23 Aug 2016 Coldplay Midnight, Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare, Korn Did my Time, We are Orgonite, enjoying the evening sun, breakthrough in Melanoma Cancer research from Israel

Hello world family, how are things in your dimension as you visit me here now?  I hope all is well.  Today has been a good day overall.  Kyle had a good first day of class and I had a lot of time outside….very nice out today!  I bought another Coldplay song….Midnight….another song off of their Ghost Stories album….help I’m addicted!!! LOL!  Can think of worse things.  You should feel sorry for Kyle who isn’t the fan I am who gets to listen to the same songs 10 times in a row LOL!
this song is for my husband, his life with me constantly listening to Coldplay!  Some Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare (I like them too but not as much as he and his brother Drew do!  Drew saw them live during one of their free concerts over in Iraq.)
and a little old school Korn…Did My Time
During the course of the day I go outside a lot.  I was telling my friend Margarita from Inner Whispers that I’m a lot like a dog with headphones….in and out of the backdoor (doggy door) all day long LOL!  My dogs love it and join me most times unless I want to have a more peaceful atmosphere minus them talking in my “church” haha.   I love having music to transport me to the trains of thought I need to catch.
A thought has occurred to me since learning about and actually making Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s orgonite….We are like living orgonite!  The piece in the picture is special.  When the paper shredder we got as a wedding gift “died” in 2014, I stripped the copper and put it in this large piece.  This is one of my more, shall I say,  “potent” pieces.
I loved making it but got an attack of conscience regarding using toxic epoxy resins to make it!  So I experimented for a time with a very labor intensive “organic orgonite” and had some success but haven’t had the time and or patience to make any as of late.   Here is a link to the main page of The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust page to learn more about Dr. Reich, the father of Orgone if your curious:  http://wilhelmreichtrust.org/ and
http://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/orgonite/  to learn about making it yourself and my friend Natalie Ann Kong makes beautiful pieces of it via her business Pocket Orgonite:  http://www.pocketorgonite.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/PocketOrgonite
This is a 21 Aug 2016 post with examples of her fine works!

This is a 21 Aug 2016 post with examples of her fine works!


Orgone is a pseudoscientific concept described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force, originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.

OrgoneWikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I was perusing the news and found this exciting story about a breakthrough in treating Melanoma (skin cancer) out of Israel!  I hope it pans out!


Skin Cancer Breakthrough by Israeli Scientists Could Make Melanoma “Easily Curable”

By JNS August 23, 2016 , 8:30 am

“It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.” Proverbs 3:8 (The Israel Bible™)

Researchers have discovered how Melanoma spreads through the body, a “breakthrough” they hope will lead to cancer becoming nonthreatening and easily curable, according to a new Tel Aviv University study done in cooperation with the German Cancer Research (DKFZ).

Melanoma is an aggressive cancer that kills one person every 52 minutes, according to the international Skin Cancer Foundation.

The study, which looked at the spread of Melanoma, was published in a Nature Cell Biology article.

Scientists found that before spreading, Melanoma tumors send out small vesicles with molecules that trigger structural changes in the skin that prepare it for receiving cancer cells, and transporting them further. The scientists also found chemical substances that can stop the process, which raises hope that cancer-treating drugs could be developed.
“The threat of Melanoma is not in the initial tumor that appears on the skin, but rather in its metastasis, cancer cells sent off to colonize in vital organs like the brain, lungs, liver and bones,” Dr. Carmit Levy, the lead researcher at the human molecular genetics and biochemistry department of TAU’s Sackler School of Medicine, told the Jerusalem Post.

Researchers are discovering how the cancer spreads to distant organs and found ways to halt the process before it metastasized, Levy said.

“Our study is an important step on the road to a full remedy for the deadliest skin cancer. We hope that our findings will help turn Melanoma into a nonthreatening, easily curable disease,” she added.

Oh!  I started another container of GANS too – in a plastic container this time.  I’m curious if the development of plasma will be faster or slower in glass or plastic.

Started another batch of Keshe Foundation inspired GANS today...will plasma develop faster in glass or plastic? We shall see!

Started another batch of Keshe Foundation inspired GANS today…will plasma develop faster in glass or plastic? We shall see!


3 comments on “23 Aug 2016 Coldplay Midnight, Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare, Korn Did my Time, We are Orgonite, enjoying the evening sun, breakthrough in Melanoma Cancer research from Israel

  1. Hmmm…plastic leeches into water, Jackie, so I’m wondering how effective it will be in your experiment. Hope you keep us posted. We could use a kitty door at our house since she likes to watch the neighbors come in and out of the building. It’s like reality TV for her, lol! 😉 xoxoM

    • Plastic leeches? I’ll have to keep an eye out for that closer to Halloween or may be some plastic eye balls LOL! Conductivity right?! I am with your kitty about reality television outside. When I’m outside the world doesn’t seem so small as it does in the house. I can be on the ground or all the way up with birds flying I the clouds! Always things going on outside 🙂 Love to you M!

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