30 Sept 2016 Lost puppy (dog messengers) and Kyle’s Visitor at the foot of our bed revisiting 6 July 2005 phantom attack Windover Apartments Newark DE

Hello to you, it’s about 8:17 am on this Friday morning. Trying to sort my thoughts because what I have to share is pretty disorientating!

Our weirdness started last night when we were coming home from an evening dog walk and our neighbor came up to us with a young puppy in her arms, looked like a blue heeler and only a few months old. She said it had been dumped so we called the non-emergency number so the dog could be picked up and taken to our city shelter as neither she nor us could keep the poor thing. Such a sweet and well-behaved boy! Turns out the people and children she thought were dumping the dog had actually found the dog and were trying to find it’s owners but couldn’t keep it. They thought it belonged to our neighbor as they have a young blue heeler but it’s a female.

Weird things for us often are preceded by such experiences with dogs like this…let the weirdness proceed….

So last night Kyle, Spot, Link, Amber, and I had gone to bed. We were asleep and then all the sudden Kyle erupted out of bed and yelled “Get out of here!” and he gave chase to something or someone. Now Kyle is prone to sleep walking and talking but this was epic. He said he saw a figure at the end of our bed, a man, and he was reaching for him and that’s when he did what he did. Well poor Spot just started screaming. Even after we were awake and Kyle checked the room to make sure no one was in the house, holding her she wouldn’t stop screaming. We think she got hurt somehow in all the commotion and still this morning she’s hurt and yelps. We are going to keep an eye on her and if she doesn’t get righted we are taking her to the vet.

I told Kyle that a message came to me about this figure, “I had to come see for myself.”

On the 14 Sept 2016 at about 1146 am I mentioned to you about the vivid dream I had about someone getting into the house and my chasing them out! Now Kyle has one of his dreams and actively chases them out! What is going on?!

The veil is thin?!

So now we are going to time travel. I found in my trunk of journals the journal in which I wrote about the last time we had such things happening to us. It is when we were first together living in our apartment in Windover in Newark DE in 2005 which is about two years after my experience in the parking lot at the Barnes and Nobles parking lot in Melbourne FL.

In this book, much to my surprise, were drawings of the serpent Christ I’ve shared with you before and many dreams that have spiritual themes like seeing Jesus and Buddha sitting side by side, on 28 April 2005 I had this dream: “Then I remember a mall like place and seeing a table with crosses and things and then all the sudden swiping my hand and knocking them over yelling, “You and your trinkets worshiping them in all shapes and forms!” There were all kinds of cat statues and other things to in this place — it was on the way to the church. That’s all I remember. I just remember being very mad. So confusing these dreams.”

This was around the time they discovered I had a 12 trimester size “cyst” and I was preparing to have surgery to remove it in August. I was grieving my divorce, adapting to living with Kyle and being in a new environment on top of trying to keep myself together mentally, physically and spiritually. Kyle says what I showed him this morning in this journal reminds him of a book he once read called something like A Light in the Dark about a fight being waged for a young woman’s soul….my life and my experiences feel an awful lot like that sometimes!

Ok – so this is a transcription from my journal, the date is 6 July 2005, 8:35 am

Last night was the tops for weird at bedtime. I was trying to go to sleep when I “heard” space disruption like someone walking in but I couldn’t see anyone just knew they were there and I felt scared as it wasn’t a friendly presence. I knew it was looking at me — right side of the bed. I kept moving away towards Kyle–I was scared. The ringing in my head was very loud at the top—making me cry.

Then Kyle wanted to know what was wrong, where it was, how tall. I said where, didn’t know how tall just know where. Kyle told me to turn on the light and I couldn’t I was scared so he did and I was under blanket. When I came out from underneath I felt my throat constrict — felt really sick in my stomach in dry heaves, hard to get breath. Kyle was freaking, crying (3 tears). He grabbed me and told me, “Let’s go” and took me to the bathroom where I felt sick still. He then told me what he saw — darker shadow floating above me going towards my neck and that’s when I started having trouble breathing, feeling sick.

