Reblog: Looking Down From The Top — Inner Whispers

I wanted to reblog this terrific commentary from my friend Margarita, Inner Whispers Blog here on WordPress about what may be a big part of the problem of politics:  people on the top not seeing or being out of touch with what is going on at the “ground level.”

“Every four years, people in the United States are subjected to on-the-ground jostling by political parties and candidates looking down from a metaphorical penthouse.  Just because they have a view from the top, doesn’t mean they know what’s happening on the street or, in some cases, that they still recollect what it’s like to tread those sidewalks. Every four years, We The People long for someone at the top who can understand our needs and desires, whom we can support wholeheartedly in the gladiatorial contest that the Presidential election has become. Every four years, many of We The People feel that we are presented with the choice of Bad and Worse. We The People are tired.”

The world looks very different looking down from the top. With a bird’s eye-view, it’s possible to see the grid layout of Manhattan’s streets. The gridiron plan was implemented in New York City starting in 1811. It was applied to the area of Manhattan north of Fourteenth Street to allow for a more orderly partition […]

via Looking Down From The Top — Inner Whispers


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