6 Sept 2016 Church Dreams (Audioslave, Like a Stone), When Dogs talk (Spot and Link video), Too Much Information (Duran Duran song to describe Facebook for me lately), My recent prayer Lists (Dani Mathers), E-Love (poem by Kyle) Love and Canary in the Coal Mine (poem by Jackie)

Hello to you this Tuesday morning that feels like a Monday.  It’s about 7:51 am in my dimension as I start to write to you.  I’ve been dreaming a lot lately again.  The dream fragments I remember just before waking was about being in some kind of church situation.  There was something about singing and it was like it was before Kyle and I stopped going to church…like being at someone’s funeral.  He and I were the only ones singing and everyone else who was sounded so depressed!  Anyhew.  It was weird because the song for the close of the church service was on like a tv screen.  The scene was in really dark blue water and the lyrics were hard to read but the song sounded familiar, just can’t place it, what comes to me is the song Like a Stone by Audioslave?  One of my favorite songs by this group.  This group was one that Kyle introduced to me before we met in person and he used to sing me their songs when we’d talk on the phone.

another of my favorites by this band:

At the end of the dream I heard an “outside voice” say, “that seemed like a good connection.”

I finally got video of Link doing his Blanco Diablo (White Devil) speak lol….it’s like he’s saying actual words when he talks to Spot!

Link and Spot talking yesterday

Yesterday there was a lot of Facebook for me, too much.  I did something I am not pleased with myself about, Kyle helped me see the folly of it.  A page I recently decided to follow that is covering what is going on in North Dakota with the pipeline protests decided to list license plate numbers for the contractors that unleashed their dogs on the protectors (protestors to some, protectors to most of us).  The idea was to give these three low driving ratings to kind of publicly shame them for what they did.  Well Kyle reminded me that this is the kind of thing that could be used against the people who were harmed should they decide to file charges against the contractors….reverse harrassment….stooping to a level much like the contractors but instead of tearing flesh…tearing apart character.  Unfortunately, I can’t undo clicking on those license plate numbers!   However, I do  stand behind a comment I left that the real people they need to be going after is the people who hired the contractors in the first place.  Someone paid these people to be there with those dogs!  The legality of these actions needs to be explored.   It’s so easy to get caught up in a sentiment!  UGH!

Sometimes when we come up with way to retaliate for the ways we’ve been wronged it doesn’t make it better it just makes things even worse!

6 Sept 2016 - my prayer list as of this morning

6 Sept 2016 – my prayer list as of this morning

I read before getting offline last night that the woman 2015 Playboy model Dani Mathers publicly shamed in a shower at an LA Fitness center has been found and if she comes forward, Dani could get some jail time.  I truly hope some good can come of this.  I can imagine Dani making amends to this woman and the two of them putting together a traveling program to spread awareness of this problem…of body shaming, bullying and cyberbullying.  I will put that intention out there as a possibility.

This Duran Duran song is good one to describe how I felt before bed last night when thinking about keeping my account on Facebook!  I’m seriously considering disengaging from it because it feels like I am having trouble “filtering” my interaction with it.  The current design of Facebook makes it difficult for me to easily screen what I am seeing and even after I think I have a filter set up, it doesn’t work properly and I end up seeing everything anyways!  Jackie system OVERLOAD!

A couple of things I realized as to why I have been on Facebook so much – it’s a form of socialization (even though it’s kind of dysfunctional) and it strokes my ego which I’m not at all proud of.  When I make a comment or post something and someone acknowledges it, it makes me feel validated and that doesn’t seem logical or healthy for me as I reflect on it.  I shouldn’t require the “strokes” of other people to feel like what I care about and express matters or is important!  Kyle talked me out of deactivating or deleting my account, so it’s up to me now to limit my time on it!  If people want to be in touch with me if they don’t see me on Facebook, I’ve made it abundantly clear how they can contact me. One of the ways is like how my Mom and my friend Les write to me and that works great! Ahhhh the passive aggressiveness nature of modern love and communication! 

Duran Duran Too Much Information

Some poems for you from Kyle and myself:

Kyle Wygant July 16 2002

Spending time resting computer side
Talking to the lovely soul sitting on the other end
Of the conversation talking about life
Trying to explain emotions
In the form of empty text
by Jacqueline Schmidt (old poetry book 1980’s)

I found it on a doorstep
Crunched up in a  letter
Addressed to the world
It said
Love on your lips
Love on your tongue
Love on the dew
I send this message
To you and a lucky few
Dont look for it
In gold and green
But in the sun’s rising
In a kiss from your mother
In a hug from a friend
Love on your lips
Love on your tongue
Don’t look for it
In something
Look for it in the days
Look for it in the eyes
Of those near
Look for love
In the soul
Then I promise
You’ll be whole
The message crackled
Yellow with age
Sits by a picture
On the obituary page
They say its mine

5 Sept 2016 - drawing I started before bed...two different kinds of leaves connected as one and potential seeds

5 Sept 2016 – drawing I started before bed…two different kinds of leaves connected as one and potential seeds

Canary in the coal mine by Jackie Schmidt 7 Jan 2007

Feathers ruffled in a twittering dawn
Dewdrops in January scattered like discarded gems
Across the spreading lawn
The helios rising to greet the passing haloed night
Stars fade into light blue
Slip out of  sight
Enough beauty for a ballad to be sung
Enough stillness
For a bell to be rung
Yet inside the disquiet swells
From Gaia’s breath
The flesh of her is not sweet; yet smells
A dark, misting presence across her lays it’s seed
Apon her fruit
It has started to feed
The children sense the poison and begin to weep
The adults ramble on
Are unable to sleep
The sweat trickles from plumes of gold
So many fickle lies
Of it’s origin to be told
The cage rattles as deeper it is carried to the abyss
Dropped into darkness
With a passing kiss
The plumes twitch and become still
The darkness fades into light
It has had it’s fill




7 comments on “6 Sept 2016 Church Dreams (Audioslave, Like a Stone), When Dogs talk (Spot and Link video), Too Much Information (Duran Duran song to describe Facebook for me lately), My recent prayer Lists (Dani Mathers), E-Love (poem by Kyle) Love and Canary in the Coal Mine (poem by Jackie)

  1. maybe once we have a doogle translator to translate what they said :o) the dani mathers thing was chased through all tv-channels here… yes it was not fair what she did, but I wonder why we europeans are so fast to point with our fingers to oversea … instead to look at our own people :o(

    • Yes! An upgrade from Google….Doogle! Then Coogle (for cats) and so on lol. So many languages we haven’t learned yet! The Dani Mathers story is a commentary on our world and body image…the perverted, twisted lense we insist on seeing each other through….not even our own eyes but those lenses placed on our eyes by our “civilized” society and the technology it is broadcast through. Like artificial lenses placed on our eyes without our even being fully conscious of it. I hope that some good can come of this! Love and hugs across the ocean to you today!

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