12 Sept 2016 My spontaneous yet well-timed visit to the Ft Worth Stockyards Holistic Fair to see my family and being shown a new tool for help with self-discovery: Human Design, Alexis Arquettte and “being you” no matter what!

Hello to you on this fine Monday morning.  It’s about 9:26 am in my shared dimension with Kyle as I start to write to you.  I’m feeling pretty good after yesterday.  I decided to do something spontaneous….zomg….stop the presses right?!  I found myself missing my family,  my “tribe” (term my Grandpa Becker used to use to describe being with all of us) that we’ve gotten to know and love in this area and decided to drive up to the Ft Worth Holistic Fair to see everyone!  I’m so glad I did!

Before I had decided to go, I was reminded by Facebook that yesterday marked my friend Cyndy Morgan and my 1 year  Facebook friendship.  Well she, Kyle and I have been friends for much longer than one year so I found a disk with pictures we took just before we left Delaware and shared them with her!  Before we left Delaware in 2009, we had two cars and one of them was Kyle’s Chevy Malibu.  Well we realized that if we tried to take both cars with us to Texas, it could make the trip difficult for us and we weren’t sure how well the Malibu would make the trip.  Well turns out, Cyndy, who was Kyle’s parents mail carrier and a dear  personal friend/family to all of us, was in need of a car!  So Kyle gave it to her for $1 (some stupid legal thing and he gave it right back to her lol) and we got some pictures. One of the pictures had Kyle holding our beloved boy, cocker spaniel Sammy who passed away in April 2011.

So keeping this in mind now, I was almost to the exit for the Stockyards off of 35W and I noticed that the car in front of me had a different license plate than I’m used to seeing.  It was….a…DELAWARE license plate!  Of all the license plates the Universe could have put in front of me lol.  If that wasn’t enough, almost right after I realized this, we had a slow down because of an accident.  The car pulled off to the side looked just like Kyle’s old Malibu!  Still a few feet down was what looked like the body of a black dog!  At first I asked myself, as I started to cry, “Am I supposed to go home, is this a sign I should turn around?!”  My inside voice yelled at me, like it has to sometimes, “FOLLOW THAT CAR!”  Every time doubt started creeping in, the same message and as I calmed down it added, “Your where your supposed to be, all is well, don’t worry!”  So I just kept going on to the Fair, to my family gathered there and I’m so glad I did!

The last time I had gone to the Fair with Kyle and I had an Ashiatsu massage with our Rebecca and I told you about a “cold snap” and just the energy not feeling right etc. etc.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to go back.  Well after sitting with my friend and someone like a sister to me, Sarah Brock, and having her share with me what she’s been learning about a system called Human Design….the previous experience and so many others made sense!

She used the online chart (link I’ve shared for you so you can try it) to put my “vitals” in so a basic chart could be generated for us to look at.  Sarah, Rebecca, Liz and Doug all suspect there is some kind of conspiracy with birth certificates…they never put the time we are born!  So we had to kind of guess and went with  7/8 (20:00hrs)p.m. because I thought I remember my Grandpa Becker saying I was almost a Valentines Baby.  What the chart came up with was that I’m one of the most rare “types” of the 4 you can be, a Reflector.  With Reflectors, and this is from their literature: “Place is everything….if in right place, they are with the right people and can bring benefit to their communities with their seeing.”  WHAM!! The other discovery is the Authority of Reflectors is Lunar cycles.  During any given part of a Lunar Cycle, a Reflector type can be any one of the 4 types!  Which also makes sense to me in how I am.  Reflectors shouldn’t make major decisions until the completion of a Lunar cycle for clarity purposes.  I notice that as the moon cycle gets closer to full, my abilities in the dream world and insight are much keener and my other abilities much stronger.  I’m thinking it has to do with the energies between the moon and earth…the Veil being more open.

Anyhew….I am grateful to Sarah for spending time with me yesterday to use this tool to give me some possible insight into who I am, what I’m here for and the “why” of how I can be at times.  It helped me understand why she is who she is too and why when we are together we synchronize so well.  Sometimes we don’t even have to say anything and we exchange information!  Missed my sister but we knew these days were coming. I knew that we would be spending more time apart and she would be traveling and learning because she’s a Manifestor type who is here to Inform and “to initiate and be an unstoppable force that can move matter on this planet.”

So I got to see, talk to Sarah Brock, Rebecca Lippens for Kavya Healing Arts, Wayne Lone Eagle Darling and his wife, Tanya Knight, I met a new family member Jeana Brown who sells crystal eggs (Mystic Egg), Angelique and Morgana Ewing from Shining Moon Farm (I LOVE their homemade soaps) and Wanda Ironheart from Ironheart Energy Healing.  I spent a great deal of time talking to one vendor, they were next to Wayne and his wife’s booth, that were a Korean husband and wife that were selling an amazing assortment of crystal beings….we “talked crystal” to each other.  Not many people agree that crystals, rocks and minerals are “beings” and have a language, a “voice” in their energy signatures.  I’m extremely sensitive to them.  The husband enjoyed handing me different crystals to see what they felt like to me, what they were “saying.”  I almost bought one but it was like $75 and I just couldn’t spend that even though it was a very fair price.  They didn’t mind!  Beautiful people and I just loved talking to them and their “friends” as we agreed they are.