Kyle tried to kick it away and that’s when he grabbed me and took me to the bathroom. After that we felt it in the room for quite awhile. Kyle got goosebumps all over body every time he went near room until last time when we went to bed.

We tried to take digital pics but got nothing — think too late — had already gone. Kyle remembers feet getting cold before it all started but since my feet are cold he didn’t think anything of it.


Blue house across the street — Kyle just had feeling to open the blinds and what do we see but a crime scene. Investigators – one w/gloves and cop car and another going around asking questions of neighbors. It was an Asian woman we had noticed for a time since we’ve lived here walking down the street, tending her yard — very gentle spirit — we found out from neighbor there is crime scene tape now….foul play…she’s dead* We feel there is a connection w/last night and today. May be she was trying to hold on to me when she was being attacked–didn’t want to go yet. She was murdered. This hurts me so much. Again — my eyes seeing ahead…we saw her carried out in a body bag to the coroners van.

*We found out later that it wasn’t the woman that died but somebody else! We saw her in her yard later just like she had always been. May be an violent intruder? The house was later condemned and we tried to bring the woman flowers but never saw her again. The house was completely refurbished and people moved in prior to our moving out of the apartment.


Whatever you choose to believe about what I’ve shared, what you think about me, know this – I choose and have always chosen the light.  I choose and have always chosen Love.  I choose and have always chosen Hope.  I choose and have always chosen to hope and pray for all the greatest good the God of my understanding could ever want for me and for all those I love and care about.  For those of you who know and love me, all I have ever loved and cared about is  literally this entire world.

When you put labels on people and pump them full of medication, bad food, bad air, bad water and bad “society” and expect them to withstand it on their two feet, you would be mistaken.  We are human beings and we will fall.  You are also mistaken in thinking someone or something….an external force man-made or of the paranormal or realms of human superstition must “save” said persons….the only one capable of saving anyone starts from within.  You can only “save” yourself with the “help” as needed, from external forces.


29 Sept 2016 update – 25 March 2016 Bipolar Messiah – The Little Bird of Mesa Springs

September 29, 2016 @ 10:19 pm Edit *Update 29 Sept 2016 – I am no longer on any medications and found out that it’s probably the interaction between grapefruit juice of all things and the Lamictal that set me off. Lithium was a very scary medication to take and I do not regret not being on it. There are some things that no earthly thing can reach and for these “pains” and imbalances we must journey within and acquire tools that are not of this world in which to mend our broken parts. Nature and spiritual elements are the only “things” I have found to mend what starts out as emotional pain and manifests into physical pain. The problem with our world these days is we seek too much outward comfort that well…doesn’t comfort. We put people, places and things into what’s like a black hole…an abyss. For only a fleeting moment is there light and happiness with external “things” and then darkness….only darkness.

Source: 25 March 2016 Bipolar Messiah – The Little Bird of Mesa Springs

29 Sept 2016 My morning drawing (Canson Recycled paper sketchpad)- Art, a different kind of conception, Jonn Serrie (The Stars Go With You)

Hello to you again, what a beautiful day it is today!  Nice and crisp and cool.  I decided to break in my new sketch Canson sketchpad that Kyle had bought for me when I was at Mesa but never got to use.  Plugged in the Ipod shuffle to the speaker thingy we have for it and went outside and let it flow.   The theme seems to be conception again but a different kind – of the spirit.  The blonde woman is like a Phoenix with a connection between worlds.  All the little bubbles represent connections of blood through history and also between worlds.   Yes, I think we are more than a mere cosmic “ooops” or accident and we are getting closer to finding answers about our shared origin story.   Like layers of any living thing….gradually revealed in time to processing speeds.  There are a lot of people in this world, myself included, that can get overwhelmed quite easily by receiving too much at one time.

