8 Sept 2016 Night Moves and Dreams and my trying to understand air pollution in the small town of Alvarado TX, Symptoms of Deadly Orgone (DOR) poisoning from atmospheric pollution

Hello to you, it’s about 8 a.m. as I write to you from my dimension here.  How are you?  I slept pretty good after Kyle quit his walking/talking he does sometimes – “Night moves!!”  He had a dream about someone getting electrocuted and was going to check on the person, he saw sparks across a room.  I turned on my lamp before he could get there LOL!  I can tell he’s back in school, he actively dreams like this when he’s a bit stressed or in a new environment.  He works out things in his dreams but the part that is supposed to keep him immobilized doesn’t always work!

Anyhew.  I had a couple dreams myself.  The first one was I think about my friend Sarah.  The woman in the dream had opened a nice place that had something to do with spirituality, lots of wood in it, and I asked her if she was going to give classes in it (which Sarah has done at her place in Ft Worth).  She asked me where I lived and I told her Alvarado and she mentioned she had a place near there too!  Well Sarah has Blessed Oaks which was her original workplace and she would do classes out her home there.

The next dream I had was about getting an email with a title, “Can we live here Maaz?”  I was confused at to what that could mean and had to come back to it.  When I opened it, it was a picture of some pretty flowers!  Then there was my mother-in-law Beth bringing over little cakes, like slices of cake I want to say (like cupcakes, which she has done before) but they were immersed in water to “preserve” them for some reason.  Kyle’s youngest brother Cole was with her.  When she went to remove some of them, they were spoiled so they had to be thrown away.  I remember her calling loudly at Cole but she didn’t say his name, it was a word, a name I’d never heard before, like “Archelon! or Takon!”  Very strange…..my head full of dreams LOL.

Changing gears in a way now.  Still about dreams though….my dreams for clean air for this planet.  This morning Kyle and I walked the dogs around the block before he went to class and it was horrible!  I had to put a shirt over my face because it was so hard for me to breathe, I was getting a headache and I felt nauseous.   Kyle got a headache and found it difficult to breathe also.  I was not happy to have this go on and be walking up to school children waiting for their bus…they had been sitting out in this for awhile!

The sky had those fast moving gray clouds again.  Why is this happening?  Is it an airborne plant allergin or is it something else?  The past few days I have noticed the air to be “grainy” and if I spent too much time out I would start coughing.  This isn’t normally what happens when I have an allergic reaction to pollen.  When I have an allergic reaction to pollen my eyes itch, my skin itches and sometimes I get blotches, my nose runs and my nasal passages get all inflamed and stopped up.  None of this has been going on except the irritated eyes, throat and coughing.  The air smells bad too.

There are just so many possible culprits for this pollution!  It’s not just the factories, or the airplanes, or the cars, or the agriculture or just natural activities with pollen….put all these together with vigilant regulation and oversight nd you have bad news for us!   Asthma, COPD, cancer and worse than normal allergies for example.  The more crap we put into the air, the harder the plants have to work to compensate…henceforth….more pollen and worse allergies.  I am starting to wonder if the immune systems of the trees and plants are being compromised like ours are now.  I have more sick trees this year than ever before to include our pecan tree.  The only trees that don’t seem to be having much trouble, and I don’t mind, are our Crepe Myrtles! 

So I wonder….is this part of living downwind from the cement factories one of the causes of air pollution in my town?

Source Internet - cement factory Midlothian TX

Source Internet – cement factory Midlothian TX


Air pollution—outdoors and in—can make you sick

Here’s how to protect yourself

Published: March 18, 2015 03:30 PM
Car exhaust produces tiny particles that can bypass your body’s natural defense mechanism.

Tiny specks of air pollution can cause big health problems. Air quality in the U.S. is gradually improving, but “particles you breathe in can increase blood pressure, inflame arteries, and speed up heart rate,” says Norman H. Edelman, M.D., senior consultant for scientific affairs at the American Lung Association.

A 2012 studyin the Archives of Internal Medicine found that breathing outdoors on one moderately polluted day led to a 30 percent spike in strokes 12 to 14 hours later. And, says Gregory A. Wellenius, Sc.D., lead author and associate professor of epidemi­ology at Brown University, “Other studies also show more ER and hospital admissions for heart attacks on polluted days.”

