10 Sept 2016 Trying to regain trust in my country (Bakken Pipeline and 9/11), Tech N9ne ft RedCloud “PTSD” (song/video about Standing Rock Pipeline protests, Mc RedCloud lyrics), Green Party Jill Stein owning her mistakes at protests, crowd funded Solar Car the Sion, Exploring Brown’s Gas as alternative fuel

Hello to you this fine, gray, cool Saturday morning.  It’s abut 10:51 am here in the dimension I share with Kyle and our four-legged family members.  I’m still coming down from the excitment, worry, stress, frustration….relief…just a whole gamut of emotions from following and trying to do what was within my skillset and personal ability to help with the North Dakota (Bakken Dakota Access) Oil Pipeline Protests.  I was so happy initially with what President Obama and people in the Justice Department at Washington, the Air National Guard etc. did but later as I got ready for bed, I started to feel really uneasy and anxious.  Kyle says it’s because when I took the dogs out I was rattled by the “joy”  going on at our High School Football stadium (“Friday night lights”) and the searchlight that somebody was flashing across the sky.  He’s probably right. I guess I am having to find my “middle” again after being all over the place the past few days and part of finding it is involves Faith.

My Faith in my country and it’s people, especially it’s Government (all levels), corporations involved in fossil fuel and other environmentally impactful industries has been sorely tested for so long that it’s hard to believe every one is actually “on the level” about trying to fix this shared mess without being manipulative, self-serving, deceitful and all those types of “word” that come to mind.  It is in my nature, after my own experiences of wanting to believe the very best about people, places and things (called gullible) and then getting hurt or lied to afterwards that I am worried about “the other shoe dropping” and my getting hurt again.


Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 that killed 2,996 people in the actually attack but has killed, sometimes slowly….this “wound” has yet to heal.  For example many first responders suffer,  have suffered and died from cancer from being exposed to abestos from the exploded buildings:

http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/new-concerns-over-911-first-responders-mental-health/ –  (video)

New concerns over 9/11 first responders’ mental health September 9, 2016, 6:44 PM|First responders to the September 11th attacks have been stricken with respiratory illnesses and cancer. But as Dr. Jon LaPook reports, there are growing concerns over their mental health, as well. (Memory loss!)

Another interesting article in regards to Abestos:


9/11 Asbestos Exposure Asbestos from 9/11 buildings is suspected of putting thousands of people at risk for lung diseases. When terrorists used airliners to attack the towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the destruction and damage done to the buildings released clouds of dust that contained toxins such as:

Benzene, and more

Buildings Constructed Before Asbestos Was Banned
The World Trade Center and Pentagon were built long before asbestos restrictions were put in place in the 1980s. About 400 tons of asbestos were used in the construction of the World Trade Center, for example. It’s now estimated that more than 100,000 individuals may have suffered serious exposure to toxins such as asbestos from the 9/11 buildings, including:

4,000 first-responders (police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel) 80,000 tower workers (both volunteers and paid clean-up workers such as steelworkers, insulation workers, masons, pipefitters, machine operators, plumbers, structural engineers, boilermakers, carpenters, electricians, truckers, sheet metal workers, steamfitters, landfill workers) 30,000 residents of the Lower Manhattan region where Ground Zero is located September 11th

First Responders Hit Hardest.

Most of the first responders were not wearing protective gear when they arrived at the scene on 9/11, and they probably inhaled a significant amount of asbestos fibers. An EMT (emergency medical technician) with the New York Fire Department, Deborah Reeve, is the first person whose death is linked to exposure to asbestos from 9/11 buildings; she died of mesothelioma cancer in early 2006.

Screenings have indicated that nearly 75% of the WTC first responders, workers, and local residents are suffering from respiratory problems.

Ground Zero Clean-Up Crews

Tens of thousands of people worked for months to clean up what became known as Ground Zero, taking away debris and transporting it to landfills. Although some of them wore protective gear (such as respirators), it may not have been adequate. Asbestos from the 9/11 buildings was in the air and in the buildings’ debris that had to be removed.

WTC Neighborhood Residents

Thousands of people lived and worked in the Lower Manhattan area where the twin towers of the WTC stood, and many residents could not or chose not to leave the area after the towers collapsed. Five days after 9/11, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a news release stating that it was safe to return to the area. The clouds of toxic dust from the towers hovered over the area for weeks, exposing these residents and commuting employees to asbestos from the 9/11 buildings.

Medical and Legal Help for Asbestos Exposure

The symptoms of respiratory problems that can be caused by exposure to toxins include breathing difficulties, chest pain, and a persistent cough. If you have these symptoms, see a doctor. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who may have been exposed to toxic asbestos from 9/11 buildings, contact an asbestos lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options.