Anyhew….the process of this drawing was gradual and as always, I just put to paper what came to me.  The blonde woman is a witness to birth of spirit….rainbow spirit to be more specific.  Not all births produce tangible beings at first.  Some are like pure energy, smoke, a vapor, even just a thought that gradually takes tangible form over the course of many millennia much like a rock, gem, mineral, tree, even this earth….layer after layer until it can fully manifest and take shape in our reality.

Art is this kind of conception I’m describing.  A drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a hand crafted piece of jewelry or carving, a photograph, a novel, a poem, a song…..starts with something intangible and gradually takes tangible form so it can be viewed, touched and heard by the human beings who will appreciate it.

This album is probably one of my all-time favorites.  I love this style of music and have been listening to it since they played Hearts of Space on the regular radio LOL!  Yeah…I was in my teens, very long time ago.  This particular CD relaxes me and often puts me to sleep lol!  If I don’t put it on “repeat” I will wake up lol.  c


29 Sept 2016 Another way to communicate is to sing – music is my wings


Hello to you this morning.  It’s about 9:13 am as I start to write to you.  How are you?  Me?  Well I’m feeling tired and sore inside and out but that’s just been my story for some time now.  This too shall pass….always does.   My body is probably just telling me I’m not the 27 year old I feel like on the inside and I need to mellow the feck out LOL!  If only I could listen!  The weather is finally getting cooler and tempts me to run out like the dogs every 5 minutes.  I think I’ve mentioned our back door is like a doggy door for both the dogs and for me LOL.

This morning I found myself a treat….dear Ben performing with Pink Floyd singing Comfortably Numb!  This is one of Kyle and my favorite songs by the band.  Do you remember the dream I mentioned having about Ben just being everywhere I looked….well see?!  It’s true!  LOL!  Now he’s singing with bands like Pink Floyd too!  Singing is something I have always loved to do and try to do every day, often for most of it lol….just call me little birdy.  For as long as I can remember, music has been my thing in whatever form or fashion I could get it in.  From being a little 3 or 4 year old girl going to a night club with my stepmom Betty to listen to one of her favorite singers and even handing the singer a request from her, sitting for hours and hours as a teen singing along with David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Grace Jones, Adam Ant, Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton-John and countless others.  These days I love  sitting in my backyard and singing along with my favorite singers or just making up my own songs…sometimes nothing more than humming….because it comforts me.  I live a very solitary life, some would say lonely but I’m comfortable being with myself,  and music is how this little birdy gets wings in which to fly to all the corners of the world she’s never been….may not have time or the resources to get to at least in this lifetime.

This song by Bette Midler is special to me, and it came to mind thinking about music giving me wings.  My father-in-law and his brother did a special arrangement of this song for Kyle and my wedding day!  Kyle’s family is very musical and his Dad, Tim, is a world class fine trumpeter!  (https://www.facebook.com/PantherCityBrass/?fref=ts – the Facebook page for the group he performs with.)

Tim is furthest right in this picture.

Tim is furthest right in this picture.

When I used to go to Catholic church, it was one of my favorite songs to sing:


One of the better versions I could find of this momentous occasion!  An intersection in time and space, reminiscent of another face and place…….both much loved.  You know who.  What a treat!

Music - the Universal language

Music – the Universal language


This is a recording I did earlier this year.  I apologize for it’s shitty quality lol.   I don’t have very good “technology” for recording such things but it’s not too bad.  I hope if your having a gray day it will lift you up.  I keep wanting to make more recordings but have to work on the “tech” part.

https://saymber.com/2016/07/17/17-july-2016-humans-and-time-lady-time-my-poem-the-egyptian-water-clocks-called-clepsydras-pink-floyd-time-and-comfortably-numb/ – it’s nice to hear new versions of old favorites!

