5 comments on “23 July 2016 Getting your feelings hurt by strangers you thought could be friends on Social Media – the “context” missing in the “text”

  1. your drawings says all… it often happens that people only want to hear what they like and sometimes a real&honest opinion to a problem is not what they want ….I’m sad that the people of munich had to go through this… again innocent people had to pay … :o(((

  2. Oh, Jackie, I’m so sorry that person hurt your feelings. Know that what he did is an expression of what’s going on in his heart and mind, not a reflection of you. You did him a service by acting as a catalyst for him to energetically regurgitate. The trick with being a catalyst for energetic regurgitation is to get the heck out of the way because it’s just as ugly and yucky when it happens energetically as when it happens physically. You did well, Jackie. No need to engage further. He needs help. Holding him in Love and Light is help. xoxoM

    • Your words here are so comforting and helpful M. I think you must know what it’s like to be a catalyst for others too…we are all catalysts for each other I think and some times it really hurts until you get to the good reason all of it was supposed to happen! If that makes sense. Thank you for your wisdom my friend!

  3. Thanks for sharing. You know, its true. We all have people that come in and out of our lives. I am working on this regularly. Because when people that I allow into my life, i allow with open arms.. Jim tells me that is something he really loves about me. It hurts.

    The violence and hatred taking place during this political time plus the racism battle is very troubling. I have shut myself away from the world right now.

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