26 Aug 2016 Poems from the past (My Mom and I) and The Shadow (The Man Who Murdered Time) and 1994 Alec Baldwin film

Hello to you, just a short visit today.   As I was waking up this morning, it came to me that I should share a couple of poems from my past and that of my mother’s.  There are in sharp contrast to each other as you will see.

The Stand
By Jackie Schmidt 1980’s

The morning shadows twist and slither
From out of a darkening pit
They crawl from here to hither

Gaping holes form into flesh
Innocent blood spattered between gnashing teeth
It is still fresh

The naviete of dawn is banished to sin
As the creatures crawl from hell
The terror is about to begin

Heard calling from the burning sun
Is the mighty one who bellows
“The battle’s only just begun.”

To the burning soil he sends flashing white
The serpents and the angels prepare for battle
High in the atmosphere, they take flight

Beneath the shadows sit those high in command
As the serpents and the angels
Make their stand

The battle is never ended, never won.
The serpents still in deepest hell
The Angel’s still within the burning sun.


The Shadow
By (My Mom, Jeannie Faith Becker this poem won her first place in the first Borah High School poetry contest in Boise Idaho, she was in her Senior Year)

Through the field of clover fair
Moved a shadow, swept by air

It sank upon the earth so warm –
All nature loved this slender form.

Of clover plucked from this fair land
It wove a wreath, its hair to band.

The shadow raised its head to see
Blue flashing birds fly from a tree.

It felt a surge of love for this
Fresh air, soft sky, it was bliss.

The shadow did a dance so gay,
It swirled, it swayed, then died away……
The mind and soul of the young girl
Who sat amongst the class turmoil

Returned to her with sighs of woe.
“It’s stuff here,” she murmured low.

She frowned, then smiled, without delay,
“At least my mind can soar away

Oh!  I have found the magic key –
Imagination sets you free!”

I went looking to see if I could find a song called The Shadow and instead I found these which are fine examples of “imagination”:

The Shadow – The Man Who Murdered Time
Uploaded on Dec 20, 2011

Related image

The Shadow – The Man Who Murdered Time
Broadcast: Sunday, January 1, 1939.



2 comments on “26 Aug 2016 Poems from the past (My Mom and I) and The Shadow (The Man Who Murdered Time) and 1994 Alec Baldwin film

    • Thank you Easy – she was definitely my inspiration to take up writing! Even though she left us when I was 9 months old, she has always been ever-present for me in all the ways that are possible. Death cannot severe the ties between Mother’s (nor a Father’s) and their children! Least that’s what I believe…

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