9 Aug 2016 Dreams and watching Michael Phelps channel some Khan last night

Hello to you from my dimension to yours.  Hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are as you read this.  I’m doing fairly well this morning.  We’ve got another hot day ahead of us but saw some clouds this morning and there is a smidge of a chance of thunderstorms today.  Here’s hoping!

Interesting dreams spurred on by a lot of bicycles in my psyche lately.  I was sad, yet relieved to find out the Dutch cyclist Annemiek is alive and there was some wierd coincidences behind the timing of her accident with her mother’s birthday and a previous accident!  Spooky!


Annemiek van Vleuten’s mother, Ria, was celebrating her birthday on the day of the race. Instead of a perfect present – seeing her daughter win an Olympic medal – van Vleuten feared that the crash might have taken Annemiek’s life.

Via Telegraaf.nl:

“There was this really a grave mood. Normally you see cyclists always get up or reach for their bodies, but Annemiek was not moving. I get that image but not my mind. The whole night I did not sleep. I really thought my daughter was lying dead in the ditch.”

Fortunately, despite spinal fractures, van Vleuten tweeted from the hospital to tell fans that she’ll “be fine.”

Here’s the spooky part:

NBC Sports notes that a year ago on August 7th, 2015, van Vleuten was hit by a car while out on a ride, suffering three broken ribs and a broken collarbone. Perhaps she should stay inside on August 7th, 2017.

Get well Annemiek!


In my dream, I was riding somewhere in snow and slush (we keep having a winter theme….winter is coming rofl) and was having to remember a route I kept forgetting as the way to get home, I saw signs for a Route 6A which I was to take to 13 to get home.   (I haven’t ridden a bike in years btw!  Not really safe to do so where we live.)

Then there was a dream with my mother-in-law and Kyle’s youngest brother.  He was going out with friends or something.  In the dream he was like in his 20’s but acting younger?  In reality it’s the opposite!  He’s very mature for his age, he’s only 14 but acts like he’s 20 sometimes!   Anyhew,  my mother-in-law had prepared some soup in a portable container for him to take along but he was ignoring her and when she asked him if he wanted it, he barely acknowledged her and left with his friends.  I just remember seeing her disappointed face looking at the container she was holding as he left.  Don’t know what spurred that one on!

This phrase came to me as I was waking up and I thought it was pretty cool:

“As Time Stretches Out, There Are More Noble Causes And Those Who Will Fight For Them.” 

True right?!  More people in our world are waking up and seeking justice for those who cannot seek it for themselves.

Changing “gears”

So last night Michael Phelps was in the ready room before his 200 fly and his rival from South Africa Chad Le Clos was doing some serious “mind-fuck” exercises channelled in Michael’s direction.  ZOMG!  I was watching Michael and immediately thought of Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan in the Star Trek Movie Into Darkness!!!  KHAAAAAANNNNN!  Michael was channelling some serious Khan!


Every Olympian has to get ready for their event somehow, but for a minute Monday night it looked like Michael Phelps had crossed over to the dark side.

Before his 200-meter butterfly semifinal, Phelps sat stone-faced with his hood up in the aquatics center “ready room.” Right in front of him, South Africa’s Chad Guy Bertrand le Clos was shadowboxing.


I hope you have a fantastic day….Love and Be Loved.


Interesting headlines:

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543164/?ref_=nv_sr_1 – timely release of Amy Adams film called Arrival, no trailer to share yet but saw it on tv this morning so it should be available soon.  We LOVE AMY!

Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

source internet - KIC 8462852 NASA JPL CALTECH

source internet – KIC 8462852 NASA JPL CALTECH


The case of Tabby’s star keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. The star — formally known by its somewhat clunky name KIC 8462852 — has been a source of endless intrigue for astronomers since September, when its bizarre behavior triggered speculations over the existence of an alien civilization around it.

The WTF (Where’s the Flux) star is now back in the news, and it’s more mysterious than ever.

Before we delve into the latest findings, released online through the preprint server arXiv, here is a quick lowdown of the story so far:

Last fall, a team of scientists led by Tabetha Boyajian from Yale University, who lends the object its informal name, the “Tabby’s star,” reported that the star was not behaving as it should. Based on observations conducted using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope between 2009 and 2013, the team witnessed two unusual incidents, in 2011 and 2013, when the star’s light dimmed in dramatic, never-before-seen ways.

This dimming indicated that something had passed in front of the star — located between the constellations, Cygnus and Lyra. At the time, a swarm of comets was proposed as the most likely explanation.

However, this is not when Tabby’s star captured the public’s imagination. That happened a month later, in October, when Jason Wright, an astronomer from Penn State University, put forth the idea that the swarm of objects around the star is “something you would expect an alien civilization to build.”

In other words, he suggested that the swarm may be an “alien megastructure,” or a giant Dyson sphere, built by a technologically advanced species to harness the star’s energy.

http://summergames.ap.org/article/rafaela-silva-wins-brazils-1st-gold-rio-olympics-judoYOU GO GIRL!!! Congratulations!!!

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — From the favela to the top of the podium, Rafaela Silva earned Brazil’s first gold medal of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

And to celebrate, the 24-year-old judo champion shed tears as she jumped into the exuberant crowd with a Brazilian flag wrapped around her shoulders.

“I hope my medal now will open the door for Brazil to win many more medals,” Silva said.

My prayers to these folks today…..worst day of many of their lives….noble causes and many who will fight for them….

Dozens of people were shot dead by security forces in protests across Ethiopia’s Oromiya and Amhara regions at the weekend, residents and opposition officials have said.

Unrest flared in Oromiya for several months until early this year over plans to allocate farmland surrounding the regional capital for development. Authorities scrapped the scheme in January, but protests flared again over the continued detention of opposition demonstrators.


4 comments on “9 Aug 2016 Dreams and watching Michael Phelps channel some Khan last night

  1. OH! The diving last night was amazing! To be able to synchronize two people tumbling through the air like that….wow. Congratulations to all!

  2. it’s so sad that we read every day that people lost their lives because of bad politics…. France is very sad for Samir Ait Said, who had one of the worst accidents I ever saw….and that the helpers failed with the stretchers after this accidents was more than bad karma :O(((

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