14 Sept 2016 My dream this morning, Pecan Tree Scab disease, Kyle’s distant relative named Anne…Boleyn, Following the money (just like 2007, Banks investing in risky ventures…the Bakken Oil Pipeline) and Bayer is going to buy Monsanto ($66B)

So hello again….it’s about 4:47 pm in my dimension this gray and overcast afternoon.   This morning, about 11:30 am or so I had gone back to sleep after Kyle went to do his tutoring and I had a sort of dream I haven’t had in a while.  A phantom dream.  The type of dream where I am battling an unseen force like an entity.

What happened in the dream is I heard the front door locks unlatch and the door opened slightly like someone was coming in.  I guess I knew in my dream this shouldn’t be happening because Kyle wasn’t due to come home yet!  So I went to the door and shut and locked it.  Well then it happened again but the entity trying to get in came to my bedside and in the darkness of the room I sensed it was there and got up and chased it out of the house yelling “Get out of my house and don’t come back!!!”  What’s weird, is before bed last night I mentioned to Kyle that it felt like someone had been leaning over my face.  I could feel the presence of something right above my face but couldn’t see it because I had my eye covers on!  So the dream is probably connected to that.

What this dream represents to me is the battle I am in right now against unseen “forces” at work in this world….some of which I will be sharing links to articles about here shortly!

Found out our Pecan tree has come down with a disease, “Scabs” so no pecans this year!  The leaves are already falling off of the tree….so sad.  That’s three of 4 of my backyard trees that are sick now!  http://www.gardenguides.com/97368-texas-pecan-tree-diseases.html – talks about what Pecan tree Scab disease is and how it manifests.   Like I mentioned, I think the immune systems of our trees have been steadily compromised over these past few years with the extremes in weather conditions and “outside” forces.

Source Internet - this is the Anne Kyle's Mom found out they are related to!

Source Internet – this is the Anne Kyle’s Mom found out they are related to!

So Kyle’s Mom Beth has been doing some genealogy and today she called to tell us about a particularly juicy tidbit – Kyle’s Mom’s birth Mom’s side of the family is related to Elizabeth Tudor, 2nd cousin 15th removed, parents Henry and Anne are 1st cousins, 16th removed and Anne Elizabeth Boleyn was their niece!

Facebook posts from my mother-in-law that are just too fun!  I’ve always been fascinated with Anne and turns out I married someone connected to her very distantly LOL!

Beth – Well this is way too much fun- Elizabeth Tudor is my 2nd cousin 15 generations removed. Her parents Henry and Anne are my 1st cousin 16 generations removed by marriage and by blood. Usually I don’t back track down other limbs this far up the tree but this was too good to pass up.

Maria (a friend) – So how many people have to die for you to inherit the throne?

Beth – LOL none- The family produced a Queen Consort who married Henry the VII. Elizabeth didn’t have kids and the line moved over to a different branch of Henry’s Family. The family’s relation is by marriage.

Beth – Holy COW- I am related to royalty. OMG OMG OMG. I knew it- you may now call me Princess Elizabeth. Up thru the Shelton line- Sir John Shelton married Anne Elizabeth Boleyn- her niece was that Anne- yep- that Anne.

Ok changing gears….following the money.  There is a chess game going on my friends.  Each of us “little people” are the pawns on the board.  If you take a look at the headlines, major and minor you will see there is starting to be a lot of desperate activity in the realm of the Bishops, Knights, Rooks, Kings and Queens.  You see, us “little people” got a thing called the internet and the technology that goes with it.  We “little people” have found our new eyes and ears…mediums….in which to spread both good and bad news across vast distances.  There is a thing called “archives” where vast troves of knowledge and records of past deeds are stored and there are certain people who have become quite adept at retrieving  things from even “deleted archives.”  In times past when atrocities occurred against the “little people” no one found out about them until years later….no so in our slick modern age.  As I’ve been saying to the folks standing strong at the Standing Rock Camp protesting the North Dakota part of the Dakota Access Bakken Pipeline — RECORD EVERYTHING!!!!  Write it down (electricity doesn’t always stay on), take video with any device you have access to, do a back up to the back to the back up and share, share, share!  Use your gifts and skillsets if you are unable to be on the front line – if you make movies, if you write and make music, if you write books, you do art of any kind – DO IT!  It all helps!  We are expanding and spreading global consciousness….waking up. 

One important thing that comes to me about all of this is above all, we must not become the oppressors!  We must not stoop to low and primal levels to achieve our goals.  Rise up!  Lead by your example.  Show those who seem to be so blind and lost in greed that there is another way out of the muck! 

So anyways…back to following the money…. 

This one I’ve been following for some time because I have a really big problem with people spraying poison on everything.  This “merger buyout” doesn’t surprise me at all:

31 July 2012 Jackie drawing cleansing of mother earth with the sun

31 July 2012 Jackie drawing cleansing of mother earth with the sun

15 Aug 2012 Jackie Drawing about the long term consquences of spraying pesticides

15 Aug 2012 Jackie Drawing about the long term consquences of spraying pesticides


Chemical Giant Bayer Agrees To Buy Monsanto For $66 Billion

September 14, 20169:02 AM ET

The German pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer says it will buy U.S. seed seller Monsanto for $66 billion in an all-cash deal that will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and agricultural chemicals.

