and they throw it away. Buit an egg will someday be a living creature. A swan’s egg will open and out will come a little swan. A nest is almost as wonderful and mysterious as an egg. How does a bird know how to make a nest? Nobody ever taught her. How does a bird know how to build a nest?

Sam closed his notebook, said good night to his father, blew out his lamp, and climbed into his bunk. He lay there wondering how a bird knows how to build a nest. Pretty soon his eyes closed, and he was asleep.


Sometimes in order to heal, to regenerate and restore ourselves both inside and out, we have to go back and spend some time with someone we used to know before the world “got to them.” That someone is the most pure and innocent “egg” …the core….the child we once were and may have forgotten is still there.

Enigma – Return to Innocence


PS: Penny Dreadful Season 3 is available to watch on streaming Netflix…..the binge watching has commenced!



2 comments on “18 Sept 2016 Baby snake rescue (natural pest control), My first Pop figure (MLP Rainbow Dash) and staying in touch with our inner child – The Trumpet of the Swan E.B White – Return to Innocence (Enigma)

  1. we try to relocate the snakes to a forest or meadow, a lot of people here just use the caveman-way when they see one. they are not poisonous, so I think it is not right to kill them… I’m NO fan of snakes, but it is life I want to respect…

    • Thank you for sharing what you all do with our friends without legs! I know, most people aren’t fans but I have never met a snake I didn’t like…may be a bit afraid they may not like me back, try to bite me lol but that’s why you stay out of their way and they will stay out of yours. I had a surprise in our backyard one day. I was changing the blue water dish water out and when I came back with a full bowl, there was a snake sitting where the bowl had been! Just sat there and looked at me and I spoke my gibberish “you are so beautiful…blah blah”. I stepped away for a second to give it room and just like that it was out of sight! It’s about mutual respect with all creatures imo anyways!

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