Indeed, a study published online this month in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests air pollution may be linked to a dangerous narrowing of neck arteries that occurs before strokes. The researchers looked at  medical test records for more than 300,000 people living in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut and found that people living in ZIP codes with the highest average levels of pollution were significantly more likely to show signs of narrowing in their internal carotid arteries, compared with those living in ZIP codes with the lowest pollution levels.

“We spend a lot of time thinking about traditional risk factors for stroke such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and smoking—but our data underscore the possibility that everyday air pollution may also pose a significant stroke risk,” says Jeffrey S. Berger, M.D., an assistant professor in the department of medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center and a study author.

Air pollution is especially problematic for children; people 65 and older; and people with asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Outdoor air problems

Medical researchers are highly concerned about ozone (a potentially hazardous gas) and fine-particle pollution—from car and truck exhaust, factories, power plants, and wildfires. Those particles, smaller in diameter than a human hair, can lodge deep in your lungs or ­enter your bloodstream. What to do:

•Check your local pollution levels at airnow.gov. If you’re at higher risk, try to stay in air-conditioned areas when the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index is 101 or higher.
•During higher-pollution periods, ex­er­­cise and work outdoors early in the morning, when pollution levels are usually lower.
•High-traffic areas are more polluted; avoid them when on foot or bicycling.
•Don’t burn trash or wood outside or leave your car idling. On high-pollution days, don’t run fuel-burning power equipment.
•Don’t assume face masks are going to solve the problem. N-95 masks may provide some benefit, but most commercially available air masks are not designed to protect against all forms of air pollution, like smog.

Indoor air problems

The major indoor pollutants include cigarette smoke, fireplace and wood-stove smoke, kitchen-range fumes, mold and mildew, air-freshener ingredients, animal dander, and dust. Those are especially worrisome for people with allergies or asthma. They can also irritate the eyes, nose, and throat or cause headaches in anyone. To breathe easier indoors:

•Ban smoking in your home and car.
•Vacuum to reduce dust and dander.

•Run air conditioners or dehumidifiers to help thwart mold and mildew.
•Use exhaust fans in your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry area.
•Use a vented range hood to extract smoke and kitchen odors.
•Replace older wood stoves; newer models emit less smoke. A lower number on the EPA’s certification label means it burns more cleanly.
•Burn only untreated, fully dried wood in your fireplace, and don’t light it around anyone with a heart or lung condition.
•Nix air fresheners. They can contain volatile organic compounds and phthalates that can cause headaches and eye, nose, and throat irritation, and worsen asthma symptoms.

Can an air purifier help?

Indoor air purifiers filter dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen—helpful for those with allergies or asthma. But they may not eliminate the ultrafine particles. There are two types:

Portable air purifiers

Designed to clean the air in one area or room, they range in price from $80 to $1,700. In our recent tests, the best large portable models removed more particles at high speeds and still did well at lower, quieter speeds.

Whole-house purifiers

For forced-air heating or cooling systems only, these special filters replace the regular one in your furnace. They cost $7 to $100. Our top models excelled at filtering dust and pollen without impeding airflow in our tests. Note that the Lennox requires professional installation.

—Sue Byrne

Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the May 2015 issue of Consumer Reports on Health.

https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.mainplace you can go to check air quality levels in your area

AQI Forecast - https://files.airnowtech.org/airnow/today/forecast_aqi_20160908_usa.jpg

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This next article is older but it gave me some background on what Kyle and I drove through on the way home from the Distant Worlds Concert on 2 Sept 2016 at about 10:15 or so at night.  It was like driving through a blizzard the visibility was so poor!  Why am I sharing this?  Because I care about the health and welfare of not only my family but all those who live here with me in Texas and all over the world!  The last thing I want is for people’s livelihoods to be messed with, but I feel that they already are!  

