30 July 2016 What’s that song?! Stranger Things – Tangerine Dream “Exit”….music is the key to the human time machine

Good morning!  It’s about 8:33 am here as I write to you. We’ve walked the dogs, got the second load of laundry in and have eaten breakfast.  We are trying the yogurt and granola thing with our regular eggs.

So last night we watched a couple more episodes of Stranger Things.  Watching this show has been like a time warp for me. I was in high school during the time frame this takes place and I knew people that looked like the people in the show!  Nancy’s friend Barbara looks a lot  like a friend I had named Linda Dodd!  Looking through my old Senior Class year book just now….a lot of these people look like cast from the show.  Sigh…what happened to all of these people?  I guess if I ever decide to go to a class reunion I’ll find out.

We watched episode 6 last night and there was a song I heard that gave me goosebumps and made me go, “OMG!  I know that song!!!” Turns out I did!  Here’s my note for the train of thought I had to use to find it using You Tube lol…ended up with Tangerine Dream, their song Exit from the album of the same name!  Kyle couldn’t believe how fired up I got about finding this song lol.  This is the power of music…music is the key to the human time machine.  (http://musicandmemory.org/ – these folks are helping people reclaim their memory with music!)

Anyhew….got another letter from my Mom and a letter from Les yesterday….know what I’ll be doing today lol!  I love getting the letters so need to make sure I send out encouragement to the writers LOL!  Love you Mom and Les and a hug and love to anyone visiting here today.

I know times are hard for this ol’ world but keep your eyes on the prize….what is a mere flicker of peace now can manifest into full light….we just have to put all our “lights” together. 


One comment on “30 July 2016 What’s that song?! Stranger Things – Tangerine Dream “Exit”….music is the key to the human time machine

  1. Yes! Put our Lights together! I went to my 10-year HS reunion, Jackie, DECADES ago. The boys all looked like men and were hard to recognize. The girls were, well, not so different. It was enough of an experience for me, as reunions go. Lovely and no longer a part of my present. 😉 xoxoM

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