28 Sept 2016 Finding your Church in nature, Flying Spiders and airplane poop X’s, Black Moon Friday, Life on Mars (DB)

Hello to you, it’s 5:55 pm as I write to you this Wednesday afternoon.  I spent a lot of time outside this afternoon….even got a bit of a sunburn lol.  For the first time in a long time I went for a really long walk…even went down to the “lake” we have down the street and had me some church!  Nature has always been my best idea of spending time with the God of my understanding.   I cried a bit but they were happy tears.  I had missed being with what I call my blooming field and it’s lovely little man-made pond.  Most of this field is becoming houses now but as I walked to the water…I saw some old friends still swaying in the breezes and scattered across the remaining soil.  It will be so nice once they get done with the houses so I don’t have to feel guilty about walking through there.

So this afternoon I was laying on the bandstand and when I looked up, besides a big fat vapor “X” I saw shining strands of spider silk flying through the air….another spider hatching!  Just like in EB White’s Charlottes Web!  My camera wouldn’t do a very good job of capturing the phenomena of just globs of white and strands of silk flying through the air – found a couple that someone else took and shared that are pretty close to what I was seeing.  What’s funny is seeing those flying “pods” of white made me think of the pods of light I said I was visualizing a couple days ago when the sky was overcast.  Each little “blob” of white falling from the sky today is “light” in a way right?!  The light of the life force of a spider!   You will laugh, as I was typing, a tiny little spider fell from our ceiling in front of the computer screen LOL!  Too teeny tiny to get a picture to show you but I was able to get the little one outside safely.  Too funny!



A black moon will rise Friday night, but you aren’t going to see it

Doyle Rice, USA TODAY 9:09 a.m. EDT September 28, 2016 – excerpt

Similar to a blue moon — the second full moon of a single calendar month — a black moon is the second new moon of the month, according to Space.com.

“The black moon is a somewhat unusual celestial event — they occur about once every 32 months,” said Joe Rao of Space.com.

The most recent black moon was in March 2014, according to AccuWeather.

The problem? A new moon is invisible, as the sunlit side of the moon faces away from the Earth, so the side we see is entirely in shadow.

“There really is nothing to see,” Rao said.

However, what will happen Friday night is a chance to enjoy the night sky without any glare from the moon.

The new moon officially occurs at 8:11 p.m. EDT (5:11 p.m. PDT) on Friday.  But it will take a few more nights before you’ll start to see the moon as a silver sliver when the crescent moon increases in size, ScienceAlert reports.

For those in the Eastern Hemisphere, particularly Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, the new moon doesn’t occur until after midnight, weather.com says, so it’s technically just a regular new moon for that part of the world since it occurs on the first of next month.

Not everyone was taking it all in stride. England’s Express newspaper said that Friday’s Black Moon could “bring with it worldwide destruction and the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

The topic of Spiders made me think of this song David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars…….

Much love and hugs through the wires and in the winds that travel through us all. 

27 Sept 2016 I am Smoke (poem), Burning Man Festival (Embrace 2014), Betty Paige Reveals All (Documentary 2012) and artist Olivia De Berardinis

Good evening to you.  I meant to write to you early this morning but for some reason I was being blocked from posting here.  The page would come up but I couldn’t do anything even though the rest of the places I went came up fine.  Probably just a glitch, it happens.


What happened this morning was I was cleaning house and listening to music,  one of the songs was Black Star by David Bowie.  A phrase came to me as I heard it, “I am smoke” so I wrote it down and a little later the rest of the words came.  Well I was going to look for an image to go with the poem and the first thing that came up was the Burning Man Festival and when I pulled up the images for it, a perfect picture came up to go with the poem – The Embrace from the 2014 festival.

Handwritten I am Smoke from this morning

Handwritten I am Smoke from this morning

9/27/2016 7:25 am

I am smoke

I am two pieces

You split apart, shattered and broke

To the winds my many parts

Light up the Lampstands

Ignite the empty hearts

I’m just passing through

What is me

What is you

Where there was only one


There are two

A little bit of me

A little bit yet

Of you

I am just smoke

I am just

Passing through…..