I want for the EPA and the  Texas Environmental Quality (TCEQ) folks to do whatever it takes to get these plants to comply with federal and state regulations.  If these plants are already  in compliance, I am confused how that can be possible after what we witnessed the other night.  What we drove through doesn’t seem like it should be “normal” or considered “healthy” to be going on!  I worry about the people, plants and animals living around these plants, working inside of them and for all who live in the radius their exhaust blows!    If these plants are going lax on health and safety standards outside of the plant, what’s going on inside?!  When you do things right you will still make a profit and you’ll have healthy workers too (and less complaints from the cities around you!) Put people, health and safety first — the money will come and you won’t have any regrets about how you made it later.  Doing what is right is seldom easy (or cheap) but it’s worth it in the long run!   



Downwinders was founded in the early 1990’s to bring an end to the burning of hazardous wastes at all three cement plants located in Midlothian, directly south, and upwind of Dallas and Ft. Worth.

TXI, Holcim and Ash Grove all operate huge plants that mine the local limestone and power their giant kilns with a combination of traditional fuels and wastes. Located only a few miles from one another, they make-up the largest concentration of cement manufacturing in the U.S. They’re also the largest industrial sources of air pollution in DFW.

When Downwinders at Risk began, eight cement kilns were operating in Midlothian: seven of them obsolete wet kilns from the 1960’s and four burning hazardous waste. In 2014, there will be 4 cement kilns: none of them wet kilns and none of them burning hazardous waste.

Ash Grove quit burning hazardous wastes in the early 1990’s and for six years Downwinders fought TXI in the most expensive and longest hazardous waste permit battle in Texas history, ultimately losing in 1999. But we didn’t quit. Instead we kept trying to find ways to reduce cement plant pollution. And we slowly but surely succeeded.

We’ve had a few cases of cancer in our neighborhood since we moved here – breast, eye and lungs are three cases I know of and many other respiratory illnesses like COPD.  I don’t think any kind of study has ever been done here in North Texas for cancer rates in towns surrounding these plants.  Remember, “what goes up and out also come down, in and on” such is the nature of particles!  This article is interesting, it’s out of Wales and has similar circumstances:


More new cancer cases near cement plant

00:00, 10 Dec 2010
Updated  22:17, 27 Mar 2013
By WalesOnline

CASES of newly-diagnosed cancer are higher in an area close to a controversial cement plant, an inquiry has found.

Public health experts have said more research is needed to determine why cancer rates are higher in the Hope, Caergwrle and Llanfynydd area near the Hanson cement plant in Flintshire.

The cluster of higher-than-normal levels of new cancers emerged after people living close to the plant in Padeswood had complained about its impact on health.

The most serious concerns are about a link between the plant and cancer and respiratory disease.

A draft report by Public Health Wales Observatory yesterday revealed this cluster of new cancer cases but it has not commented on the cause.

There are another 13 areas in North Wales – not near the cement works – where similarly elevated levels of cancer have been detected.

Dr Roland Salmon, a consultant epidemiologist at Public Health Wales, who presented the report, said: “Factors contributing to health are complex. Effects such as deprivation are known to make an impact.

“Routine information suggests general health is good or better in the areas near the Hanson Cement works compared to that typical for Wales.

“The report shows that new diagnoses of cancer, deaths from cancer and admissions to hospital from respiratory conditions are similar to, or better than, that typical for Wales.

“However, in one of the seven areas we examined – Hope, Caergwrle and Llanfynydd – the figure for new diagnoses of cancer is significantly higher than Wales as a whole.

“There are 13 other locations in North Wales, not near to the cement works, where similar rates can be found.

“Our investigations are not at a stage where we can make conclusions about the causes of cancer.

“There are many types of cancer and each of them is associated with different causes. More detailed work on cancer is already being undertaken.”

An inquiry was launched earlier this year after Health Minister Edwina Hart asked Public Health Wales to look into specific concerns of people living near the Hanson Cement plant.

Hanson was fined £300,000 in February after an Environment Agency prosecution. Nearby residents had repeatedly woken to find their cars and gardens covered in dust.

There have been long-standing concerns in the community about higher-than-normal cancer rates in the area.

The majority of complaints come from people living closest to the site – noise is the main problem for people living in the direction of Padeswood and complaints about dust are more widespread but come mainly from the area towards Penyffordd.

