14 Sept 2016 My Red Jasper Egg, Sunshine (Neon Prince song on Vimeo) Just a few News Headlines that caught my eye and show the passive aggressive nature of the human species

Hello to you, how are you? I wanted to show you a picture of the Red Jasper Egg I’ve been talking about – Jeana Brown my new friend from Mystic Egg sent me a picture yesterday!

This is the Red Jasper Egg I've been talking about - she will be coming "home" next Monday!  YAY!

This is the Red Jasper Egg I’ve been talking about – she will be coming “home” next Monday! YAY!

I wanted to share this song from a friend I made through the Keshe Foundation and Facebook, Prince Charms that is so catchy!!! Love it! The video footage is just beautiful too!

https://vimeo.com/122073752 – Neon Prince – Sunshine (song) Keshe Foundation and FB friend’s song I heard yesterday

Below are just a fraction of the headlines that caught my eye this morning and illustrate to me the flip-floppy nature of human nature and how we treat each other and the other beings we share this planet with. On the one hand we will give accolades to people who are different from the “mainstream” and on the other write laws or take actions to obstruct basic freedoms.  On the one hand we will sing the praises of the beauty and wonder of nature and even find ways to create it it in completely unnatural ways and then on the other we will kill hundreds and thousands of animals, plants, insects as a part of frugal land management. In just these few headlines I show you the passive aggressive nature that is “us” the human species.

My love to you through the wires, from my dimension to all of yours. We have work to do!

Source Internet - an appropriate quote for our world today....a voice from our past

Source Internet – an appropriate quote for our world today….a voice from our past…. The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again. The Bird (1906)


Police arrest 22 after ‘swarm’ at Dakota pipeline construction site (VIDEO)

Published time: 14 Sep, 2016 01:42

Police said they arrested 22 people at the construction site of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, claiming people were interfering with equipment. The arrests were made 70 miles northwest of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s main protest site.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office said about 50 law enforcement police responded to events the site near Glen Ullin Tuesday after construction workers said they had been “swarmed” by protesters and that two people had “attached” themselves to equipment.



Denmark’s ‘House Of Memories’ Re-Creates 1950s For Alzheimer’s Patients

September 13, 201612:15 PM ET

Sidsel Overgaard

A living history museum usually conjures up images of butter churns and anvils. At Den Gamle By (The Old Town) Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, you’ll find all that. But tucked away in one corner of this museum, there’s also something different — an entire apartment straight out of the 1950s.

The “House of Memories” is not usually open to the public, and it’s not aimed at schoolchildren sent to learn about a distant and exotic past.

Rather, this exhibit is intended for visitors living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. And the history they’ve come to experience is their own.



RuPaul Makes History During Creative Arts Emmys!

by #teamEBONY, September 12, 2016

Paul has been WERKING and serving the entertainment industry for decades while also boosting the confidence and fearlessness of drag queens around the world.

And on Sunday night, his hard work was well-acknowledged during the Creative Arts Emmys. After hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race” for eight seasons, he won his first EMMY for “Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program”.

The category pit him against the likes of Steve Harvey, Ryan Seacrest and Heidi Klum, to name a few.


Wild horses should be killed or sold, government board decides

By James Rogers

Published September 14, 2016


File photo – Wild horses run as they are gathered in the West Desert of Utah, outside Tooele, Feb. 18, 2012. (REUTERS/Jim Urquhart)

The U.S. government is coming under fire from animal rights activists amid concerns that almost 45,000 wild horses could be euthanized in an attempt to control their numbers.

Last week the Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recommended that the Bureau euthanize or sell “without limitation” excess “unadoptable” horses and burros in the BLM’s off-range corrals and pastures.

An “unadoptable” horse or burro is typically at least 5 years old, making them less attractive for purchase or adoption. The bureau has more than 44,000 horses and more than 1,000 burros in off-range pastures and corrals.

The recommendation prompted an angry response from The Humane Society of the United States. “The decision of the BLM advisory board to recommend the destruction of the 45,000 wild horses currently in holding facilities is a complete abdication of responsibility for their care,” said Humane Society Senior Vice President of Programs & Innovations Holly Hazard, in a statement.


Scientists Have Found a New Way to Create Mice

Alice Park13 hrs ago

Sex is the most reliable way to produce a baby, obviously, but it’s not exactly efficient or effective. Infertility is common, the window for pregnancy is small and so many things can go wrong as an embryo develops. That’s why so many scientists are trying to find ways to create embryos that don’t rely on the traditional fertilization method—and one group of researchers appears to have come upon something groundbreaking—at least for mice.

In a study published in Nature Communications, scientists at University of Bath led by Anthony Perry have managed to fertilize a mouse embryo. That goes against the long-held biological dogma that only the egg can be fertilized to result in a viable offspring, and that only the egg contains the master instructions for triggering the complex developmental process that turns the union of a single-celled egg and a sperm into a full blown animal like a mouse. This could have implications down the line that lead to unheard-of ways to procreate that go far beyond IVF procedures available today.


After North Korea Flooding, Relief Agencies Help Tens of Thousands


SEOUL, South Korea — International relief agencies said on Wednesday that they had begun delivering food and other assistance to tens of thousands of North Koreans who lost homes in some of the worst flooding to hit the country in years.

North Korea reported hundreds of people dead or missing but has not publicly appealed for outside help, instead relying on internal mobilization for relief efforts in the flooded provinces, near its northern border with China. The areas are among the poorest in North Korea.

Although some outside aid agencies have withdrawn from the country in recent years, a handful are still allowed to operate there.

The United Nations World Food Program said that it had delivered emergency food assistance, including fortified biscuits and beans, to more than 140,000 people.



North Korea dismisses US bomber flyover as ‘bluff’

Published time: 14 Sep, 2016 10:15

North Korea has said the recent US bomber flight over South Korea was no more than a “bluff” and a “laughing stock” for the whole world. It has nevertheless warned that such “reckless provocations” should stop.

Pyongyang state media is rarely picky with its choice of words when it comes to South Korea or the US. The latest outburst has been sparked by the flight of two supersonic B-1 Lancer strategic bombers belonging to the United States over South Korea on Tuesday.

“[This] farce is no more than a bluff to free the puppet military of rapidly growing war phobia and war-weariness and fan up war hysteria,” Minju Joson, a state-run North Korean government newspaper, said.





3 comments on “14 Sept 2016 My Red Jasper Egg, Sunshine (Neon Prince song on Vimeo) Just a few News Headlines that caught my eye and show the passive aggressive nature of the human species

    • It’s insanity how things operate here. They fight to preserve what will make them money today and whatever gets in the way whether it be tree, flower, bee, wolf, bear, or horse they destroy. What is sad is everything they are allowing to be destroyed and they are actively destroying is what “makes” the money. The big circle just getting bigger and bigger sections taken out because of blind greed and the lies investors are being sold.

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