The protests at Standing Rock in North Dakota and what the initial response was to the protectors shook my practically non-existent faith in my country.  I thought “here we go again, history repeating itself!!!” But then President Obama and the US Justice Department stepped in and have put a temporary halt on the pipelines construction pending an Environmental Impact Study. Was this just a ploy to “calm the natives” and delay the inevitable arrival of torches and pitchforks on the White House steps?  Part of me says yes but part of me also is saying, “Have Faith.”  I don’t like how the other part of me makes me feel….anxious, irritable, nervous, sad, angry and frustrated.  So until I’m given a reason to think/believe otherwise….I’m going to try the Faith approach.  I am going to have Faith that my country’s government (at all levels and states) and my country’s people (all walks of life) can get this mess we’ve made together figured out!  We all have a part to play and it’s not going to be easy.  We will have to make some drastic changes to how we conduct our lives — not just those of us who already are but those sitting in the “cream” at the top.  (ALL of us have to work to reduce our toxic footprints all over this planet – planes, trains, automobiles, tractors and other heavy duty equipment, industry, manufacturing….everything).

Just this morning Kyle and I were talking about how Texas could reduce traffic on it’s roads and reduce the amount of money it’s spending on infrastructure trying to keep up with more cars and people.  They could do much more to make better and more public transportation systems in ALL of our cities and towns not just in the larger cities.  More carpooling, large event organizers working to have pick-up points so people can park their cars and be bussed into locations instead of so many people driving individual vehicles.  Instead of 100 cars going to one event, you have may 2 full buses.  Too much of what Texas seems to be about right now is having to “go to” get and do everything!  They are constantly having to do road construction and can’t keep up with the maintenance of the existing roads!  This makes trying to participate and take part in things very unpleasant for most people I think….speaking for Kyle and I….trying to go anywhere near the cities here in North Texas in a car sucks balls!  This is why we end up talking ourselves out of doing a lot of things…we just don’t want to have to drive so far and through so much traffic and construction to get there.  When we went to the Distant Worlds Concert at the Morton H. Meyerson in the center of Dallas TX our Garmin GPS had recalculate like 4 times because of construction!!  Anyhew….there are really smart people with lots of really good ideas that I hope can be heard or given a chance to influence and lead the changes we need to make to cut carbon emissions in our state!

The other thing I’ve talked about many times is the billions of jobs that would be created if we started by just teaching vehicle  mechanics how to convert any vehicle currently using fossil fuel into a hybrid or completely alternative energy/fossil fuel free!  No more new cars but “recycling” the ones we already have on the road.

Anyhew…..changing gears a bit

I wanted to share this song/video I saw on Facebook this morning.  I’ll admit this song/video and it’s lyrics are not “friendly” to people like me, a 99% European (47% Western European) White person, a “cracker” I suppose!  But I listened to it anyways and it spoke to me about what our first people just went through, have been through and will probably continue to face.  It spoke to me of the plight many  people of color and those who are “different”  go through every day in our country.  It spoke to me of  our war veterans who continue to go through with PTSD then add 9/11 survivors/first responders…..anyone on this planet who has been witness to something no one should ever have to see or experience and be left in a world that doesn’t seem to care.  A world that almost seems to punish them for surviving….ridicule them for living to tell their stories and share their pain.   It’s insanity!

Tech N9ne ft RedCloud -“PTSD” #NODAPL (not my normal genre of music that I listen to but this is important and it’s a using of gifts to share a message, tell a story and fight for a better future for all of us!)

Published on Sep 9, 2016
Tech N9ne ft RedCloud -“PTSD” #NODAPL

Mc Redcloud Lyrics

Indigenous is all i know.
Protect the land of all evil.
But still they send the enemies-
To break the Treaties that we hold.

Im camping out in Cannonball
in Tipis, call us Radicals.
Then ride into the Pipeline protest
on a herd of Buffalo!

Tired of the lies my people feeling stressed
its post Traumatic.
Boarding schools, its rape and murder.
Torture chambers in the attic.

So I’m writing down these bars
from a one man tent.
Trying to protect waters
from a corrupt Government.

Big Oil owns the media
but don’t own Tech.
Distract you with this fake election
cause ya don’t know shit.

North Dakota frontline
Red Warrior Camp
We are all Warrior Built
and now were taking a stand!

Today they sent attack dogs,
come on cracker…yeah, hurt me!
Pepperspray me in my
Colin Kaepernick jersey.

So im yelling “Water is Life”
and begging God for his mercy.
listen to me now,
believe me when your family is thirsty.
Standard YouTube License

Jill Stein for President?!  I'm going to be taking a closer look at her!  I want the answer to be YES!

