4 Aug 2016 Keeping your inner lights on can be challenging these days, Mental Illness and responsible human programming (London stabbing), my “fugly” blanket is an analogy for our world

It’s Thursday, about 6:01 am as I write to you from my dimension today….how are you?  I’m doing pretty well.  I woke up early this morning and decided to just get up…time to rise and shine!  Some days it’s hard to “turn the lights on” isn’t  it?  Especially if you are in careers that involve other people interaction.  I remember when I was what they called in the Air Force, A Personnel Specialist, basically a “desk pilot” how tough it could be when I woke up in a shitty mood and then had to go deal with customers all day.  When I was working in Customer Service issuing ID cards, the hardest cases for me were the widows, widowers and unremarried former spouses.  Trying to stay positive and keep it together being as sensitive person as I’ve always been until they were gone was always hard for me.   I’d just go in the back and “file papers” until I worked through the tears.

If you think your having a hard day….try talking to someone else!

I saw there was a stabbing in London: http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2016/08/04/london-stabbing-police-statement-sot.cnn and I guess they have a 19 year old suspect in custody.  Now we are seeing the stabbing killings aren’t we?  Is the Universe trying to show us something about mental illness and violence?  If we get to the core of the “why” people act out, you have a lot less “what’s” and I keep saying that….eventually the message will get across.  We have a world-wide problem that has been created by many things, from cradle to grave and that problem is mental illness.  You can blame it on any number of things.  You can blame on our food, environment, upbringing, our school systems, our churches, our workplaces, our economic systems…our DNA but ultimately as many fingers point back at ourselves that point to all these things.   The chain must be cut somewhere and I feel it begins in one place….Mom and Dad.

Human beings are very much like the things they create….computers and other programmable….even AI devices I want to say.  If you bring someone into this world, then you are taking on the responsibility for every facet of that new person’s entire being…..you parents are the “Programmer.”   All the things I’ve mentioned as possible culprits for mental illness are but software engineers…you parents are the hardware manufacturers.   Program responsibly!  Do not blame someone else for your failures, take responsibility for your creation…..ask for help if you do not have the resources whether internal or external to take on such a task.  You are not alone!  Set aside your pride and ask for help!

My prayers to every corner of this globe experiencing the consequences of such bad “programming.”  Mental illness is not a terminal disease in can in fact, in some cases,  be a reversible condition!!!  If not completely reversible…at least manageable.   From The National Alliance on Mental Illness – visit their You Tube channel.

Some pictures….Kyle picked out some yarn, the fleecy Bernat stuff, so I can make us a new blanket.  I took apart the other one I did earlier in the year (it’s too small)  and am going to blend what he chose with that yarn for a bigger blanket.  I’m almost done with the “symbolic” blanket…yeah it’s fugly to look at but it’s mine and if you come to visit, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to look at it LOL!  *cough MOM!

Sometimes the parts are beautiful but when you put them all together, not so much.  Kind of like our world right now.  Individually we are beautiful pieces of yarn, but with current events,  the  blending of our many skeins of yarn  hasn’t been making for a very attractive “blanket.”  I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make with my blanket.  It may not be pretty to look at as an entire blanket but I made it, it will keep me warm when I am cold and every time I look at it I will be reminded of how important it is to accept other people and their differences.  Without the other “yarns,” my blanket would be incomplete!  I need many different “yarns” to make my blankets.




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