7 Aug 2016 Dream about moving, turning into a Dalek trying to detox from sugar, Cumberbitches, my new Rift avatar Benstrange, and Cottonwood borer (first one I’ve ever seen)

Hello there!  How are you doing today?!  It’s still morning.  We’ve got the dogs walked and have had breakfast…more Mojo.com top 10 underrated movies lists – 1990’s and 2000’s this time.  Many of these films Kyle and I have seen and liked.  Our tastes don’t always jibe with mainstream and I’m glad!

On the walk this morning, Kyle had me laughing almost the whole way with his retelling of what happened last night with regards to my wanting sugary snacks.  We are trying to detox from sugar, especially me.  Ever since October of last year until now it’s just been a roller-coaster and I’ve gained back weight I lost.  As everyone knows, from October (Halloween) on is when the “sugar trade” makes their money off of us and we fell hard this year!  Anyhew…so last night, whilst watching the Olympics, I kept wanting to eat stuff with sugar and Kyle told me no.  So this morning his version of how that went is this, “Time for snacks!” (Jackie in Dr. Who Dalek voice which he did SPOT on), “No Jackie, no snacks, you’re trying to lose weight,” Jackie (again in his best Dalek voice) “EXPLAIN?! EXPLAIN?!”  ZOMG TOO FUNNY!  I can tell I am having difficulty detoxing from sugar….it’s just like any other drug!

Apparently this is what I looked and sounded like last night after Kyle said I couldn't have any sugary snacks! LOL!

Apparently this is what I looked and sounded like last night after Kyle said I couldn’t have any sugary snacks! LOL!

http://www.wisegeek.org/what-are-symptoms-of-sugar-withdrawal.htm (excerpt)

In the psychological sense, sugar withdrawal can be a very real and painful process, replete with cravings, anxiety or depression, and a general sense of loss when the addictive substance is not used. This suggests we take sugar withdrawal as seriously as addictions to other substances like alcohol or drugs. In many senses, what seems innocuous is actually a leading cause of many health conditions like early onset diabetes, obesity, and a variety of diseases of the organs.

We watched a lot of Olympics yesterday and congrats to everyone!  It was good to see Danell Leyva from the men’s US gymnastics team again…he got a new lucky towel from the one he had in London!  Proud of all the competitors, no matter what country.  You all are like watching superheros come to life with the amazing things you do!  I’ve got a huge chunk of my Bernat yarn corner-to-corner afghan done….keeping my hands busy crocheting helps with the munchies and my detox process!

So after Kyle got up this morning, he took the dogs with him and let me sleep.  I actually slept and had a couple of dreams.  One of them was about meeting a really nice man who had something to do with computer software – it was on a usb-size device.  He gave me this usb drive to download something that I thought was like a game or something but can’t remember.  There was this whole thing about driving to his office across this huge gravel parking lot, which was a mess in an obscure location.  I really wish I remembered his name, he was so kind to me!

Then there was the moving part of the dream, which occupied most of it and was connected somehow to the nice man.  “We” were supposed to be moving out of the place we were living in but for some reason there was a delay and we had already reserved a hotel room so we’d have a place to stay until the stuff got moved out of where we were.  Well there was a delay and for some reason we stayed in the old place and were surprised the land lords didn’t come and kick us out.  I can remember feeling grateful we had a place to stay no matter what.

This moving segment of the dream was triggered I suspect by my finding an article from, what Benedict Cumberbatch fans, also called Cumberbitches, said was fake, “not the daily mail!” to paraphrase the comment I got : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2952045/Benedict-Cumberbatch-s-sprawling-new-10-8m-mansion-Los-Angeles.html (I don’t know if this is true or not but going with my bitches on this!  I’m new to the party).

For those of you not in the know about the phenom known as “Cumberbitch”


http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Cumberbitch – (there are typos in this definition of the term,  which I found very amusing since this is supposed to be a dictionary!  I did not correct them btw)


1.Any woman who has a deep fasination with the wonderful, beautiful, talented English stage and on-screen actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
2. A refernce given to people who admire the beautiful features of Benedict Cumberbatch. ex- his green eyes, beautiful cheekbones, sexy toussled hair.
3. Can be proper ladies, or “dirty. dirty ladies” and everyone in between.

I am a proud Cumberbitch.
Do you know what these ladies are called? Cumberbitches.

#cumberbitch1 #cumberladies #cumberbatched #cumberbatch #cumberbitches

by missCumberbatch February 16, 2011

My new Rift Avatar I made yesterday for fun, “Benstrange” and his healing fairy Tilda lol!  Gee I wonder what his name means?!  I’m excited to see Ben in Dr. Strange in November.  Anyhew….for me, playing games like Rift can be like playing adult Barbies.  I have no shame in living variously through my avatars!

I was out moving the sprinkler this morning and saw this!  Never saw one before.  I could tell by watching him, that he’s not accustomed to walking across grass lol!  It’s getting really dry here again so we are having to water some.

The cottonwood borer (Plectrodera scalator) is a species of longhorn beetle found in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains that feeds on cottonwood trees.[2] It is one of the largest insects in North America, with lengths reaching 40 millimetres (1.6 in) and widths, 12 mm (0.47 in). It is the only species in the genus Plectrodera.[3]


2 comments on “7 Aug 2016 Dream about moving, turning into a Dalek trying to detox from sugar, Cumberbitches, my new Rift avatar Benstrange, and Cottonwood borer (first one I’ve ever seen)

  1. Wow! That’s one big bug, Jackie! Years ago, I began the practice of eating fruit first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, allowing it to digest for about half an hour, and then moving on to more substantial breakfast. What I noticed was that in short order, within a week, I no longer experienced cravings for sweets and my skin looked healthier.

    These days, I allow myself to have a small dessert after a meal…every meal. It’s usually a small donut, or chocolate shared with my sweet husband, whatever it is, it signals the end of the meal for me, is satisfying, and precludes snacking.

    Enjoy your day, Jackie. Glad you got an extra snooze this morning. Body must have needed it! 😉 xoM

    • Thank you for sharing how you tackle the sweet tooth M. I try to have a treat with meals and then not do it in between but just fell into some bad habits again! We are just trying to have few things like that in the house or I make them myself…which with this heat just isn’t happening right now. This is all part of the life school nutrition course I’m having to revisit and I’m grateful to have friends to help me with their personal experiences and notes from their version of the class! Love to you M!

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