The report by the Public Health Wales Observatory examined 21 indicators of health in each of seven defined locations around the cement works.

Twenty of these indicators were found to be similar to, or better than, Wales as a whole in all seven areas.

One indicator – people with a new diagnosis of cancer – was similar to, or better than, Wales as a whole in six of the seven areas.

Three meetings have now been held in North Wales to update the local population about the course of the investigation.

Andrew Jones, executive director of public health at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and chair of the investigation, said: “We hope that, in helping people to understand each step of the investigation process, they will have a fuller understanding of the information, conclusions and recommendations which may come from the investigation.

A Hanson spokesman said: “This is just another step in the process of reassuring people living around the site that they have nothing to fear from our operations.”

A final thought.  I am sharing the symptoms of Deadly Orgone (DOR) poisoning again because as I look at the list, I recognize many of these in myself since I’ve moved here to Alvarado.  The other thing is I have nearly finished reading Dr. Reich’s Listen Little Man and I have to admit it’s not been an easy read by any stretch…like a rant put into a book form.  I think that was his intention when he wrote it and it was probably very therapeutic for him at the time lol.  Gee who else do I know that rants while they write?!  (me sometimes).   It’s a very unpleasant little book so if you are considering reading it, do so knowing it’s not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.  It’s not going to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside while your read it!

The Title Page to the book I started reading yesterday by Dr. Wilhelm Reich...the drawing by William Steig is perfect. We are both the jail and the jailer...music can be one of the keys to our freedom

The Title Page to the book I started reading yesterday by Dr. Wilhelm Reich…the drawing by William Steig is perfect. We are both the jail and the jailer…music can be one of the keys to our freedom


By Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Posted March 15, 2006


Wilhelm Reich- CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering), OROP Desert
Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought


“The reader of Oranur may remember that M? had struck for the first time forcefully at the end of March 1952, when no Oranur experimentation was going on at Orgonon [Reich’s laboratory and research estate located in Rangely, Maine]. But already in January 1951, at the very start of Oranur, a major problem was the falling ill of most workers at Orgonon.

As the months and years passed by, many millions of people all through the USA and the world fell ill from DOR sickness. The basic and typical symptoms of DOR sickness, commonly referred to as “Virus X” or “Intestinal Flu”, will be enumerated later. DOR sickness has nothing to do with any virus. It is a clear-cut, well circumscribed disease due to pre-atomic “DOR clouds”. These black clouds were passing at irregular intervals over various parts of the world, for various lengths of time, from a few minutes to several days. What is being called “smog” over big cities is a mixture of fog, soot, etc. This fog becomes stagnant and does not dissolve when DOR clouds are present in the atmosphere. It appears not only over big cities, but also in the open countryside which is free of any industrial smoke. So-called “smog” has, therefore, little to do with smoke; however, industrial regions full of soot may well enhance the hovering of DOR clouds over big cities. This makes the situation worse than it would be without the presence of smoke particles in the air. The Orgone Institute organized and received reports from many parts of the USA about DOR sickness, the bulk of the reports coming from New York.

Typical symptoms of DOR sickness are:

General fatigue and emotional distress; in some cases the fatigue is interrupted or even replaced by emotional outbursts of hatred. Nausea frequently follows in the wake of prolonged fatigue. Pressure in head, chest, arms and legs are common. Respiration is difficult, and sensations of lack of oxygen frequently accompany the distress. Thirst, hunger for much water, is grave under conditions which promote a DOR atmosphere, such as presence of fluorescent lights, neon signs in a restaurant, clocks and watches with luminous dials, x-ray machines in a hospital filled with filing cabinets which act as accumulators of atmospheric energy.

Hot flashes alternate with a blackness of appearance. Faces appear bluish to purple. People seem to be choking, as it were. They complain about “something wrong in the air”, or “something queer going on”.

Heart failures with subsequent death are frequent, especially when prolonged fog or drizzling rain with low-lying clouds prevent the supply of fresh oxygen and OR energy from the atmosphere.

