23 July 2016 Refining my experiment with making music with the sun…thinking of music like Close Encounters of the Third Kind…Tones

Hello! I just finished my second quick video recording of me playing todays “sun song.”  I decided to try holding my trusty Light Walkie Talkie Pendant (LWTP) and move it very slowly.  I realized that each time the pendant catches rays of the sun, it reflects multiple colors at a time…not just one.  So I moved the pendant very slowly today and wrote down all the colors that came up at each turn instead of trying to decide on just one at a time.  Hope that makes sense.  What I need to do, plan to do, is make a video of the process from start to finish so it’s a little clearer to you what I’m doing!

In the mean time….photos and videos of my hand plucking the Music Maker lap harp lol.  It’s a start.  I feel like a “refining” process has begun with this.  I had some really cool revelations today about the process.  I realized that after I translated the colors to notes, it sounded better when I went from higher octaves on the harp to lower…it’s very symbolic of what is happening with this whole thing I’m doing!  The source of the light, the sun, is high and the “receivers”, the pendant and myself,  are on the ground…lower.  Pretty cool huh?!  What’s really cool with this particular piece that came about today was it started at “high MI” and ended with “low MI!”  — yep started with the sun and ended with “me” on the ground.   So I’m calling todays song, “From High Mi to Low Mi.”

I recorded it and played it back several times because it sounds one way when you are trying to play something and another when it’s already played if that makes sense.  It’s not like anything I’ve ever heard…it’s not beautiful in the traditional sense at all.   Some might say…”that’s not music, that’s just noise!”  Or is it?  Like I said, it’s a start of something very exciting for me to keep exploring and refining.  Honestly, I don’t want it to sound like something anyone has ever heard….that’s the whole point of what I’m doing!!!  SOMETHING NEW!

Thank you for stopping by and listening!  I welcome feedback, suggestions and by all means if you decide to attempt this on your own, some people actually have musical training, can read music, have high tech video records etc….share!  Lets see what we can come up with!  Not one piece of whatever we create will be exactly the same….it is impossible with this technique I’m using and hope you will attempt also.

*I realized yesterday that you could do this with a string of lights on random if you wanted to.  Assign a musical note a color that is on the string of lights you want to use for this.  Start the lights and  record the colors and then translate this to music.  We are simply reversing the traditional process from lights matching music to lights dictating what the music will be.

*Another thought I had about this whole thing is this could be a way to reach some of the people in our world that seem unreachable…autistic children/adults etc.?  Hmmmm!  As a person with autistic tendencies myself, what reaches me the most quickly when I’m zoning out is bright color, light and music…probably why this resonates with me so much.

Poking a bit of fun at myself here but will use Close Encounters of the Third Kind as the example of my inspiration:  science fiction often becomes science fact doesn’t it? (wink)



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