20 July 2016 Valis by Philip K. Dick (page 190…Buddha is in the Park) Some poetry and a story from my 2005 drawing book for you

Hello again, wherever and whenever you are as you see this.  I hope things are going well in your dimension – things are great here yet this morning.  Laundry is going, did my “outside thing” relatively pest-free.  I have found that wrapping myself in a white sheet when I’m ready to meditate and use my “light walkie-talkie” keeps the DAY-TIME, yes day-time, mosquitos from devouring me!  There never used to be day-time mosquitos here, at least I didn’t notice them as much if there were.  Even peppermint oil wasn’t keeping them at bay!  GRRRRR!  We’ll call them “Day-walkers” (Blade movie reference to what Blade is considered in the vampire world.)

I’m still working on reading Valis by Philip K. Dick (no, it’s not a quick read!) and last night page 190 REALLY stuck out at me as quite profound.  I had never thought of activities in a time spectrum quite like he explains it:

“Just remember, ” Lampton said, “The Buddha is in the park.” And try to be happy.”  I said, “is it him come back? Or another one?” A pause.  “I mean-,” I said.  “Yes I know what you mean.  But you see, time isn’t real.  It’s him but not him; another one.  There are many Buddhas, but only one.  The key to understanding it is time …..when you play the music a second time?  If you play the record fifty times, do the musicians play the music fifty times?  “Once,” I said.  “Thank you,” Lampton said, and the phone clicked.  I set down the receiver.  You don’t see that every day, I said to myself.  What Goose said.  To my surprise I realized that I had stopped shaking.


VALIS has been described as one node of an artificial satellite network originating from the star Sirius in the Canis Major constellation. According to Dick, the Earth satellite used “pink laser beams” to transfer information and project holograms on Earth and to facilitate communication between an extraterrestrial species and humanity. Dick claimed that VALIS used “disinhibiting stimuli” to communicate, using symbols to trigger recollection of intrinsic knowledge through the loss of amnesia, achieving gnosis. Drawing directly from Platonism and Gnosticism, Dick wrote in his Exegesis: “We appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiential information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction—a failure—of memory retrieval.”

At one point, Dick claimed to be in a state of enthousiasmos with VALIS, where he was informed his infant son was in danger of perishing from an unnamed malady. Routine checkups on the child had shown no trouble or illness; however, Dick insisted that thorough tests be run to ensure his son’s health. The doctor eventually complied, despite the fact that there were no apparent symptoms. During the examination doctors discovered an inguinal hernia, which would have killed the child if an operation was not quickly performed. His son survived thanks to the operation, which Dick attributed to the “intervention” of VALIS.

Another event was an episode of supposed xenoglossia. Supposedly, Dick’s wife transcribed the sounds she heard him speak, and discovered that he was speaking Koine Greek—the common Greek dialect during the Hellenistic years (3rd century BC–4th century AD) and direct “father” of today’s modern Greek language—which he had never studied. As Dick was to later discover, Koine Greek was originally used to write the New Testament and the Septuagint. However, this was not the first time Dick had claimed xenoglossia: a decade earlier, Dick insisted he was able to think, speak, and read fluent Koine Greek under the influence of Sandoz LSD-25.

The UK edition of VALIS also included Cosmology and Cosmogony, a chapbook containing selections from Dick’s Exegesis.

http://deoxy.org/pkd_tcs.htm – (excerpt – these concepts resonate with me as “plausible” as I look at the life cycle of trees and all living things as a cycle of up and down)

  1. The plasmate can crossbond with a human, creating what I call a homoplasmate. This annexes the mortal human permanently to the plasmate. We know this as the “birth from above” or “birth from the Spirit.” It was initiated by Christ, but the Empire destroyed all the homoplasmates before they could replicate.
  2. In dormant seed form, the plasmate slumbered in the buried library of codices at Chenoboskion until 1945 C.E. This is what Jesus meant when he spoke elliptically of the “mustard seed” which, he said, “would grow into a tree large enough for birds to roost in.” He foresaw not only his own death but that of all homoplasmates. He foresaw the codices unearthed, read, and the plasmate seeking out new human hosts to crossbond with; but he foresaw the absence of the plasmate for almost two thousand years.


For some reason as I was having the desire to share this with you, it came to me to share a couple poems from my past and some drawings to tell a story using my 2005 drawing book….Book 6.  I’ve shared some of these drawings before but I have them in sequence for you to examine and think about.    The sequence of drawings, pretty much most of my drawings of this style, seem to be telling a story in sequence….there are angels, dragons, Popes and even what seems to be a lizard Christ?  Somehow all of this is connected and I guess reading Valis is helping me make more sense of it…if that’s possible lol.  Making sense of what seems nonsense at the “time.”  Let me know if something resonates with you.
Weary Wanderers Jackie Schmidt 5 May 2006

Billowing dust and sand
Through toil and sorrow
With low lit lamps the weary wanderers
March in rhythm across the land
Tropical breezes and waves surging high
So too these travelers marching
With wearied breath and sigh
From all the corners of the earth they drone
Heaping their labors and treasures
On a rotting, moth ridden throne
Desperate to feel they spring forth new seeds
They sprout and only flourish like thorns
And unwanted weeds
Fire and too much rain is always falling
The animals flee to the shadows and disappear
Carcasses left to rot, the stench is appalling
Some travelers awaken, they are stripped of their dead skin
Light sought, no longer numb
New lives they begin
Aliens in a land they once called home
Some find their sight too painful and fall back to sleep
Find themselves with the masses of drones, aimlessly left to roam
Weary wanderers sheep without a shepard a nomadic flock
Driven to the grave
By the world kept running by a 24hr clock…….


Between Worlds by Jackie Schmidt 17 Feb 2007
I close my eyes in the darkness and drift
Beneath and underneath I cast it all
To the energy source that is between
Always flowing, never seen but heard
If a body is still enough to hear
Beneath and underneath I let go of all I have been
Into the spaceless, endless abyss of the land of lost thoughts
Dreams, and weariness
I imagine it all like dark trickle of matter being cleansed
Back to the in between;  clear and and translucent
Like a mountain spring; sparkling and its path unknown
To my core………………
Apartment warfare by Jackie Schmidt 12 Jan 2007

*apartment life has always been very difficult for me and it was especially hard when I lived with people of other cultures who didn’t respect the rights of other tenants around them….playing their music very loud.

In the corruption of daylight I am numbed by the thunder
Of mans destructive race
In the night I seek comfort by the hallowed moon
And shadows to allow me to dream
Yet the tribal drums and screams linger on
Unquiet souls who find no rest
Wandering aimlessly like zombies daylight to deep in the night
Making destruction and war
In their wake

One for the Other by Jackie Schmidt 10 Feb 2007

One breath, one thought, one heartbeat, one soul
Passes through a stream of what would seem eternal
Twists and turns
Never knowing what is around the bend
The birds fly, the voices sing, the sirens howl
Faces with eyes pass by and cars flash in the sun
The stream sometimes muddied with others belongings
No longer wanted but wanted to be shed, hidden
The one stands and looks as the flow of ice passes by
Tears of regret, remorse and helplessness flow and melt
The stream which would seem to flow forever
Then silence, all is still as one is exchanged for the other
To the clouds the stream flows no more………


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