Walk Your Talk – Tigers and Strawberries

I needed this reminder again today – sometimes I let “buttons” get pushed and I give away my Joy to people, places and things that don’t appreciate it. Thank you Spirit Post!

The   Spirit   Post

A man was walking through a jungle when two tigers began to chase him.  He ran to the edge of a cliff and began to shimmy down a vine into a canyon.  As he approached the valley floor, he found two more …

Walk Your Talk - Tigers - Revised1 - reduced size

Walk Your Talk - Tigers - Revised2 - reduced size

You can hear Blaine’s talk at http://www.unityonmaui.org/podcast

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2 comments on “Walk Your Talk – Tigers and Strawberries

  1. I was attending some workshops with a friend who was evaluating, and being evaluated for, organ transplant and laughter yoga was one of the therapies/techniques discussed in connection with boosting the immune system. Yay! 😉 xoM

    • I love doing it outside – I’m like a dog (with musical headphones though) with a doggy door….head phones on, in and out lol. Doing it barefoot helps me with inflammation! xo M!

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