The takeover offer, which Monsanto has accepted, is $4 billion more than Bayer had initially offered and a 44 percent premium over Monsanto’s stock price on May 9, a day before negotiations began. Bayer says it will be taking on $57 billion in debt to finance the purchase, which is the largest-ever foreign acquisition by a German company.

http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/news/who%27s-banking-dakota-access-pipeline – Obama should have completely nixed this because he didn’t, they are fast-forwarding what they are allowed to build which is a disaster waiting to happen.  You can’t rush this type of project and they are.  I am concerned about everyone involved.  The one sure way to stop this is for there to be no pipeline workers to build it.  What if they all walked away?  I know that’s not going to happen but that’s what we need to happen.  If there is no one to do these people’s dirty work, no pipeliners, no security, no National Guard troops to call in, no police willing to go to the sight…what do they do then?  This whole thing hinges on growth and doing more of this same type of activity in order to appease their investors.  It is UNSUSTAINABLE and JUST LIKE THEY DID THAT SCREWED OUR ECONOMY IN 2007-2008!  They learned nothing and when, not if, this “blows up” they are going to expect US, the citizens of the world, to bail them out again!  NO!  Why don’t you folks try investing in a SUSTAINABLE future?   There are so many better ways you could make money and you choose this! 

I don’t understand you and for this I’m praying for your greatest good, whatever that may be. 

Who’s Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline?

The Standing Rock Sioux are inspiring the world with their resistance against the pipeline. But it’s not just Big Oil and Gas that they’re opposing.

By Jo Miles, Hugh MacMillan


When the Army Corps of Engineers issued a permit for the 1,100-mile Dakota Access Pipeline in July, executives at the corporations behind the plan probably thought their path forward was clear. They’d moved easily through the permit process, seemingly dodging the concerns of people affected by the pipeline, and were ready to go ahead with construction.

But the communities in the pipeline’s path, especially local tribes, had other ideas. Thousands of people, mostly Native Americans, have converged at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota in an effort to stop the pipeline from being built. The Standing Rock Sioux call the pipeline a black snake, and they know that if it were to rupture and spill — a serious risk, given the well-documented history of pipeline leaks in the U.S. — it could poison their drinking water and pollute their sacred land.

As we will detail, the Standing Rock Sioux are not just up against the oil and gas industry and the federal government, as daunting a challenge that alone would be. They are up against the many of the most powerful financial and corporate interests on Wall Street, the profit-driven institutions that are bankrolling this pipeline plan and so many others like it throughout the country.

Corporate Interests Bankrolling the Pipeline

Powerful oil and gas companies are taking appalling steps to override the Sioux’s objections, using their immense financial resources to push for building this pipeline, which will further line their pockets. But behind the companies building the pipeline is a set of even more powerful Wall Street corporations that might give you flashbacks to the 2007 financial crisis.

Here are the financial institutions banking on the Dakota Access pipeline

Source Food and Water Watch - these are all the financial institutions involved with this project

Source Food and Water Watch – these are all the financial institutions involved with this project. I am ashamed to see the bank Kyle and I currently use, Wells Fargo, on this list.

This recent article, from one of their sources even, shows why putting together pipelines HASTILY with shoddy materials is a disaster waiting to happen!  The very reason why we are concerned that this pipeline and so many others exist at all!  It’s not if they will fail, it’s WHEN!  I read some comments today on Facebook pages that say that the Sioux are just mad because they aren’t getting profits from the line, that they are in bed with the oil companies, that these lines don’t go across native lands or burial sites and are just following a pre-existing routes.  All of this could be true, I don’t know.  What I do know is putting a pipe pushing millions of barrels of oil next to any major drinking water source is absolutely absurd.  Putting a pipe carrying millions of barrels of black goop near fields that grow food, that people have homes located near is absurd. 

This kind of thinking isn’t uncommon for Texas oil companies however.  This is where I get “personal” about what I’m saying here.  In the neighborhood next to mine they put in a natural gas well right behind a bunch of homes….barely 300 ft from their backyard fences and our city couldn’t do a darn thing about it because it wasn’t city property.  My neighborhood is surrounded around and below ground by natural gas lines…my neighbors and I are basically living on a bomb.  We’ve had leaks and guess what?  I had to find out from my neighbor because no one from the gas companies bothered to let any of us know!  How does this make any sense?!  How is this safe?  Methane ripples across the fields across the street from a natural gas well they fracked in 2013 some 1700 ft from my house and in between a middle school and a junior high school…it’s in fields that grow food and have cattle grazing there.  How does this make any sense?!  Yeah, what is going on in the Dakota’s is personal to me.  I was born in Sioux Falls SD and I have family and friends living there!  I want them to have clean water, clean air and safe food to eat and if I can do anything to help ensure they have that, I will.   This isn’t just an “Indian” problem….this is about the entire world!

20 Aug 2012 Jackie Drawing - what was happening to us when they started fracking well in other neighborhood

20 Aug 2012 Jackie Drawing – what was happening to us when they started fracking well in other neighborhood


Firm: Faster-than-expected corrosion led to pipeline blast

September 14, 2016

Associated Press

GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) — Faster-than-expected corrosion caused a Pennsylvania natural gas pipeline blast that scorched 40 rural acres in April and badly burned a man whose home was destroyed, the Texas energy company that owns the pipeline said.

Andy Drake, the vice president of operations and environmental health and safety with Houston-based Spectra Energy Corp., shared those findings Tuesday night in Salem Township, Westmoreland County. The 30-inch pipeline burst there April 29.

The pipeline showed some corrosion during a 2012 inspection but not enough to warrant action until 2019. That’s because officials anticipated corrosion would grow 2 to 3 percent annually. Instead, the line corrosion increased about five times faster, or 10 to 15 percent each year, said Drake, who apologized for the failure.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” Drake told the township’s board of supervisors, as well as federal and state regulators, at a meeting that drew about 80 residents.

“This is the challenge we’ve put to ourselves: Imagine a person standing next to this pipe — your son, your mother. Are we comfortable that this pipe is absolutely safe everywhere?” Drake said.

My thanks to EVERYONE who is using all their gifts to try and spread the word and bring about more awareness and consciousness about our shared home.







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