1 Aug 2016 Extraterrestrial (2014 film) and Planned Obsolescence a book for modern manufacturers to read A Museum of Early American Tools by Eric Sloane

Hello there! How are you doing today? I’m doing pretty good, not very rested though!  Seems like we get a night or two of decent sleep and then NOPE!

Michael Ironside as Travis in Extraterrestrial film

Michael Ironside as Travis in Extraterrestrial film

Last night Kyle was looking for something to watch on Netflix.  He was in the mood for a cheesy horror flick, you know the 1980’s genre, but just couldn’t find anything so we settled on a sci-fi horror film called Extraterrestrial.  I guess we enjoyed Stranger Things that much lol!  It wasn’t a bad film, we made it to the end of it.  What was disappointing is when they decided to end it….waaaay too long after they probably should have.  The one plausible thing out of the film came from “Travis” portrayed by Michael Ironside (we found him again! first introduced to him in Scanners!) that there was a treaty between the US Government and ET’s.  The ET’s could do whatever they want as long as nobody engaged with them.  Well it wouldn’t be a movie without people doing what they aren’t supposed to do…so yeah…they engaged and the ET’s engaged back!  One other spoiler alert….they did the “thing” they accuse aliens abductors of doing on shows like South Park all the time…anal probe.  The character it happened to was a douche bag but really?!

EXTRATERRESTRIAL Full Official Trailer (2014)


http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fix-out-product-repairs-get-tougher-new-age-obsolescence-n614916 (excerpt)

“Mike Tyran, a nurse living near Corpus Christi, Texas, bought a used Apple iPod in 2010 and tried to repair it after the battery wouldn’t charge.

But when the inveterate “fixer” attempted to open the white-and-chrome rectangle, he was stumped.

“I had worked on old tube radios … (which) had diagrams (and) … schematics. I know where the wiring goes and I know how to open it,” said Tyran, 56, a former heavy diesel mechanic. “I looked at an iPod and I had no idea how to open it … because there were no screws.”

Tyran’s realization that the sleek but defective digital music player was nearly impenetrable opened his eyes to a broader truth: He and his fellow tinkerers are living in a New Age of Obsolescence — a time where repair is, by design, often not an option.

There are many reasons that consumer products are increasingly manufactured in ways that make it nearly impossible to fix them.”

I saw this article this morning and I thought it was a good one about what Kyle and I have noticed as a trend with electronics….shit….pretty much everything you buy now…they call it “planned obsolescence.”   I call it “designed to fail” or a.k.a. shitty craftsmanship!   It’s when manufacturers design products with a flaw so that you will be forced to replace it sooner than you want to…than you should have to.  It’s all about keeping that profit flowing and it is completely unsustainable.  It’s pretty much what the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food manufacturers are already, literally capitalizing on, with human beings, domestic animals and pretty much any living creature they can get their products pumped in to.  Talk about being designed with planned obsolescence! Human beings got that market cornered!  No one is exempt from this shoddy business model lol.

If you want to read about the way things used to be, a time when blacksmiths made their own tools and they are still around to use today, read:
A Museum of Early American Tools by Eric Sloane

Love to you through these tangles of wires, through the winds, through time and space…..from my dimension to yours.


2 comments on “1 Aug 2016 Extraterrestrial (2014 film) and Planned Obsolescence a book for modern manufacturers to read A Museum of Early American Tools by Eric Sloane

  1. I bet this is a great book to learn more about the things what worked once and what still work … maybe once we go back to this times…. I’m sometimes very surprised (and even a little shocked) how much truth is behind this south park stuff…. apart from “Kyle’s mom is a b.tch”, there are many things what are rude but worth to ponder about :o)

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