What’s funny is there was a rumor David’s ashes were in the temple burned this year at the festival but his son says it isn’t so.  It’s entirely plausible to me that David wouldn’t mind having shared some of his ashes at such an event!  I wrote down the dates for next years Festival because it looks like a gathering of my kind of people!  If you have ever been, please let me know your experience!  The art I’ve seen on their website is a draw by itself!  Wow!


About the Embrace sculpture from 2014’s Festival:

Embrace at Burning Man 2014

Embrace at Burning Man 2014

Embrace Burning Man Sculpture

Embrace by Pier Group at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Author.

The sort of art that one makes at Burning Man is not like the sort of art that one makes elsewhere. The gallery space is a desert. The viewers of the art are crowds of brightly colored denizens of a temporary city. And the temporary city is in a desert, because it is one of the few places in the world that such a massive, temporary project of infrastructure, ingenuity, and imagination could be easily built and disassembled.

Temporary is the factor overshadowing every piece of art in the Black Rock Desert. Time controls the build schedule, and the construction materials. The Burning Man festival is only one week long, so the art must appear and disappear again on that time frame. And it must disappear very literally, as the land is public land, conserved environmentally as well as architecturally. Nothing permanent can be built, and no trace of what occurs there can remain. This is one of the reasons that burning the art has become so popular, in mimicry of the climactic burn of the gigantic wooden man that gives the festival its name.

Burning Man Sculpture

Embrace by Pier Group at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Author.

Time was the reason that Embrace, built by the Pier Group, burned on Friday morning of Burning Man 2014. A collective of artists, engineers, and builders who had collaborated on previous Burning Man art projects came together to build a 72-foot sculpture of two figures embracing. But by the time the work was completed, they realized that they could never disassemble it and clean up the area on schedule. So they decided to let fire do their work for them. A dense cloud of smoke went up into the blue desert sky of the morning as flames ate away the delaminated plywood making the skin of the structure. A crowd of onlookers danced and cheered as the core structure burned. The structure had previously supported internal staircases allowing visitors to climb inside the sculpture and up to the heads. Each figure held massive chandeliers in their chests, in the shape of human hearts. As the last vestiges of the structure collapsed into charcoal and ash, a dust storm swept over the desert, leaving the revelers blind in a white cloud, with nothing but the beat of music to guide them.

It might seem wasteful to spend all that money, effort, and material on a piece of art that will last for less than a week. But any construction, whether made of wood, steel, or stone is transitory, and requires upkeep to maintain. Burning Man is a festival of repetition and cycles. Every annual festival is not just a week, but the culmination of an entire year of fund raising, planning, and work behind the scenes. Like an annual flower which blooms once and then whithers away until next year, the plant is not dead beneath the ground during the winter, but simply in the less abundant stage of its life cycle. Some art strives for permanence, attempting to make a mark that will last through the accelerating years. But every work of art is more than what is seen at its point of completion. From sketches, to models, to failed experiments, to lessons learned, to grant applications, to sales—all of these non-art elements come together to make the art what it is.

Burning Man 2014 Sculpture

Inside Embrace by Pier Group at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Author.

The process of art is what Burning Man celebrates, in addition to the monumental size of some of the works. The community is a huge factor. Crowd-developed, crowd-built, and crowd-funded projects like Embrace are the only reason that such scale is possible. The crowd is every bit as important as any individual artist, and while certain names may take the spotlight, everyone knows the assistants as well. The artwork expands outward, not constrained to any particular creativity or site, but spread throughout all who come in contact with it. Those who interact with the work, climbing its staircases, hiding in its shade from the heat of the sun, and who gather to watch and cheer its burning are part of the process, and part of the art. From initial spark, to the final pile of embers, this is what is considered when attendees refer to “The Burn”. From the most engineered plans, to the random synchronicity of a fire in a dust storm, the elements of the creative process embrace each other, holding tightly, until they suddenly let go.