I mentioned meeting Jeana Brown from Mystic Egg.  She and I just started talking.  She had one larger egg, redstone or something?  It was brown and almost looked like petrified wood in a way or the view from space of a land and water mass.  Anyhew….everytime I held it I had to fight from crying!  When she held it she didn’t feel that and neither did Tanya.  Well they are both Mother’s and that is the energy and language this particular egg was speaking!  Well I’ve never been a “real” Mom and always have missed my Mom(s) and so may be this egg was “speaking” to a my longing to fill that empty space?  Well get this, Jeana and I were worried about trying to connect to each other and turns out Tanya, who was sharing their booth, had already done that and invited me to Jeana’s Mystic Egg Facebook page!  We just didn’t realize we were already “officially” connected.  I liked our approach….face to face, voice to voice better lol.

Tanya, my beautiful Dragon lady, and I got to hug a lot and exchange the sentiments you just can’t adequately to those you love on Facebook – to look someone in their eyes and tell them you are so glad to see them, that they are special to you, that you love them.  Text just can’t translate that!  Such as it was for Sarah too.  We just don’t get together like we used to because that is our path right now and we knew it was coming…but we always circle back around.

The last part of my visit was with The Shining Moon Farm folks – Angelique and her very special daughter whose name is Morgana Angelique!!  Remember Kyle’s avatar on FFXIV….Morrigu Deangelique!  Yeah!  I talked with Morgana when Kyle was with me last time.  Since I was alone this time, we were able to talk more in depth about her art and her creative process.  She’s extremely talented and I keep trying to encourage her to do something with her gift!

So I spent a long time talking with Morgana about her drawings that stem from anime and manga she enjoys…she draws SANS characters which as I understand it are extensions, like fan fiction, from Indie Game Undertale and other  anime/manga :

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undertale (Indie Game):

Undertale is a role-playing video game created by indie developer Toby Fox. In the game, players control a human child who has fallen into the Underground, a large, secluded region underneath the surface of the Earth, separated by a magic barrier. The player meets various monsters during a quest to return to the surface, mainly through the combat system; the player navigates through mini-bullet hell attacks by the opponent cyclically, and can opt to spare monsters instead of attacking and killing them. These choices affect the game, with the dialogue, characters, and story changing based on outcomes.


http://www.humandesignamerica.com/chart – this is the site Sarah used to do my basic chart yesterday

http://www.humandesign.net/human_design.html – to learn more about what the concept of Human Design is

Human Design is about decision-making. It can show you how to consistently make the right choices in your life. It is a way of allowing your body’s intelligence to guide you. Making decisions based on what is fixed and reliable in you as opposed to making decisions from your mind. The mind is always influenced by the outside conditioning and propaganda and doesn’t reflect your uniqueness. It can show you how to live not according to rules, advice and opinions of others, but as an original human being, as yourself.

The Mystic Egg Facebook Group started by Jeana Brown:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1822260424672986/

This is Morgana’s tumbler address if you would like to see more of her work, she also writes stories to go with them:  http://muchild789.tumblr.com/

http://www.healingquantumlee.com/the-holistic-fair/ – main website

https://www.facebook.com/theholisticfair/?fref=ts – Facebook page for more info on the Fair

https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenAgeofGans/ – Keshe Foundation Group

In keeping with the theme of Human Design and being yourself, I saw this story and felt it fit here perfectly.  I was especially touched to read that Alexis passed listening to David Bowie’s Starman!   They mentioned Gene Wilder was listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow as sung by Ella Fitzgerald when he passed. 

“Music, the great comforter and travel companion to so wherever you shall roam.”


Alexis Arquette’s family have paid tribute to the trans actor, praising her fight for the “understanding and acceptance” of the trans community

The actor – best known for roles in Last Exit To Brooklyn, Pulp Fiction and The Wedding Singer – passed away “surrounded by love” yesterday, as her family “held her and sang her David Bowie’s Starman”.

The Arquette family have since released a joint statement praising Alexis’ bravery and trans activism.

“Alexis was a brilliant artist and painter, a singer, an entertainer and an actor,” her siblings said.

“We learned what real bravery is through watching her journey of living as a trans woman. We came to discover the one truth – that love is everything.”

“She fiercely lived her reality in a world where it is dangerous to be a trans person – a world largely unready to accept differences among human beings, and where there is still the ugliness of violence and hostility towards people that we may not understand.”

Her family also championed her determination to reject stereotypical trans roles, despite the effect it may have had on her career.

“Her career was cut short, not by her passing, but by her decision to live her truth and her life as a transgender woman,” they said.

“Despite the fact that there are few parts for trans actors, she refused to play roles that were demeaning or stereotypical.

“She was a vanguard in the fight for understanding and acceptance for all trans people,” they added.

“Alexis always had to do everything first. She left before we were ready to let her go.”

The trans star came from a family of distinguished entertainers and was the sibling of David, Rosanna, Richmond and Patricia Arquette, who have asked for donations be made to organisations which support the LGBT community in their sister’s honour.

Her cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

*I’ve always wanted an acoustic blue guitar lol….safe travels Alexis, you did good while you were here. 


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