22 July 2016 Seeing Runako in another Dimension, Movie Trading Company Arlington TX, Deana Troi of Star Trek Next Generation (Marina Sirtis), and Morrigu DeAngelic of FFXIV

Hello to you whenever and wherever you are as you visit me here.  I hope you are well.  It’s our Saturday…about 6:42 am. as I begin to write this.    I’m listening to some Mozart this morning:

One of my favorite movies from my teen years was the Amadeus movie.  I had the soundtrack on, showing my age here, cassette tape.  Beautiful.  I added the soundtrack to my Amazon wish list so I can get up to the times lol.

So yesterday I felt like something really special happened.  I had an appointment in Arlington with my “medicine doctor” and filling in for her was a familiar face!  We couldn’t figure out where we’d seen each other at first and then I remembered her from when I was at Mesa Springs.  She was an intern at the time who sat in sessions with my staff therapist there named Misty!  She was so relieved I remembered as it was going to bug her lol.  Her name is Runako Richardson who came to this country from Zimbabwe Africa back in 2001…just after 9/11 happened.  I told her she must of come here to help heal us after that mess.  She said she didn’t originally come here to be a doctor but I told her may be not then as she would have just been a child! When I told her I wasn’t on any medication since April of this year after being on medications since 1999, she was very pleased as she doesn’t believe in pushing medication…she actually wants people to “get better.”  She was so happy to see someone who had been in the condition I had been in at Mesa go from that to who was sitting with her now.  I presented something to this beautiful, young doctor….Hope.  I don’t know if I will see her again, but I suspect we met again yesterday for a special reason and it blessed us both.  Both of us in the span of 5 or 10 minutes able to see just how far we’d come to “Be” and finding Joy in it.  I hope for her very best and that she will stay true to the person…the doctor.. I met yesterday for the rest of her days.  It won’t be easy….psychiatry….the “medication doctor” dimension, can be quite a treacherous, pill infested ocean in which to sail.  Good luck and much love to you Runako!

After the appointment, Kyle mentioned he wanted to go to a store nearby that he wondered if it was connected to another he had store credit in.  Well once we got in there, it didn’t matter if we had store credit or not…it was heaven for people like us lol….Movie Trading Co.  They had Dr. Who wall posters with….MATT SMITH!!!  DALEK diagrams!!!  They had the Moonlight Television show DVD, Dune made for television movie DVD’s Kyle had been looking for, they had the Beanie Boo’s kitty like I had when I was at Mesa but passed on to another patient when I left AND they had a Deana Troi, Star Trek Next Generation action figure!!!  Now I normally talk myself out of buying things like this because I don’t want to have more “stuff” but for some reason it was o.k. to allow myself this….Kyle encouraged me too of course lol.  He knows how much I’ve always loved Star Trek Next Generation and identify with the half Betazoid Deana portrayed by the beautiful Marina Sirtis!




Toronto Comicon Fan Expo 2013 Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis Q&A

I just loved Jon and Marina together in Star Trek!

Speaking of lovely couples, yesterday afternoon on one of the Benedict Cumberbatch pages I follow, they posted a video where I got to see Ben and his wife Sophie together onscreen!  It was the first time I’ve ever heard Sophie’s voice and as I watched this video clip from Burlesque Fairytales (2009 short film), I realized she looked a lot like a video game character Kyle and I designed together back in August 2013.

It was when he was playing FFXIV, her name was Morrigu DeAngelic and the most beautiful character we’ve ever designed together.  We both just loved her so much but he quit after they messed with the Bard class so badly (and without remorse I might add even with player complaints and negative feedback) and I tried the game and just didn’t enjoy it.  Sadly since he’s not playing the game anymore,  Morrigu is “trapped” in the Square Enix game servers..we miss her!  One thing Square Enix has always done well in their Final Fantasy MMORPG’s is character animation….they “come alive.”   It helps to see that Ben and also Tom Hiddleston have chosen to fall for women who look a lot like her LOL…great taste!  Taylor Swift looks a lot like what Morrigu looked like just before Kyle quit the game LOL!  Morrigu started out as a red head (our top favorite hair color.)  DeAngelic, which mean “the angelic” is the last name Kyle gave to the Taru he was playing when we met and fell in love playing FFXI…in 2003!!!



2 comments on “22 July 2016 Seeing Runako in another Dimension, Movie Trading Company Arlington TX, Deana Troi of Star Trek Next Generation (Marina Sirtis), and Morrigu DeAngelic of FFXIV

  1. Wait! What dimension are you writing in, Jackie? It’s only Friday afternoon as I type this. So glad you connected with the doctor. I see it as you do: it was a blessing for both of you! xoxoM 🙂

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