By Adam Rothstein



Tonight’s Netflix film was a documentary a current documentary about a woman that has always been inspiring and interesting to me, Betty Page.  I think Kyle and I have watched every film or documentary done about her!  In my younger days she definitely inspired me.  I still have a art book by Oliva, Let Them Eat Cheesecake, that I bought specifically for the Betty art!  Anyhew…this documentary did a great job of telling Betty’s story and had pictures and footage we’d never seen.   She is truly one of our immortals of her genre.  Her life story resonates with me and she never fails to entertain and inspire me – make me smile.   She was indeed awesome sauce!

http://eolivia.com/ – Olivia De Berardinis

Source Internet - one of the Betty pieces in Let Them Eat Cheesecake by Olivia

Source Internet – one of the Betty pieces in Let Them Eat Cheesecake by Olivia

Book I have

Book I have


Bettie Page Reveals All (2012)


The world’s greatest pinup model and cult icon, Bettie Page, recounts the true story of how her free expression overcame government witch-hunts to help launch America’s sexual revolution.
Time for good nininght (a wall hanging Kyle’s Aunt Monique gave us several years ago that says, “Always remember to kiss each other good nininght”  We love that there is typo in this cross-stitch piece lol.)  Love and hugs and Good Nininght   to you.

26 Sept 2016 Evening Drawing and HarmonQuest (Seeso You Tube) Finally a combination of gaming, animation and imagination!

Hello – just poppin in before bed.  Wanted to share something fun with you and hopefully you folks from overseas will be able to see it, HarmonQuest.  Our friend Billy mentioned it to me as something to check out this weekend whilst I was telling him about the show Stranger Things having Dungeon and Dragons in it and how modern gaming just doesn’t offer that same interactive experience – like Larping (Live Action Role Playing).   Most modern video games, with few exceptions, do not foster the individual imagination of its players and spending an hour in character customization or decorating a digital house doesn’t really count lol!  We are on episode 4 and could of spent the whole day watching it – it’s hilarious and just the sort of concept I’ve been hoping for!  People playing a game like Dungeons and Dragons and then using what happens in the game play to write a story with animation!

Published on Jul 14, 2016

Guest stars: Paul F. Tompkins

As Fondue and friends partake in their village’s annual Festival of Restoration, they are interrupted by a panicked barbarian woman in need of help. Fondue and team decide to embark on a quest to save the world from evils of the Heralds of the Manticore.

All 10 episodes coming July 14th.

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Drawing I did this afternoon....again with the rainbows, procreation and something while I was outside today was seeing light ships falling to earth.  The sky was overcast today and a great canvas for my imagination to visualize such a thing!

Drawing I did this afternoon….again with the rainbows and procreation. Today it was completely overcast – like a blank canvas for my imagination. While I was outside today, I could “see” pod ships made of white light falling to earth. I would probably have to go paint and canvas to bring what came to mind into a picture you can see.

Star shower

Star shower


Stone of Destiny (Wordpress Blog) Repost – More than Skin Deep

From my wise friend Stone of Destiny…had to share! This woman referenced would she find approval with my https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichthys Tattoo on my ankle?
To them I say, “a superficial faith breeds superficial fears. If a little ink is enough to get your religious fervor going, the problem is almost certainly more to do with you.”


My Ichthys tattoo

My Ichthys tattoo


Stone of Destiny

“What’s that say on your wrist?”

Sometimes I miss the good conversations.

The other day I missed a doozy, and by mere inches.

A friend and coworker was chatting with a customer when the woman paused their conversation to ask her about her tattoo.  Well, one of her tattoos, she’s got a whole sleeve of them but I guess the crisp letters on my friends wrist made for an easier point of inquiry.

“Release,” my friend answered, “It’s a tribute to one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, ‘I shall be released’.”

“And,” the suddenly inquisitive woman continued, “do you know the history of tattoos?”

“Well, it depends on what culture your referencing,” my friend managed before…,


“It’s a PAGAN ritual!”

“It’s a PAGAN ritual for the dead!”

