2 Aug 2016 Blame it on the fire ant bites (Keshe foundation inspired plasma healing tool)…..Blue (poem)

Good morning….least it’s morning here…7:11 a.m.  or so as I write.  There is so much going on in the world right now, so many headlines I glanced across this morning that merited attention but I’m kind of numb these past couple days.   Blame it on the fire ants!  On Sunday I was outside and decided to sit under a tree with the sprinkler going….it was really hot.  Well I must have disturbed some fire ants because when I moved the mat I was sitting on back to the patio…..OUCH!  I got bit like 10 times in just a few seconds!  I grabbed my bottle of vinegar, water and dish soap and let them have it!!!  We don’t buy Raid or any of those kinds of pesticides….we used to.   I can see how that woman awhile back was killed from fire ants attacking her!   It happens so fast!


Fire Ants Kill Woman Day After Mother’s Death

The 29-year-old mother-of-two suffered an allergic reaction to the bites, including swelling and shortness of breath.

12:00, UK,Monday 30 May 2016

Kalyn Rolan (L) and a fire ant

Kalyn Rolan was fatally bitten by fire ants

An Alabama woman was attacked and killed by fire ants a day after her own mother’s death.

 Kalyn Rolan was sitting on a haystack talking on the phone to make funeral arrangements for her recently departed mother when the insects began biting her.

The 29-year-old mother-of-two suffered an allergic reaction to the bites, including swelling and shortness of breath.

Ms Rolan died in her husband’s arms on 20 May in Selma, less than a day after the death of her mother, Roberta Lynn.

 Family members told WSFA-TV that Ms Rolan was severely allergic to fire ants, which are found around the southeastern US.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe account to raise $5,000 towards funeral costs.

Anyhew…the way I’ve been feeling since Sunday makes me wonder if the venom affected me in not the good way.  Fire ant bites are the worst too — get big ol’ pustules on them and if you break them open and scratch you will scar your skin.  I’ve been keeping the bites clean and trying my best not to itch too much.  My Keshe foundation inspired plasma viles have been helping some at night.  I hold them and it helps me refocus from wanting to scratch the shit out the bites LOL.


A poem I wrote about falling in love with Kyle:


by Jacqueline 3 Feb 2005


I knew someday I would find


That you were more than

Mere shadows



I just never expected

You would be so wonderful

I’m sorry I grew

Old without you


Thank you for waiting for


Because I think there

Is no other color

For me


A little Reeve Carney Hallelujah for ya.  The video quality isn’t there but the voice is!  I need to check ITunes for his music.  I keep meaning to do that!

*I’m going to be culling July 2015 posts today.  I’ve used about 70% of my photo space so time to clean house.



7 comments on “2 Aug 2016 Blame it on the fire ant bites (Keshe foundation inspired plasma healing tool)…..Blue (poem)

  1. I love this poem… it’s great and I bet all who wait for this day they meet the one would get some more hope while reading :o) the fire ants are awful, this year all that critters act like crazy… we try to stay away from chemical bombs, but this year needs some raid…specially when they start to enter the houses :o(

    • The insects are acting like people aren’t they?! NUTS! Yeah, once the ants start into the house it’s hard to get them out so I understand what you all had to do. Glad you liked the poem – blue is like your coat! Thank you for visiting and saying hello my friend. Love to you.

  2. Lavender oil, Jackie. My go to oil for anything. Lavender is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. May not get rid of the itch altogether, but it will ease the inflammation and soothe the soul, lol! Beautiful poem. How wonderful that you two recognized one another beyond human understanding. Yay! xoxoM

    • Agreed on the Lavender oil – I keep that on hand and it did help some. The bites were pretty bad so have to keep reapplying lol. Yes, finding Kyle…he is truly my gift from the Universe. Proof I must have done at least one good thing. Love to you my friend.

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