Diarrhea is one of the most distressing symptoms in prolonged DOR emergency. The stools become black, due to Melanor which is being eliminated through the intestinal tract. They also become. In advanced cases, soft to watery and contain much mucus. Symptoms of dysentery may develop further, up to amoebae in the stools. This has nothing whatever to do with “infection”. The protozoa develop from low-charged epithelia (see the Cancer Biopathy, 1948).

When the atmosphere clears again, either spontaneously or by means of DOR removal, the symptoms likewise abate, but they never fully disappear as long as there are DOR clouds passing over the region or, as in big cities, are hovering over buildings for weeks on end. The discoloration of the atmosphere may go as far as a dirty brown in the smog or fog.

The stools of DOR-sick people may at times become white or gray from lack of bile. But the blackish soft and watery stool is the more typical symptom.

Nausea may develop into frequent vomiting.

Tachycardia is not an infrequent symptom in some cases.

Typical is also a shivering or fibrillar quivering of muscle groups in various parts of the body. Such fibrillations may harass the heart.

Typical of DOR sickness is an emotional dullness, a letdown in stamina which at times takes the form of stupor in some cases. It goes hand-in-hand with a dull gaze in the eyes, with an expression of despair of the face, not necessarily known to the victim of the disease. At times, a metal ceiling in a room full of people may induce a complete standstill of emotional functioning.

During 1952 and 1953, there were more prison riots in the USA than ever before in a similar stretch of time. This is now understandable as a revolt of organisms against the torture of living in metal cages with DOR clouds present.

In addition to these typical symptoms, persons may develop various atypical symptoms from their individual constitution in response to DOR. Those suffering from a slight liver disturbance may develop severe hepatic syndromes.

Loss of body heat down to a temperature of 96? F or less has been observed in several cases.

Swelling of glands (parotis, submaxillaris), edema of tongue, uvula, glottis, were frequent occurrences.

Total flacid paralysis of legs was seen several times in one case.

Sever thirst, due to dehydration of blood and tissues, and oxygen hunger, due to reduction of oxygen in the air through DOR, are the most distressing syndromes.

It was found that the following remedies at least alleviate the distress.

Frequent warm, soaking baths eliminate Melanor from the skin.

Continuous ventilation of living and sleeping quarters.

Drinking water or tea in abundance.

Orgastic discharge of bio-energy is essential.

DOR removal over the effected region with the cloudbuster at irregular intervals, according to the DOR situation, helps to keep DOR clouds moving on, and reduces at least the distress otherwise caused by accumulated and stagnant staleness of the atmosphere.”


Top Polluters starting from lowest to highest (this is just one list and could be different at this moment, but I doubt there is much change, the emphasis on getting our atmosphere “clean” has been tepid at best.  Just because we aren’t all dying today, doesn’t mean we can just keep putting off doing anything until tomorrow or 20 or 30 years from now!!)

10) Saudi Arabia

9) Indonesia

8) Canada

7) South Korea

6) Germany

5) Japan

4) Russia

3) India

2) United States – not good

  1. China








4 comments on “8 Sept 2016 Night Moves and Dreams and my trying to understand air pollution in the small town of Alvarado TX, Symptoms of Deadly Orgone (DOR) poisoning from atmospheric pollution

  1. Why we are so blind and don’t want to see that pollution makes us sick? we only have to look how much people around us have to deal with C or asthma… my heart always hurts when I see kids who have to deal with this disease…

    • And there are so many more of them that suffer with it now than ever…air, food, water all affected. What it boils down to is this. We have to stop putting how much money we can make before the health and welfare of all life forms on this planet. It’s the oldest working business strategy in the book — you take care of your workers (bees for example) and listen to your customers you will never have to worry about your company failing. It is a relationship of give and take, not just take. We need to shift our priorities! We have gotten way out of balance with what’s most important.

  2. Yes Easy, we get punished both physically and financially with pollution! The punishment can end for all of us if we take the time, working together, to find the solutions and make the changes we need to. People don’t like change, I used to be horrible about it but I am learning that when I fight change, I am creating an obstruction of the “flow” that needs to happen in my life or elsewhere. I become a cog in the wheel when I make myself unwilling to change behaviors and activities that aren’t good for me or anyone else.

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