21 July 2016 Making music from flashes of light, How Margarita transformed my drawing, Tchaikovsky – Hymn of the Cherubim – USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir Stranger Things (Netflix Original Winona Ryder)

Good morning, Good day…from my dimension to yours!  How are you doing today?  I’m waiting for Kyle to decide the coffee smells good and to make us both a cup like he usually does lol…when we both make the coffee it always tastes so much better.  My friend Cyndy shared this beautiful piece of music with me yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.  I was just “transported” to hear it!  So beautiful to my in and outsides.  Thank you Cyndy!


I found this just a moment ago because I wanted to hear more and guess what….the song above is in this file! Isn’t that cool?!  Ask and you shall receive!  Seek and you shall find!

Speaking of music.  It came to me yesterday after seeing a shared post from my friend Mark House of 158+ images all related to music that people have been assigning colors to musical notes like I was wondering about.  They are not all consistent from what I can tell…there doesn’t seem to be anything “definitive” about it but it has been done.  So this got me to thinking about my “light walkie-talkie” pendant and the other day when I was listening to music and flashing the lights on my drawing.  What if I could somehow document the flashes of light and translate it to music?  It’s usually the other way around right?  People usually synchronize their Christmas lights to music….something my father-in-law Tim is working on (smile).

So yesterday I made my first attempt and quickly realized that unless there are two of me, one to hold the pendant and one to record what “it says” (what colors of light appear) it’s about impossible….it’s so fast!  Yes, light travels fast lol.  So at some point if I am serious about this, I would  need a recording device that could document the flashes and then I could go back and frame by frame document the flashes.  I doubt I’m the first to have this idea…no such thing as an original idea…BUT nobody else has my particular pendant to do this exercise with!  So at least I have that going for me.  My pendant will speak a different song of light than one that is “like” it.

Kind of like what I shared yesterday about Buddhas in the Park (finished Valis last night btw – whew!) from Valis.  There are many Buddhas but only one.  There are many pendants like mine but I have the pendant that belongs to me and it is unlike any other in the world.  There are many variations of “You” on this planet by virtue of how DNA combines itself but there is only one you that belongs to you.  Even if you look like someone else, talk, walk, sing, write…any sort of mimicry we do to emulate another…there is only one you that belongs to you in all the known Universe.  Even twins are not identical because every second of every moment they are “recording” their world they are not in the same exact dimension…they have their own set of optical devices connected to their own brain…hard drive which creates a unique program.  This is why clones will never work if the desire was to create an exact replica of some lost idol.  If we cloned Princess Diana today there is no way her life experience would be exactly the same….we have not learned….to the best of my knowledge…how to completely download a life into another body…only fragments.  We have not yet achieved…at least not to public knowledge…the ability to create the Ghost in the Machine. (My anime fans know this reference).

*thought….like the way they discover forgeries in the art world….no brush stroke is exactly the same…ironically even from the original artist!  I can’t make an exact replica of anything I make with my own hands.  Even machines make mistakes don’t they?

So here is my first attempt lol….try it if you are inspired and have the technological resources or support to do so.  I’d love to see your results.

https://mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/thanks-jackie/ – look what Margarita from the Inner Whispers Messages From Within blog did with my drawing from the other day?!!!! ZOMG!!!  Our little spacecraft of light traveling through space….I am just in awe of what she did with it.  She found the flashes of light from my pendant that I thought weren’t there.  Margarita has an amazing talent of transforming the what we see everyday into masterpieces…the unseen to the seen.  Thank you my talented friend for doing this.  You can do this to any drawing of mine you like LOL!  I trust you!  WOWWWW!  Thank you!!


Wanted to mention we caught the first episode of a Netflix original series called Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder and I REALLY enjoyed it.  It made me smile that it was set during the time, 1983, when I would have been a sophmore in senior high school.  Talk about a time-warp lol!  If you have Netflix and haven’t had a chance to see it, check it out.  I loved seeing and hearing Winona again!

I hope you have a lovely day and if no one has told you yet…..I Love you…you are AWESOME SAUCE!


9 comments on “21 July 2016 Making music from flashes of light, How Margarita transformed my drawing, Tchaikovsky – Hymn of the Cherubim – USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir Stranger Things (Netflix Original Winona Ryder)

      • It’s nice to have someone else being a catalyst instead of my husband and I so often LOL. Honestly if we stop to think about it, we are all possible catalysts to one another. We just don’t always live long enough to see how or when the last domino of our impact on another falls and that’s ok….it eventually will and right on time.

  1. Yes! You illustrate so beautifully, Jackie, the concept of we are all One and we are each unique. I’m so glad you like our collaboration! One of my dear friends is an artist. I shared both images with her and she commented that she felt very drawn and connected to the feminine divine when gazing upon them. It would seem that together we are an excellent channel for expression. Thank you for letting me play! 😉 xoxoM

    • It is amazing what happens when we work together – start with something, pass it on and watch the magic happen. Imagine someone taking the beautiful image you made a couple posts ago that I said made me think of sacred geometry and let them play? Creativity doesn’t have to be a self-serving thing does it? We can share it and like a seed plant it and have many different people water and tend to it so it can become a magnificent creation.

      • Yes, we can. I think it’s called life. The messy parts of it as well as the beautiful ones are our creation of Consciousness, Jackie. If we’d but remember to look at it from that perspective, forgive ourselves the messes, and expand to create more harmoniously…(sigh) 😉 xoM

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