8 Aug 2016 Watching real life superhero’s show their humanity – 2016 Olympic games in Rio

Hello there, how are you today?!  Have you been staying up too late watching the Olympics?  We were going to stay up and watch Michael Phelps and the boys in the relay last night but just were too tired.  I’m glad, and not surprised to see they won!  Good job men!!

We watched off and on yesterday and I have to say, watching these amazing men and women “do their thing” is like watching real super hero’s for me!  The things they are able to push their bodies to do and make it look like, in many cases, effortless just never ceases to amaze me.  In one place, for just a couple of weeks, we get to see the God’s and Goddesses of their many different sporting realms in action.  It’s an honor.

Well sometimes they show us they are human as in the case of the cycling accident we witnessed yesterday.  ZOMG I about fell out watching Annemiek flip over and just not move…I was so worried about her!  When she didn’t move I figured she was knocked out from the impact but worried it was more serious.  I just wanted to reach through the screen and stop everything to make sure she was ok but televised sports don’t do that and it took quite some time to get information about her.  My prayers to her and all those who love and care about her.  I hope she is able to recover from this and we can see her again.

When it comes to the Olympics, every competitor is a winner even if they don’t achieve their personal goals or get a medal.  It takes such great courage to put yourself out there like they do.  It’s one thing to mess up a dive in your backyard swimming pool but try doing that in front of billions of people?!  Having billions of people resting their countries hopes on your body’s ability to perform?  No pressure!!!

Aside from the issues people are having with a couple of athletes who were using enhancements but are still competing, I think the sportsmanship on display has been great.  I like to see shaking of hands between competitors…hugs.

Here are a few snippets I found…I’m sorry to see Gabby isn’t going forward to the finals.  Watching her and Simone perform yesterday is what brought the thoughts of superhero’s to my mind.  When they were doing their floor exercises I was in awe….they fly!  Gabby you are amazing and you can be so proud of your performance.  It’s not all about medals….just being there and doing your personal best is a medal unto itself!


Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten sustained three small fractures to her spine and will remain hospitalized in intensive care after crashing Sunday during the women’s Olympic road race.

Van Vleuten was leading on the fast, slippery descent of Vista Chinesa when she appeared to lock up her brakes on the final corner. She tumbled onto the road and her bike went flying, and she remained on the edge of the pavement as the rest of the field swept past.
Teammate Anna van der Breggen went on to win the gold medal.

The Dutch team said van Vleuten was conscious when she was loaded into an ambulance, and Chef de Mission Maurits Hendriks and team doctors said she was stable and speaking Sunday night.

Day 1 in Rio2016: Amazing start with two gold medals!

What an opening day for Hungary at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! Hungarian Olympians never had such a strong start as yesterday: Emese Szász won the gold medal in women’s epee fencing and Katinka Hosszú beat everyone in 400 metres individual medley swimming and to top it all, she broke the world record, her only opponent in the pool. The men’s water polo team started out great with a tie against Serbia and the only bittersweet moment of the day was judoist Éva Csernoviczki’s 7th place, who was injured, but still tried her best.


Three-time world champion Simone Biles led the way. Her score of 62.366 was well clear of teammate Aly Raisman. So much for the butterflies in her stomach.



RIO DE JANEIRO — At this point, all that’s left for Katie Ledecky to chase is history.

So she does.

The 19-year-old swimming superstar entered these Olympics as the current world-record holder in the 400, 800 and 1,500 meter freestyles. The challenge when she swims those events here? To beat her past, slower self.

On Sunday night, she did just that, knocking nearly two seconds off the world record in the 400 free to secure her first gold medal of these Games. She won in 3:56.46, followed by Britain’s Jazz Carlin and American Leah Smith, who were almost five seconds behind.

Gabby Douglas Shockingly Eliminated — Can’t Defend All-Around Title At Rio Olympics 2016

Say it isn’t so! Reigning women’s all-around champion Gabby Douglas officially didn’t make the cut in the 2016 Rio Olympics, meaning that she won’t get a chance to defend her title. Get the shocking details right here!

There wasn’t much more Gabby Douglas could’ve done to try earning her chance at another all-around gold. The 20-year-old put on a fabulous performance, earning a score of 60.131 (the third best score of all countries competing), but still won’t be seeing the Aug. 11 finals in Rio. Why is that? Well, Gabby was edged by her very own teammates, Simone Biles and Aly Raisman — and only two athletes from each country are allowed in the finals. Can you say heartbreaking?!

As if the being eliminated wasn’t already difficult to bear, Gabby’s score was just less than half a point off from Aly’s score of 60.607. She and Aly were also neck-and-neck in the qualifiers for the 2012 London Games when Gabby took home the gold, but the “two-country rule” didn’t apply then because no other Americans had qualified.
Summer Olympics 2016: Winners and Losers from Day 2 in Rio

The Olympic Games don’t really begin until Michael Phelps has a gold medal around his neck.

Well, they are now underway.

Phelps gave his 4×100-meter relay team the lead on the second leg, and the Americans helped him secure a 19th gold medal. It was just one of many highlights in an entertaining night in the pool that saw two more world records fall, including Katie Ledecky crushing her own record.

Early in the day, the story in cycling, unfortunately, was a crash. Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten was on her way to a gold medal when she crashed and ended up in the hospital. The danger of the course has been among the worst public relations hits for Rio so far in these Games.

On a more uplifting note, upsets are always fun at the Olympics, and Sunday delivered with medal contenders in men’s indoor volleyball, men’s basketball, men’s soccer and multiple major global tennis stars losing.


4 comments on “8 Aug 2016 Watching real life superhero’s show their humanity – 2016 Olympic games in Rio

  1. that was interesting to read more about some athletes, I wish we would hear more about athletes and people who are REALLY outstanding than to get bombed with news about a beaver kid and a decadent woman who is not able to drive a car :o((( my olympic highlight was Zahra Nemati, it was touching to see her in her wheelchair… a sign that we should carry on instead to give up.

    • EXACTLY Easy — more positive news! That’s the kind of news we need to focus our attention on – what is good and amazing in our world….which is ALOT more than the bad we are lead to believe exists. Every Olympics restores my hope in our world and it’s people, we can compete and yet coexist peacefully and still be friends afterwards. I’m proud of all our athletes competing even those that made mistakes either by their own choice or because they were forced into it (doping). It takes great courage to face the world like they are. Zahra is an inspiration indeed!!! Love to you all today! Missed you!

  2. The Olympics, even with all the drama surrounding them, are always inspiring, Jackie. Have you watched American Ninja Warrior? I think it also airs on NBC. My daughter is a big fan and gets us to watch snippets of it now and then. The people involved in those contests are seemingly ordinary people, many of whom have overcome staggering odds to get there. Their stories, too, are inspiring! 😉 xoM

    • A big yes on American Ninja Warrior – mentioned that a blog or two ago. I love it because you are rooting for everyone to finish the course and be a success and I feel just the same watching the Olympics! Love to you!

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