(softer now – dismissiveness replacing the forceful tone)

“Sometimes we just do these things on a whim, without realizing the history. …

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26 Sept 2016 Fair Trade in commerce, Birthday wishes for my brother and cousin, visit with Link’s fur grandparents, Mirrors and Perception (Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror)

Hello to you this rainy, cool Monday morning!  It’s about 7:38 am as I start to write to you.  I have my coffee, for which I thank Community Coffee and I hope they are doing Fair Trades to get the beans that make the brew I am enjoying right now.  I don’t see it on their packaging so probably not…sigh.  We’ve tried Full Circle Fair Trade Coffee and it just didn’t taste very good – bitter.  I wish everything in commerce could involve the principles of fairness, integrity, honesty and be accomplished with little to no suffering on the part of anyone involved in the processes.   Kyle bought us some Hershey Dark chocolate this last grocery trip because I wanted it but I feel guilty eating it for more than the calories.  It’s more the knowing most of how chocolate comes to be in my hands is not at all Fair trade and there is much suffering on the part of those who shouldn’t have to suffer anything….children and teens.   I am praying about these things and know the answers for how I can help will come to light.

So I want to  wish my brother Jerry a Happy Birthday today and my cousin Heidi on Wednesday.  I wrote actual notes this morning that will probably be late!  I have just not been on point with my correspondence as of late.  It’s “easier” for me to get on here and hope interested parties will read it and be caught up with what’s going on here but you know what assuming does, makes and ass out of you and me.  You can’t assume that people, in this day and age of information overload….literal flooding….can be expected to keep up with all these things.  You have to direct things to them personally for most to take notice.  Writing a letter, calling or visiting is still the best and most direct way to show someone, to their person, that you care…that you even acknowledge they exist.

Jerry and Heidi – even though we may not write, call or see each other very often….you have claimed your places in my heart and I love you very much!  I hope you will celebrate your birthdays and take the time to assess your blessings….where you have been, where you are and the paths unfolding ahead.  You are a gift and a blessing to me and to this world and each day you are in it, you are lights for all those around you.  Thank you for that!  Jerry we are coming home for Thanksgiving….you better get your cribbage skills brushed up because it’s on brother!  You know Dad will try to kick our asses like he always does but take heart, Kyle and I have beaten him a few hands and Mom has kicked all our asses this past visit.  Can’t wait to see all of you and hold you….look you in the eye and tell you I love you.

Speaking of….we got to visit with Link’s fur Grandparents Erin and Billy this weekend!  I didn’t get a picture of Billy with Link but I did get one with his Granny.  Link was so cute.  The first day they were visiting, it was just like old times when we first met Billy.  Kyle and I were taking Spot and Link for their morning walk and there he was out by his Mom’s mailbox with his Dad Don and we just all started talking video games and movies like we always have lol.   Link saw him and just ran to him like a little child.  Yesterday afternoon Erin came by and we had a great visit.  I was able to give her my Introduction to World Religions book to read as she was interested and we got some Link and Granny pics!

Sometimes our worst enemy is the person reflected in the mirror.  One of the hardest things I've ever done is to look at myself and tell that person I unconditionally loved them!

Sometimes our worst enemy is the person reflected in the mirror. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is to look at myself and tell that person I unconditionally loved them!

To wrap up things today, I  wanted to talk about a technique some protestors recently used in  their face-downs with police….they used mirrors and held them to the faces of those opposed to them and asked, “Look at what you have become! Is this who you are?  Is this who you want to be?  Is this what you stand for?”  The men looking back at themselves shifted in many cases uncomfortably and said nothing.  Sometimes the most powerful weapon you can use in this world is to show those you are opposed to their own reflection….their own image….show them the person in the mirror.  Sometimes, it is we, ourselves, that are our own worst enemy!!!  In this world we have lost our sense of self, sense of who we really are and why we are here on this earth.  I don’t think it’s to torture, maim, torment and kill each other!

