15 Sept 2016 It seems like people in positions of power and authority have thrown their hearts into the garbage….service to the Money God

This afternoon I am in a very agitated state of being….aka pissed off..hurt…disappointed…tired of giving my personal power away to a bunch of “powers” that don’t seem to really give a crap lol.   I have been following and trying to support in the ways I can, the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (Bakken Oil Pipeline) project and so many other “causes” and feel like it’s an exercise in futility lately.  For every step forward, it seems like we get taken 10 steps back. Animals like horses, wolves, bears and so many others of Mother Nature’s creatures are under attack because they occupy space and perform jobs that are in the way of profit.  Just today I saw the Koch brothers want in to the Grand Canyon to mine Uranium!  Journalists are being brought up on charges for being journalists….the 1st Amendment is suddenly seeming too vague to protect our right to free speech in these times. I’m having a really hard time with it. The truth is, I’m having a very hard time with being a human being on this planet right now.

What I have been witnessing lately is an acceleration of the “something” on the world stage…the chessboard.  There are huge mergers going on, Ford wants to move their small car manufacturing over to Mexico all the sudden, environmental issues are rising up all over the place.  The “powers that be” are prepping for the outcome of an election I think they have already decided and know it doesn’t go well for them no matter what the “official” outcome.   In short, they are privy to things we as “little people” are not and are making their moves all over the place.  Just look at the headlines and you can see them at work right now.

So what I am having the most trouble with is understanding why these people in positions of power, authority, who have money or want to make a lot of money seem to be missing a vital part of their humanness….their hearts. It seems like, from what I’m witnessing, there are a lot of people on this planet who seem completely heartless. Somewhere along the way of their growing up to be who they are today, they chucked their heart into the garbage in exchange for some extra cash.


Is this what you’ve done with your heart?

See when you have a heart, there are things you just don’t do. Here are just “10” examples that I thought of:

1) You don’t kill living beings you share the earth with just because they are in the way of your making money, or because you want a trophy on your wall and or bragging rights.

2) You don’t actively do things or support those who seek to destroy people, places and things just so you can retain your power and wealth.

3) You don’t keep making and or harvesting things (energy sources ie fossil fuel products, food, medicine, clothing, pesticides, industrial products, automobiles, electronic technologies) that you know are harming and killing people just so you can keep shareholders buying stocks and retain your personal power and wealth.

4) You don’t buy people, places and things just so you can destroy them or cause needless suffering and misery. (Human trafficking)

5) You don’t create situations to try and justify people going to war and killing each other just so you can enjoy the spoils of war in perpetuity.

6) You don’t take bribes and kick-backs from people, place and organizations that only care about you because of what your vote will do for their interests which include war, poverty, genocide, human trafficking, slavery, disease and poisons in our air, food and water.

7) You don’t place more value on “things” than you do living beings you share the planet with.

8) You don’t lie about things you’ve done so that you can keep your positions of power and wealth.

9) You don’t write laws and then don’t enforce them or only enforce them when it suites your purposes.

10) You don’t say you believe in God of Abraham or any other of a positive walk of faith on this earth  and with your actions bow and kneel before the currency of the Federal Reserve….the Money God.

These are just a few things that people with hearts don’t do or at least try not to. There is a part of me that spoke today and said this:

“Go ahead and let them do what they want to do. Let them poison the water, air and soil. Allow them do what they are going to do whether or not we stand in the way or not but do not help them to do it. Let them to do their own heartless work! If they have no one to do their “dirty works” anywhere on this planet, meaning , if they have no one that will build, buy, drink, eat, wear and use their “dirty works”, will they still have the resolve to continue on? A part of me wants to be a camera on the wall when these days come. The days when a CEO from one of the Banks or Oil companies funding these operations in our world sits down with their family to a meal of nothing but $100 dollar bills and sludge that used to be water to drink because there is nothing else left. I think they believe because their is “plenty” now that my words and so many others of our shared past and present are just science fiction.  I think they are hoping they and those they love and care about will be dead before this kind of future can become a “science reality.” They want it to be our future generations problem, not their problem of today.

Is this what we will be eating?

Is this what we will be eating?

If you don’t help them with their “plans”, we will finally get to see who has been making these “plans”…..we will finally get to see who has thrown their heart(s) away to serve the “Money God. “

As you can see, I’m having a hard time right now understanding why we have people walking around this world that seems to be missing their hearts. So I will stand behind my mantra I shared with you earlier: “It doesn’t matter what THEY are doing, what matters is what I am doing. What matters is how I react, think and feel and do in my day to day life.   I will pray for the greatest good that can be for my fellow beings that seem to have thrown away their hearts for money, wealth and power and hope the Source, “God” of all my understanding is more forgiving than I can ever hope to be.”

I’m going to be taking a few days away from here (and Facebook which will be hard as it’s a “habit”) to get myself sorted out, get back to my center….MY heart.  All of this political and other bullshit aka “shenanigans”  I’ll call them going on is giving me cause for a pause!   I need a personal time out because the last thing I want to become is “heartless” too!!

Anyhew…I send my love to you and yours visiting me here – hold on to your heart for it is more precious than gold, silver, copper or the common dollar bill. 

Cover to relevant book to these times... Warriors of the Rainbow the Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indian Peoples by William Willoya and Vinson Brown

Cover to relevant book to these times… Warriors of the Rainbow the Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indian Peoples by William Willoya and Vinson Brown


5 comments on “15 Sept 2016 It seems like people in positions of power and authority have thrown their hearts into the garbage….service to the Money God

    • Yes indeed my friend. This morning my neighbor calls me to tell me that our water was bad in the neighborhood! Guess my Source decided to start with the little people first before going on higher. They say our water is “clear” but I don’t trust it. We pay for water out of the tap and water in bottles to actually drink AND water filters to the tap water. We pay many times for water and still don’t feel good about drinking it from the tap like when I was a child.

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