Jill Stein – we have options and I have faith in her. I may have been disappointed about the spray painting but she’s taking responsibility for her mistake which is something I do respect. I want a President I can trust to be honest with me and if they make a mistake to own it and not point fingers at other people, countries, places and things.

http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/green-partys-stein-return-north-dakota-protest-related-charges/ – I’m so proud of Jill for owning her mistake and I agree, these charges are pretty lame considering unarmed people had biting dogs unleashed on them and they were pepper sprayed!  Hmmm.  I’m proud of her for doing something neither Trump nor Clinton bothered to do….stand in solidarity with the people she hopes to represent. Jill you still have my vote!
Green Party nominee to return to North Dakota for protest-related charges (excerpt – if you go to main article you can watch video interview and learn more about Jill)
BY Associated Press   September 9, 2016 at 4:17 PM EDT

CHICAGO — Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says she’ll return to North Dakota to face charges for spray-painting construction equipment in protest of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Now for something completely different something all of what is here today has in common — the quest for alternative, safe, clean burning, efficient, non-environmentally destructive energy and fuel sources.  My thanks to Mark House, from the Golden Age of GANS for leading me to this.  It started with a conversation about a crowd-funded solar car called the Sion. 


The Sion is an innovative electric car with integrated solar cells in the body, a range of 250km and a price of less than € 16,000. 30 free kilometers per day are possible with electricity generated by the sun. The stored energy can be used through bidirectional charging for all common electronic devices. Sion is a family friendly vehicle, thanks to 6 seats and optional trailer coupling. In Short: A self-charging electric car for infinite, sustainable driving.

Not mentioned here is using moss for air filtration!
Well Mark, like he typically does, has an answer for most questions and he shared the link to this short video to try and help me visually (I’m a “show-me” learner) see what Brown’s Gas is and what it can be used for:

Brown’s Gas News Broadcast

On my own I found this company/site and more information about Brown’s Gas!  This looks like such a simple alternative to so many fuels and energies….has it been overlooked and if so why?
http://www.watertorch.com/ – this company sells Brown’s Gas Water torches and explains what it is, history and current applications

Brown’s Gas is Superior:

Brown’s Gas costs only Pennies per hour to OperateBottle rental, exchanges, storage and cartage fees of traditional torch fuels are eliminated. The only ‘fuel’ costs of BG are water & electricity. Through a specialized process of electrolysis, the electrical energy is ‘stored’ in the Brown’s Gas.  Brown’s Gas increases ProductivityThe differences between Brown’s Gas and ‘conventional’ torch gases are both dramatic and remarkable. When Brown’s Gas is ignited, the flame releases an extraordinary energy potential. BG cuts iron about 30% faster than any other industrial gas because the oxidation effect is enhanced. Pre-cleaning is usually eliminated. (BG cuts dirty metal easily with minimal popping and spitting.) The BG flame produces cuts so precise that little or no finishing is needed. Torch tips are virtually maintenance free and oxygen bottle exchanges are minimized. Since Brown’s Gas is created on-demand, you won’t run out of gas in the middle of a cut! Brown’s Gas Flame is SaferThe BG flame has minimal radiant heat. The cool torch tips, which are safe enough to touch, also prevent flash backs. The torch can be used more safely in tight areas where combustibles could ignite. Brown’s Gas is User-FriendlyRegardless of the torch gas currently being used, converting to Brown’s Gas, is easy, efficient and immediately satisfying. Use all the same equipment (minus the bottles), light up and go! You don’t even have to make mixture adjustments. Brown’s Gas is EcologicalBG exhaust is pure water. No harmful emissions like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radiation, or oxides of nitrogen are created. Brown’s Gas is odorless and harmless when inhaled (unless ignited). In fact, hydrogen:oxygen mixtures have been tested as an underwater breathing mixture. Brown’s Gas is inherently safer than conventional torch gases because it is lighter than air and diffuses rapidly in air (becomes noncombustible). BG is the only torch gas that can easily meet (USA) government standards for both zero pollution and no storage of combustible gas in enclosed areas.

Brown’s Gas Flame Characteristics
• ‘laser-like’: long, thin, implosive• ‘cool’: radiates at 274°F / 129°C.• inherently a correct mixture• minimal flareout• does not require atmospheric oxygen to burn• does not deplete oxygen in area • can burn in vacuum• flame energy is controllable by volume of gas & distance from work (allows operator extreme precision and flexibility)• no harmful radiation emissions• clean: exhaust is pure water• flame is easily shut off & restarted
ER WaterTorches Make Water into Fire into Water • Brown’s Gas reverts to pure water when burned. • Unique and efficient medium for transmitting electrical energy into materials

BG Flame Does Not Boil Water• water and air dissipate the electrical energy with minimal heating• 3.8 times the energy potential of a diatomic flame of equal mass


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