When I think of how the God of my understanding see’s this world, I see in terms of pixils…in terms of energy and that each and every life form on this planet is a way for the God of my understanding to experience what it is to be flesh and blood.  I have been wondering lately if suffering and the horrors we do to ourselves and others is part of that experience?  Like us, is the only way to know what’s “good” or “bad” is to have both going on in the world?

John 15:5 – New International Version
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

Romans 12:5 – New International Version
so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

The thing is…if there must be both, especially the suffering and horror part, that we should learn from whatever happens in both instances, the good and the bad.  What did we do to make things good?  Let’s do more of that!  What did we do to make things bad? Let’s do less of that!

But then comes the cog in the wheel of this progress…..Perception.

The whole cog in the wheel of why we are having such a hard time evolving as a planet, in my estimation is a thing called Perception.  We are biologically incapable of perceiving our life experiences exactly the same.  What I have been taught and have experienced and my biological composition shapes my perception of my life experience and it cannot be duplicated…..7 billion plus different perceptions all trying to c0-exist is quite a feat!  How do we get all the human AND other beings we share this earth with that have a completely different rule book of how they perceive the world to coexist peacefully?

I believe our inability to perceive the world the same is both our problem and will be what saves us.   Like Dr. Temple Grandin talks about, this world needs many different types of thinkers….I would add that this world needs many different perceptions but the ultimate goal must be a shared one….what is for the greatest most loving good of all…..not just some…not just one…not just ourselves and “ours” but all of us.   We need a common goal of a common “good” that only our many different perceptions can conceive together.

25 Sept 2016 Towers of Power (clouds), the 1980’s here again (Billy Idol), pieces of my heart (Remembering past friends loved and lost), Galaxian Pathway (poem I wrote in 1980’s), U2 Song for Someone

Hello to you, how are you?  I’m doing ok, a little emotional this morning and no coffee yet lol.  Kyle was up early again but a Benadryl intervened and he’s getting some rest as I write.

This morning I woke up remembering someone who was at first a horrible crush (he looked like David Bowie to me and as I’ve mentioned many times….David was everything for me as a teen) and then became a friend and felt like a brother to me….a twin of sorts….my missing link…Wesley Byers.  There have been several times through the years I’ve wondered where and how he is…even found him on Facebook once but no reply so I let it go.  He seemed to be happy and being true to himself and that was enough for me.  He was “different” too and that’s part of what drew us together I think.  Anyhew…this lead me to revisiting the pictures I still have of other friends that I have loved and lost through time.  Judging by the feelings and tears reading their notes on the back of photos evoked……they still have pieces of my heart!  I hope wherever and whenever they all are….they love and are loved and are happy with the paths they have chosen!

I think this journey was spurred on by seeing Miley Cyrus perform Rebel Yell with Billy Idol yesterday….ooohhh I loved Billy!  He was one of my first “bad boys” crushes lol!  I think there is a large segment of “my generation” who were teens in the 1980’s and lately a lot of our shared past has been resurfacing.

Source Internet - Billy Idol back when we were both younger lol

Source Internet – Billy Idol back when we were both younger lol

Not much to write about today, refreshing right?!  I just want to tell you, the person kind enough to come by and visit me today….thank you and I hope your today is filled with all the best the world can give you!  Let’s just keep lifting each other up to the lights.

Galaxian Pathway

by Jacqueline Schmidt (old poetry book 1980’s)

The paths have crossed

Upon destiny’s trail

Winding and spiraling

Into the endless roadways

Of heavens gates

Stars sparkled along side

These paths

Guide wandering souls

Searching for the Galaxian


Souls jet aimlessly

Amongst the destinies

Placed upon the road

“Which one shall I choose?”

“Where shall I go?”

I am a loss with

My conscience…”

Sings the voice of the

Soulful mists

The paths of destiny

Entangle and turn

Into pathways leading

To the unknown

The Divine

The Voice of Peace

Be the peace you are looking for


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